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WOW is a brand of Magic Sing, is the well renowned wireless microphone which is best option for singing practice. RealSound Corporation (RSC) is the distributor of WOW videoke products from TJ Media Co. Ltd. WOW has introduced various models of Megic Sing Mic like ET12000, ET18000, Pro 301 Premium, Pro 320 and many more. The Corresponding services of Wow Magic Sing service center are Wow Magic Sing service center, Wow Magic Sing price peso and Premium Wow Magic Sing karaoke. For more details about these models, log on to the official website of the company. WOW magic sing has one of its service centers located in Quezon City, Philippines. Fax No: +63-2-361-9450. You can contact Wow Magic Sing service center via email, website, contact number (customer service phone number) and postal cum official address. Wow Magic Sing service center is currently situated at No. 1081, EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City, Philippines. The customer Care and Customer Service phone number of Wow Magic Sing service center is +63-2-361-9450, 361-9547. You can go to website www.wowvideoke.com for getting detailed information about Wow Magic Sing service center
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User Reports and Reviews to Wow Magic Sing Service Center
Male ImageMr. Nestor Aguilera Reports
My magicsing model ed8000 does not work properly. the sound level is not unlevel whether left of right is responding meaning only one side is working. is there a chance this would be repaired. please advise what to do. thank you.
Male ImageMr. Phira Reports
My Ed is not working properly. I there a repair shop I can send it to to get it fix. The power sometimes comes on and off and the audio is gone. I can hear not sing in the mic. Please help.
Female ImageMs. Criselda Reports
I have magic sing model EG-18000 the sound is noise not work properly please I send it to the elecronics shop but they did not fix it. please let me know where I can send it and fix it.thank you.
Male ImageMr. Mark Reports
Have problem with my wow premium, the mic doesnt work when its on. How do i reset it? Thanks
Male ImageMr. dennis Reports
microphone doesnt work what will i do or how reset my wow philippines magic sing
Female ImageMs. Jing Trinidad Reports
Hi, My wow magic sing suddenly wont turn on. Light is constantly red. Please advise where i can have this checked and fixed.
Female ImageMs. Jo Heron Reports
Magic sing showed different characters on screen and change the video to blue and white color. Sometimes if fervent color lines appear on screen blue lack an white. Can you please advise how can i troubleshoot. I already reset but still doing the same fault.
Female ImageMs. Marilou Aclan Reports
Hello Sir/Mam, My two wow magic sing wireless microphones are not working anymore when we moved in to another house. I tried to follow the manual but nothing happened. I also changed new batteries. Also, i lost the power supply cord so i used the one from my laptop fortunately, it worked. But will it affect the whole system if i do not use the appropriate power supply? please let me know as soon as possible. Where can i buy new power supply? and is there a chance for my microphones? Thank you in advance.
Answer to Ms. Marilou Aclan
Female ImageMs. evelyn logronio Says

Hi, my magic sing suddenly not function, the light become red instead of green color, i bring in san fernando sm last April 2014 but until now not yet arrive from korea. What should i do. Please help me.
Female ImageMs. Junriz Fabria Knudsen Reports
Hello, I got a problem today to my wow videoke grand videoke. I accidentally reset the machine and after the microphone do not work anymore. We cannot play or select song from microphone and no sound also from the microphone. What should i do.
Female ImageMs. Cherrie Pie Monforte Reports
I have trouble with my wow magic sing. We cannot open the modem. When we push the on button its not working. I just want to know do you have repair home service? its to far for me if aim going to balintawak q. C. Hope you will response to my message. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Ederline Aguila Reports
Where is the PO service center in Bicol? The Magic song cannot detect the microphone because of transmitter.
Female ImageMs. Eliel Edwards Reports
Microphone shows the power light is working, but no sound, the other microphone works OK. I live in Angeles City Pampanga.
Male ImageMr. Eugenio Galapon Jr Reports
My magic sing model wf220 hanged, all the select option was display, but you cannot open it.
Male ImageMr. Adrian Solano Reports
My Wow premium does not turn on. The standby red light just keeps flashing. I tried to replace the batteries of the remote control, but still not working. Please help me as I can not bring this unit to any of the service centers in the Philippines because I am stationed in Canada at the moment. I'm not too sure which one is the model number though: TKM-360P 2F2D200-1007736 (Both found under the base unit). Hoping for your prompt response. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Lilibeth Taa Reports
How to reset the microphone to the modem.

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