Acer Canada Mississauga Service Center: Repair Locations Near Me

Mian Service Center Of Acer Canada Mississauga

Name: McAdam
Address: 5540 McAdam Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1P1, Canada
Service Hours: Following are the service hours.
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–4PM
Tuesday 10AM–4PM
Wednesday 10AM–4PM
Thursday 10AM–4PM
Friday 10AM–4PM
Contact At/Tel: +1 905-755-7570

Acer Canada Mississauga Service Center Overview

Acer Taiwan based hardware and electronics company founded by Stan Shih in the year of 1976. Acer’s product range includes notebooks, desktops, smartphones, storage devices, handhelds, monitors, Tvs and It also provides solutions for business, government, education and home users. Acer group headquarters situated in New Taipei, Taiwan. Acer is one of the largest PC manufacturing companies in the world. Acer has its service centers situated on above written address.

Consumer Quires to Acer Canada Mississauga

Mr. Vince BascianoJan 28, 2015
I have an ACER keyboard - SK-9621. Do you carry the plastic feet for this product, or, where might I find them in the Hamilton, miss., Brampton, T. O. Area, and would you know the cost. Thank you.
Ms. Wafaa ElrefaeiDec 08, 2014
I bought an Acer tablet Iconia A1 last June. It's still under warranty. A month ago a small scratch appeared on the top part of the screen. It was hardly seen. Soon after, the crack was stretched down till the end of the screen. Then another scratch appeared on the other side, and again, in a short time it reached the bottom of the screen. It's worth mentioning that the tablet was never dropped nor violently treated. The cracks just appeared as small scratches, then grew longer. I wonder if I can bring it to the Mississauga centre.
Mr. DaltonDec 13, 2013
I have an Acer AH263 external hard drive. It has been working fine for me until today.
When I insert the cord into the port my laptop makes the sound of a device being connected.

The external though does not show up in my library but the green light shows that it is reading.
Because of this, I can not get access into my files on the external.
Could you please advise me as to how to get it working?
Dalton Lasher
PS: I bought the external this past summer brand new.
Mr. JasvirAug 30, 2013
I sent my laptop to Acer in Mississauga ont 5540 mcadam road and its almost been a month since I sent it and the case number is 2803680u and when would it be fixed
Here is my phone number 5199000143