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Hi, I bought my La gourmet electric kettle on 28 July 2023 (model number KT18BW) On many occasions, I am unable to boil water. The kettle can only boil at certain position. May I know if I can send for repair or have 1 for 1 exchange since it is still within a year warranty? Please advise. Thank you.
I have a HP PAVILION DV5 LAPTOP. MODEL NO. DV5 1126EM I would like to know if I could get the battery for it?? Battery is 4910 mah. Can I get the same or more maha battery??
I had called your centre last week regarding my oven replacement and the dimensions. They said will get back to me but never reply. I call again today, still waiting for the reply. Thks 81588155 Ivy
Dear FujiXerox, I''ve been call to Credit Collection few times with no reply as I would like to follow up on the status of payment being made by our side so that your side can arrange the technician to check on our machine. I also been told by your credit collection department that if we not settle the outstanding, there might have delay on sending the technician to check. Thus, here, kindly need your assist to check on our payment status and arrange the technician accordingly so that our routine work can goes smoothly. Our report no is: 123930760 with machine serial number: 365392
Good day! Hope all is well with you. We have a concern regarding the Bluetooth speakers that we bought last February 2023. The model is the IK-PJ1725 Series. The issue is no sounds coming out. and it''s easily become low batt. We would like to request for the service regarding this matter.
Hi, I would like to know where I can get a replacement air vent hose for Indesit dryer IDV75
I would like to know where I can get a replacement air outlet hose for my indesit dryer. Also, how much does it cost.
Nokia 8.3 5G mobile. Needs new back cover ( broken ). And new battery replacement. Let me when and how much will it take. 66475295 my cell number
Zanussi oven need service and profesional cleaning
Situation: I met a woman from Indonesia in March 2023 through a letter writing app. We grew close and I visited her in September 2023 , traveling to Indonesia and staying a few weeks there. She came to Kansas to visit me in December 2023 on a B1 tourist visa, with the intention of trying to find out what life in Kansas would be like. We fell in love and plan to marry in February. Our marriage was not planned before her arrival, but is a natural result of our close relationship. She has a return ticket to Indonesia on March 3rd, and we have not yet decided if we will live in Kansas or Indonesia. Both of us love our native country. She has family, work and a house in Indonesia. Her thirteen year old daughter is accompanying her, and I am sponsor for both of them. I want her to be able to choose where to live, either Kansas or Indonesia, and neither of us want to go against USCIS rules and regulations. We want her to be legally in this country. Can you advise me on a course of action? Thank you.

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Q: Who is the owner of O'reilly Centerville Service Center. Can i have his contact number?
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