Authorised Casio Service Centre UK: Repair and Servicing

Authorised Casio Service Centre UK

Customer Service Support: Casio authorized service center offers assistance regarding men and women watches under different categories. The repair services include band adjustment, bracelet services, glass repair, battery replacement and crystal installation. The service provider also offers complete restoration of vintage watches. Clients can call at 020 8452 7253 to receive repair related support.
Warranty Support: The watch brand offers two years of warranty support for any manufacturing defect. Customers can claim replace and repair under warranty cover. Call at +44 (0)20 8208 9455 or send an email via to claim warranty benefits.
Technical Assistance: Customers can connect with technical assistants via 020 8452 7253 to seek help regarding all products.
Service Hours: The general service hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
WhatsApp Support: The service provider allow customers to contact the service center via WhatsApp also at 07728339546.
Online Repair: Customers can make online repair request by submitting the request form at

Near Me Repair and Servicing Location

Service Center Location: The authorized service center is located at "Casio Service Centre
Harp View, 12 Priestley Way, London
NW2 7JD "