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Shiv Nadar formed a new company, HCL in the year of 1991, and it has its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The company is known as best designer, manufacturer and suppliers of electronics products which include mobile phones, smartphones and a wide range of computers, laptops and accessories. Besides this, it has also introduced numerous models of tablets which include HTC Window 8S, HCL ME G1, HCL ME U1, HCL ME U1 and many more. In the list of IT services providers, HCL is ranked 48 in the global and it is the fourth largest IT company in India. In the end of 2008, HCL Technology acquired the UK based AXON Team for US$658 million. For more information about the tablet models log on to: www.hclmetablet.com. HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the leading service center branch of HCL which provides repair and service for HCL tablets. The Corresponding services of Hcl Tab Kolkata service center are Hcl Me Tab service center in Kolkata, Hcl Tablet service center in Kolkata and Hcl Tab service center. You can contact Hcl Tab Kolkata service center via email, website, contact number (customer service phone number) and postal cum official address. Hcl Tab Kolkata service center is currently situated at B2C Support Division, No. 77, 1st Floor, Near Suruchi Restaurant, Elliot Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The customer Care and Customer Service phone number of Hcl Tab Kolkata service center is Toll Free No: 1860-1800-425. You can go to website www.hcltech.com for getting detailed information about Hcl Tab Kolkata service center
Hcl Tab Kolkata Service Center

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User Reports and Reviews to Hcl Tab Kolkata Service Center
Male ImageMr. Saikat Chakraborty Reports
i have an ncl v1 ,,,,so i have some problem on my tab that USB storage busy and SD card unmounted .... please help me my email address is saikatchakraborty0@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. Milan samanta Reports
I have a hcl me v1 tab I facing some prblem that when I internet browsing the network quality is very low so I can not download anything please help me my cntact no 8768019600
Male ImageMr. arup Reports
I have one hcl tab purchase on the month of February 2013, now its dead condition. what to do ?
Male ImageMr. Ashok kumar singh Reports
My tablet is not charging. Mob no.: 8981878156 Email: aashok942@gmail.com Address: 32 T. C. Road Kolkata 700053
Male ImageMr. Kausar ali Reports
Sound doesn't play on the music palyer but can play the speaker while suing the phone. Checked all the setting but not clear of the fault. Any idea please suggest or provide me the service centre number and address near sodepur or dunlop
Male ImageMr. AMITAVA MANNA Reports
I bought HCL m1 tablet. Since Feb-13.From fist day i was seen dongle dose not working,then i try various type of dongle and connection but no result,till today.and that reason i cant use my tab.pls give me some suggestion,what is actual problem and say some propar remedy. email id is mannaamitava2007@gmail.com, Ph:9883414018
Male ImageMr. Rana Talukder Reports
My tab has become very slow even after using reliance 3g dongle. It takes a lot of time to open a page. I am facing this problem since last three mnths. please help.
Male ImageMr. Arijit sadhukhan Reports
it has 1gb of RAM &1ghs of processer...but it is slow....one another problem is 2g internet does not works....its only working when connected through data card.plz help me.9804498267(sadhukhan9@gmail.com)
Female ImageMs. Arati Das Reports
I purchased hcl connect 2g tablet three months ago. I use vidafone SIM on prepaid basis datacard package. most of the time shows network error. luckily if connection is available, then download speed slow. internet surfing is also slow and not continuous network connection is available. Sound for telephone without loudspeaker is almost non-hearable. Machine hangs frequently. can not install "talking tom cat2 free" for kids. please help. arati_das79@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. Priyabrata Reports
My Hcl me V1 Tab disply broken, Disply not available since last two month, at hcl service center odisha (Galaxy services, sahidNagar, Bhubaneswar,) Where display available in Kolkatta
Male ImageMr. priyabrata Reports
My Hcl me V1 Tab disply broken, Disply not available since last two month, at hcl service center odisha (Galaxy services, sahidNagar, Bhubaneswar,) Where display available in Kolkatta 9439051255 priyabratasingha88@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. TARIK ANOWAR Reports
i have a Hcl me v1 tab ..i have a problem that USB storage busy and SD card unmounted. Help me. Mail address: tarikanowar63@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. Pralay Bhattacharya Reports
When i switch on the tab then,A wide strigth single line in middle of the screen.model HCL u1
Male ImageMr. Tanuj Sikder Reports
Model number is HCL ME-Y2. i purchased this tab 26th December 2012.last four day I have facing a problem.when i am working with this then it disturbed.open many program at a time that because no one program can working.may be it is software problem or virus problem.
