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+1-408-996-1010, (800) 694-7466 Contact number of Apple
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The Corporate Office Address of Apple Service Center is Apple Computer, Inc., 1, Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California 95014, United States
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Apple Service Center Overview

Apple Inc is simply called as Apple, is a multinational corporation based in the United States. The company is operated in the world's Computer hardware, computer software, consumer electronics and Digital distribution industries. Apple Company is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of telecommunications and media devices, computing devices, portable digital music players and online services.

Product Ranges

Apple Inc is mainly renowned for its wide range of products like Mac line of computers, Iphone smartphones, iPod media players, Ipad tablet computers and Apple TV. Apple is also popular for its computer applications like the OS X and iOS operating systems, the Safari web browser, the iTunes media browser, and the iLife creativity apps and iWork office suites. In addition, Apple is also known for its online services, namely iCloud, iTunes Store and App Store. Its additional products include speakers , printers, headphones and storage devices. Apple Inc sells its products under several different brand names, MacBook, iMac, Xserve, iPhone and iPod.

Starting Business Status

The history of Apple Inc was started as Apple Computer, Inc by the joint efforts of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1st, 1976, and it was founded in Cupertino, California. Apple came into existence with first computer product, the Apple I. Apple Inc was incorporated on January 3, 1977, and in the June of same year, Apple also launched second series of computer, the Apple II. Apple introduced Apple Computers's first operating system, the Apple DOS 3.1 in June 1978. On February 19, 1987, Apple released its online domain, The iTunes store of Apple was opened on April 28th, 2003. In 2007, the company's name was changed to Apple Inc from Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple Product Marketing

Apple iPhone is a principal product of Apple Inc that was first launched on June 29, 2007. Apple Iphone has now seventh-generation in worldwide mobile markets. Apple iPhone's seventh generations are available in markets in the name of Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3GS, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4s, Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5c and 5s. Its most recently models iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S were launched in September 2013. Apple iPod is a portable media player, which was first launched on October 23th, 2001. After that, Apple has introduced dozens models of iPod in several series including Apple Classic, Apple Nano, Apple Mini, Apple Shuffle and Apple touch. All iPod versions are work with iTunes application. Apple Mac is a range of computers, is available in markets in two designs, desktop computers and portable computers. Apple desktop models are iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini, and portable computers Macbook Pro and MacBook Air. Apple iPad is like a tablet computers, is used for multi-purpose like web browsing, email, viewing photos and watching videos, shoot video, music, games etc. Apple Ipad has six generations in markets, namely Apple iPad, Apple iPad 2, Apple The new iPad (iPad 3), iPad with Retina display (iPad 4), Apple iPad Mini and Apple iPad Mini 2.


Apple Inc is headquartered in Cupertino, California. As of 2014, the company has more than 425 retail stores across the world. In 425 stores, 250 stores are operated in the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, China and France. Apple is third most famous mobile phone company after Samsung and Nokia in the world. The Corresponding services of Apple service center are Apple Customer Service, Apple Repair, Apple Authorized Service Center, Apple Service Status and Apple Service Number.

Contact Information

United States of America: 1-800-275-2273
iPhone: (1-800-694-7466)
Support: 1-800-800-2775
Sales: 1-800-780-5009
Enterprise: 1-866-752-7753
Accessibility and assisted technology: 1-877-204-3930
Canada (English): 1-800-263-3394
Canada (French): 1-800-263-3394
Brazil: 0800-761-0880
Mexico: 001-866-676-5682
Austria: 0800 220325
Belgium: 0800 80 404
Belgium (Flemish): 0800 80 407

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