Bosch Service Centre Soweto

+27 11 493 6046
Selby Ext., 14 Hans Pirow St Johannesburg, South Africa
Various car parts and accessories are offered by Bosch under different categories. Repair and maintenance services are provided by the Company through authorized centers. Varied products are also delivered by the Company through authorized dealers in various cities. The product collection of the Company includes.
  • Soweto Diepkloof
  • Car Parts
  • Appliances
  • Power Tools
  • Auto Accessories

Car Repairs

Full car repair and maintenance services, including under-warranty car repairing and servicing, safety inspection, electronic diagnostic and repair, etc., can be availed by contacting the center.

Bosch Soweto Near Me Authorized Repair Service Center Locations


Radiator Repair Service

Shop 3, Naledi Inn, Bona St, Naledi Johannesburg, 1868, South Africa+27 11 934 7569

Bosch Car Service

Plot 301 IQ Farm Nirvana Drive East Nirvana Drive East, Lenasia, 1820, South Africa+27 11 852 7800

Auto Restoration Service

1339 Spyker Cres, Stormill Randburg, 1709, South Africa+27-11-933-2114

Bosch Service Centre

GF/33A Hillfox Shop Ctr, Hendrik Potgieter Rd Roodepoort, 1724, South Africa+27 11 675 3199

Bosch Service

Selby Ext., 14 Hans Pirow St Johannesburg, South Africa+27 11 493 6046

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