Male ImageMr. avik ghosh Reports
i bought a hcl me,so my tab is not start...plz help me,my email address is dearavik99@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. faisal danish Reports
i have HCL 2G CONNECT TABLET i and LCD screen for it as it has broken and not available in the market kindly suggest as soon as possible. contact me-9831669559
Male ImageMr. amrit dey Reports
My HCl me connect2g2.0.3g not connecting, my contract number is 9163555577 email-rock4amrit@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. siddhartha ghosh Reports
i have a hcl tab connect 2g model. i have a problem USB storage is busy and internal memory unmounted. help me. mail me at siddhartha2509@gmail.com call me at +919432271087
Male ImageMr. SUMAN MAJUMDER Reports
I Bought HCL ME U2, since 14th'AUG from great eastern trading company at barasat. I was seen Realiance netconnect 3g dongle does not working. model number-MF190.Pls give me some suggestion, what is actual problem and say. E Mail: sumanmajumder.2011@rediffmail.com, Mob: 9749149533
Male ImageMr. Somnath Bose Reports
Hi, i have a HCL Me U1. after switching on my tablet the loading screen is showing which consists of the animation of the logo of 'me'.But for some reason it is not proceeding from there and its not possible to access the tablet any further.what is the suggested problem and what is the suggested solution to this problem. thank you.
Male ImageMr. Suman Gupta Reports
It has stoped working...booting is not being complete....a big software issue and overheating.....
Male ImageMr. banoj kumar panda Reports
i have a hcl tab. recently i purches. there is some newok problem found in in this .pls help.MY contact number-08872145570
Male ImageMr. amir sohel Reports
i have some problem facing in my hcl me y2 tab its hanging and its not open my no-8420626695
Male ImageMr. sayan dhara Reports
i have a hcl me md u1 tab thats problem is that tuch security is missing. i am do not use that and do not find the service center. plise help me. phone -8972907582 mail id-sayandhara0000@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. tab Reports
hcl PC tablet connect 2g 2.0 voice colling tab lcd broken how much the price and with place i go to solve my problem please help me my phone 8013444516.my mail ID skmehtabali@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. ravi shanker gupta Reports
I have purchased hcl tablet 3g connect 2.0 me model, when i using internet it shows please check your connection setting. i already check all internet settings. plz give me solution. my e-mail- ravishanker.gupta289@gmail.com mobile number.-07278887252
Female ImageMs. Ruby Rathi Reports
i have recently bought a hcl me 2G 2.0 tab. i am having problem in using 3G reliance dongle radz.rathi40@gmail.com
I have hcl tab connect 2g . so I have some problem on my tab that SD card unmounted. please help me. my phone number:- 9851901000
Male ImageMr. ARPAN MONDAL Reports
i have an ncl v1 ,,,,so i have some problem on my tab that USB storag is nill and SD card unmounted .... please help me my email address is arpan.mondal8@gmail.com. my contact number 9051419478
Male ImageMr. Rajib Maity Reports
I am hcl me tablet user.my tablet notbe started and one site very very hot.PLEACE HELP ME on this number 8967514434
Male ImageMr. parvinder Reports
hello my name is parvinder I m buy tab me i m forget loking pasword please you sent service center position dunlop contact my no09797258728
Male ImageMr. Ranjit Singh Reports
HCL Tablet V1 Memory card numbert Supporting
Female ImageMs. Rupasri Reports
model-connect 2G (HCL Me Tab) bought ysterday through flipcart (home delivered). not able to switch off, lock sign is seen on the screen, touch screen is non functioning since the tab was switched on yesterday. the back seems to be a bit loose, not able to insert normal sim. pl advice as soon as possible as 30 day replacement policy is there, mail id is rupasriroy@yahoo.co.in. 9831507066
Male ImageMr. Trideep Dutta Reports
i have HCL Connect 2G tab... but its sound is not working.... music,videos are playing but no sound is coming
Male ImageMr. Nilotpal Chakraborty Reports
i have a hcl me vi tablet. But it is not working from yesterday. I can not turn on my tablet. my contact number 8670218789. So please help me as soon as possible.
