800Notes Customer Service - Support Guide

800Notes is a online platform that works as "Free reverse phone number lookup" to identify the un-listed callers and emails. The platform is free to use and allows to identify calls, emails and parcels delivering agency by sharing information through community posts. The platform helps to report scammers and spam calls.

What is 800notes.com

800notes.com is a website dedicated to identify un-listed phone numbers by collecting details from user posts. Customers can share a un-known number with other users to check the details associated with the phone number. Check the benefits of 800notes.com given below:
  1. Find Who is Calling: 800notes.com enables a customers to find details regarding a caller. Simply enter a number in search box and check all relevant posts and reviews about the number to identify the caller.
  2. Report Telemarketing Numbers: The online platform allows to report telemarking numbers by posting a community post about the number. The online platform helps to create a "Do not disturb" option about the number.
  3. Report a Phone Fraud: The users of 800notes.com can report a phone fraud. Create a awareness post regarding phone fraud in the community forum and prevent other users from falling victims of fraud.
  4. Check a Business: Search a business by reading reports shared by other users and feedback about the phone number owner.
  5. Identify Caller: Lookup a number calling without any identity. The platform helps to identify calls from agencies like debt collectors, telemarketers, charities, and survey companies

How to Use 800notes.com

Using 800Notes is easy and simple. Just visit the official web portal at "https://800notes.com/". Enter a phone number or phrase in the search box at homepage. Click on "search" to collect details about phone number from the posts and feedback given by other users.

800notes.com Serve Papers

800notes.com help users to check the scammers using method of legal notices. Scammers can post a legal serve papers at the residential address and then call to offer legal assistance about the case. 800notes.com provides assistance to identify the agencies serving legal notices as scam. To identify the serve papers scam follow the below instructions.
1. Go the 800notes.com official portal.
2. Navigate to "Forum" at the right side of the home page.
3. Select a relevant forum from the option at forum page.
4. Search relevant post from other users regarding serve papers.
5. Customers can also create a post to get feedback from users regarding the scam.
Note: Customers can collect details regarding serve papers scam from the relevant forums.

Is 800notes.com Legitimate
Data from different review platforms and domains suggest that customers are satisfied with the services of 800notes. The website has a consumer rating of 3.1 stars from 71 reviews.

800notes.com Phone Number

800notes.com does not have any dedicated phone number to contact the customer services. However customers can ask for support through the online support ticket. To submit a ticket follow the below instructions.
  1. Visit the official portal at "https://800notes.com/"
  2. Click on "Contact us" option present right side under "latest articles".
  3. On contact us page fill out a form with name, email address and a brief message about the help required.
  4. Click on "Submit" to send a request.
  5. Users will receive an email with detailed answer regarding the query posted.

Where to Report Phone Crime?

Customers receiving scam phone calls or text from fraud agencies or agents can report the same. There are multiple agencies to help an individual with phone crime. Check the below information to report a phone crime.
Report in USA: Use below means to report a phone crime in USA.
  1. National Do Not Call Registry: Customers can report un-wanted calls , scams, fraud calls to the national do not call registry. The agency will help to resolve the issue.
  2. Federal Communications Commission: This agency is dedicated to report calls like suspicious pre-recorded messages, advertising text messages, abandoned calls, or phone calls. Call at 1-888-225-5322 to seek needed help.
  3. Department of Justice: The office of diversion control is responsible to take action on extortion phone calls, calls from impersonates like a federal agent, or any scam calls. Contact the diversion control office at 202-307-7297
  4. FTC Complaint Assistant: This agency helps in scams like unwanted text messages, telemarketing calls, and robocalls. Report now online and get all needed assistance.
  5. Internet Crime Complaint Center: The center is dedicated to report online or internet related scams or fraud.
  6. Financial Fraud: The center can be utilized to report frauds like identity theft, computer based fraud, tax fraud, mail fraud and telemarketing fraud.

How to Report in Canada?

Customers from Canada can report any kind of fraud using phone calls, text, email or other sources at "National do not call list". Customers can also avail help from "Canadian Anti-Fraud Center". Call at 1-888-495-8501 to contact the Canadian anti-fraud center. The service helpline remains operational between Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:45:00 p.m.

Common Signs of Phone Scamming

Scammers use multiple methods and means to fraud with customers by making phone calls. The 800Notes has collected details about the common ways and methods of phone scammers that are being used to scam an individual.
  1. Auto-Warranties: Scammers call a client and inform about car warranties. The caller often says that the car warranty is about to expire. To extend the warranty clients need to pay.
  2. Prize Distribution Centers: The phone scammers impersonate as big brands and claims that client has won a lottery or prize. To get the promised prize they ask for a shipping and handling fee or a sales tax payment.
  3. Lower Interest Rates: Customers may receive calls claiming from bank and offer lower credit card interest rates. This type of scammers always ask for card details and bank account information.
  4. Fake Bank Alert Messages: The test message alert scams the clients by asking to share bank details to prevent card block or account issues.
  5. Bogus Fund-Raising Operations: Users often receive calls from scam artists posing as a charity and asking for donations. These calls are made at the time of any natural calamity or health pandemic.
  6. Telemarketer Scam: In this type of scam a user receive calls or text with offer like big shopping discounts, rewards and prizes. They share a shopping portal link and encourage to place an order.
  7. Caller ID Spoofing: Scammers might use
    digital caller spoofing to demand money, a payment, request personal information, addresses, or banking information.
  8. Call Forwarding Scam: In this type of phone scam a user may receive a text code and caller claims prizes for forwarding the same.
  9. Fake Job Calls: Users who apply for jobs on online platforms may receive fraud calls for jobs and the caller ask for registration payment to get the job letters.