Breitling Service Center(Centres), Repair Parts & Cost, Warranty Contact Numbers & Service Support

What is the Website of Breitling Service Center is the official website of Breitling
Breitling Service Center Contact Number
+41 32 654 54 54, Fax +41 32 654 54 00 Contact number of Breitling
Registered Breitling Service Center Official Address
The Corporate Office Address of Breitling Service Center is P.O.Box 1132, 2540 Grenchen, Switzerland

Breitling Service Center Overview

A Switzerland based company Breitling SA plays significant role as leading watch manufacturing companies in the domestic and international markets. The company is well-renowned and specially known for its precision-made chronometers useful to aviators across the world. The company is the officially sponsor of various aerobatics teams which includes Breitling Wingwalkers, Breitling Jet Team and much more. The company has become one of the oldest and largest watchmakers across the world. The company has established many retail outlets and service centers in serving locations of the world.

Breitling Products

Breitling SA is engaged in production of various innovative and world-class quality products which includes wristwatches, timing devices and systems etc. The company offers all products under various models such as Navitimer, Avenger, Galactic, Superocean Heritage, Breitling for Bentley and much more. The company's service center is committed to provide quality repair and warranty services with complete solutions related to all Breitling products.

Business Operations

The foundation of the Breitling SA manufacturing company has been laid in the year 1884 in Saint-Imier, Bernese Jura. The company was established through the efforts of its founder Léon Breitling. The company manufactured its first independent chronograph pushpiece in the year 1923. The company performs all kind of business operations through administrative office that is situated in Grenchen, Switzerland. The Corresponding services of Breitling service center are Breitling Service Cost, Breitling Service Warranty, Breitling Service Status and Breitling Service Review.

Breitling service center in Francois, Lausanne
Address: Place Street, Francois 12, 1002 Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 21 3129583

Breitling service center in Bahnhofstrasse, Paradeplatz
Address: Türler Uhren Und Juwelen Zürich & Co., Bahnhofstrasse 28, Paradeplatz, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41-44-2210608

Breitling service center in Bahnhofstrasse, Zermatt
Address: Chronometrie Stäuble, Bahnhofstrasse 11, 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 27 967 22 40

Breitling service center in Castella Postale, Lugano
Address: Via Nassa 5, Castella Postale 6047, 6901 Lugano, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 91 9235156

Breitling service center in Hauptstrasse, Reinach
Address: Wagner Bijouterie-Uhren Gmbh, Hauptstrasse 13, 4153 Reinach, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41-61-7117050

Breitling service center in Marktplatz, Basel

Address: Spinnler Schweizer Ag, Marktplatz 11, 4001 Basel, Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 61 2699700

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