Male ImageMr. sourav thapa Reports
Hy my name is sourav and I had hcl me tablet model y2...and I was trying to download watsapp but I am having problem..download is successful but its not opening ..I think something is wrong in setting or security,,so please help email add,, ravlungalee@gmail.com or cntct no 9002308285
Male ImageMr. Amal Krishna Ballav Reports
I have purchased a HCL TAB ME U1 on February 2013 my problem is when I switch on my tab it shows only the animation logo 'ME', not opening. Kindly let me know by e-mail how to solve this problem. My e-mail address is amalballav@gmail.com. Con: 9836462511.
Male ImageMr. Prasenjit Haldar Reports
How i will get loaded files or my files option like songs, Images, Video files loaded at memory card. Model hcl tabletg connect. Please reply at prasenjit. Haldarsterlingwilson.com.
Male ImageMr. Sandip Bose Reports
I have purchased a tablet of hcl, model number U2 eight months ago whose pda has scratched and the tablet works half of the screen. I need to change the pda. Please help me to give advice that where can i go to repair the tablet.
Male ImageMr. Dipak Dhali Reports
I have a hcl connect 2g tab. When i open the tab only a white rond light show me but the tab's programs are not opened. Please help me and give me a sollution. Email id-dipendudhali@gmail. Com/telephone-97759326920(Vodafone).
Female ImageMs. Nilormi Das Reports
I have a hclme tablet connect 3g 2. 0. My touchscreen has been broken. I need to change it. My contact number :8272951871, 8800604697 Email-id: das. Nilormi@yahoo.com.
Male ImageMr. Satish Jaiswal Reports
Hi, I have a hcl v3 tablet, in which i am unable to connect TATA photon plus through usb. However, after plugin that TATA photon plus the tablet is not showing any indication of new device found. Please help me. My contact number Is --- 9804997464.
Male ImageMr. Shailendra Pratap Reports
I bought a hcl me v3,so my tab is not start. Please help me,my email address is shailendra. Pascal@gmail. Com, and mobile number 8961778284.
Male ImageMr. Soumen Ghosh Reports
I have purchased one v3 tablet in March 2014 and suddenly two days back it got completely switched off and is not getting on even after charging for 4/5 hours. How to get the problem resolved.
Male ImageMr. Sudip Laha Reports
I have purchased a hcl tab me,u1 on October 2013,my problem is when i switch on my tab it shows on only the animation logo "me",not opening. Kindly let me know by e-mail how to solve this problem. My e-mail address is slaha12@gmail.com. contact number:98313247838.
Male ImageMr. Tapas Roy Reports
Hcl me u2 tablet serial number 113yfd024699. I purchased this tablet on 05. 09. 2013. Tablet's software and reboot system is not working.
Male ImageMr. Tapas Roy Reports
Hcl me u2 tablet serial number 113yfd024699. I purchased this tablet on 05. 09. 2013. Tablet's software and reboot system is not working. Contact number Is 8900269676 and email ID is niladri. Ray2000@gmail.com.
Female ImageMs. Pallabi Nath Reports
I cant open my hcl tab. Can you please tell me how will i open it.
Male ImageMr. Nihar Roy Reports
Broken lcd of my hcl tab. How much expensive for it repair.
Female ImageMs. Mala Mondal Reports
I have a hcl me v3 tab,incoming call settings problem, network is very low, too many others problem. Help me 8013300569. email ID is Emmydeepshamondal@gmail.com.
Male ImageMr. Dr. Sujash Halder Reports
The outside glass of the touch screen of my connect v3 tab has broken, but not displaced. Thats why all programs are running normally. The tab is within the warranty period. I want to change the glass covering, how help me.
Male ImageMr. Amit Kumar Bhattacharya Reports
Hcl me tablet model connect 2g 2.0, Battery not charging properly, touch screen not working.
Female ImageMs. Arundhuti Basu Reports
My tab is hang for last ten days. My mobile number is 9674359388.
Male ImageMr. Tamal Bhattacharjee Reports
Hi,i have a HCL me u1 tablet. But when i had open my tab by start button it shows too many pattern attempts. Please help me.
Male ImageMr. Sanjoy Biswas Reports
I am having problem regarding downloading few applications such as anti-virus, GPS navigation, etc. And Google play store is not build up in my tablet. So i need a solution regarding this. Thank you. Hcl me tablet connect 2g 2.0.
Male ImageMr. Debdeep Srimani Reports
Male ImageMr. Suman Ganguly Reports
I have a HCl tab. My tab model connect 3g 2. 0 and it is just one month ago, but it can't start from today.

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