ADT Customer Service - Support Guide

ADT is an international security system provider based in America. The service provider offers security cameras, sound systems, health security devices, etc. ADT assures all possible assistance to customers through multiple channels. The service support include helpline channels, and other online means. Call at 1 (800) 716-3640 to connect with customer service representative.

How to Contact ADT Customer Service

  • ADT Customer Service Number 24/7: Consumers can call at (800) 914-0477 to seek all needed assistance regarding general queries and questions.
  • ADT Customer Service Number Billing: For support regarding billing and payment, call the service representative at (800) 205-5672 .
  • ADT Business Customer Service The business support can be availed by calling directly at (833) 238-5742 .
  • USA Support: Call at 1 (800) 716-3640 to seek support regarding USA related queries.
  • ADT Customer Service Number UK: The service representative for support in UK, can be contacted at 0800 144 4499 .
  • ADT Safe Haven: The service support from save heaven can be called at (877) 842-0818 .
  • ADT Control Customer Service Number: Call at (800) 205-5672 to connect with support team for queries related to Control devices and equipment.
  • ADT Customer Service Houston: The Houston office can be contacted at (281) 377-6615 .
  • Free Quote: To seek a free Quote regarding ADT products call at (833) 238-8856
  • Identity Theft Protection: The service provider offers support regarding theft protection at (866) 216-1978 .
  • Multifamily Solutions: For direct assistance regarding multifamily services call at (866) 204-0649 .

ADT Customer Service Number Canada

Customers calling from Canada can call at the below mentioned contact numbers.
Sale: 855-958-8181
Support: 855-958-8181

Sales: 855-958-8181
Support: 855-958-8181


ADT Blue Customer Service Number

In order to seek support regarding Blue by ADT security equipment call the service executive at 877-464-7437 . The helpline number remain active from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET Monday to Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET Saturday and Sunday. Consumers can also send queries via email at

ADT Pulse Customer Service Number

ADT Pulse provides smart home security solutions to customers. The security system include lights, camera and alarms. The devices can be controlled via smartphone. Users can operate the ADT Pulse devices from anywhere through smartphone. To shop ADT Pluse devices call at (800) 924-1701 . Talk to an expert by calling at (800) 924-1701 . Call at 1-800-521-1734 for general queries and questions.
ADT Customer Service for Technical Support: In order to ask for technical assistance by calling at 1 (800) 716-3640 .
ADT Florida Customer Service: For support regarding local Florida office, call at (800) 246-9147.
ADT Customer Service San Antonio: The San Antonio office can be contacted at (210) 468-1420 .
ADT Customer Service Austin: Clients can call at ADT professional support via (512) 861-0857 .
ADT Customer Service Atlanta: Dial (404) 921-3854 to speak with an expert from Atlanta office.
ADT Customer Service Bakersfield CA: Call at 661-339-6709 to contact with Bakersfield California office.
ADT Customer Service Columbus Ohio: Contact via (614) 699-5134 for ADT Columbus Ohio office.

ADT Phone Number for Service

Call at the below mentioned helpline numbers to seek all needed support.
ADT Phone Number for Emergency: For emergency service call the support service at 1-855-690-9802 .
ADT Phone Number New Jersey: The support service by ADT New Jersey can be called at (800) 246-9147.
ADT Boca Raton Headquarters: Call at (561) 404-0338 to contact the headquarter representative.
ADT Human Resources: The ADT human resource center can be called at 877.472.6648 to claim all needed help regarding HR services.
ADT Corporate Office: The corporate office can be contacted at (800) 521-5456 .
ADT Benefits Phone Number: The benefit center can be called at 800-225-5237 for payroll, HR and tax services.
ADT Collection: The center provides assistance regarding collections by calling at (800) 205-5672 .
ADT Dealer Services: The dealer service support can be called at (800) 798-3054 .
ADT Legal Department: The legal information can be availed at (800) 521-5456 .
ADT Las Vegas Phone Number: The Las Vegas support center can be contacted at (702) 666-9560 .
ADT Cancellation: To cancel a ADT service, call at 800-238-2727 .
ADT Defenders Phone Number: Contact the customer support team at (800) 743-5147 .

What is ADT Commercial Phone Number?

1. New System inquiries: (833) 238-5742
2. Monitoring: (855) 238-2666
3. National Accounts: (877) 357-1808

ADT Customer Service Chat

ADT offers customer service chat support to facilitate customers. The live chat service allows to ask queries and questions to a live representative. Customers can also seek help regarding specific queries like payment and subscription. To seek customer service chat support follow the below instructions.
  1. Visit the ADT official portal.
  2. Click on "Live Chat" popup window available on the bottom of home page.
  3. Type query or question to start a caht.
  4. Customers can cancel the chat by clicking on "Cancel chat request".

ADT Customer Service Login

ADT allows customers to create a login profile to access multiple services and products. The login account allows to make online payments, manage account, subscribe for plans, etc. By creating a personal login profile, customers can order security signs and batteries for various security devices. Consumers can also login into ADT security system and control portal. To seek help regarding Login issues call at (800) 521-5456 .

How to Login

To login use the following steps:
  1. Visit the ADT web portal at ""
    Click on "Login" option available on the top right corner.
  2. On login page choose the service e.g. (My ADT, ADT Control, ADT pulse, etc.
  3. Enter login credentials and click "Login".
  4. New users can click "Register" to create a profile.

How to Recover a ADT Login Forgotten Password?

  1. Go to the MyADT Login page.
  2. Select "Forgot Your Password?" under login page.
  3. Choose email to reset the password or select security question verification.
  4. Enter the registered email address and click on "Verify.
  5. Check the email inbox with a detailed instruction to reset a password.
  6. Follow the instruction and setup new MyADT Security Question'.
  7. Create a new password and click on "save".

ADT Customer Service Hours

ADT has different sections and departments. The services operate on set time. Check the below mentioned operational hours for different services.
Phone Number Hours: The helpline numbers of ADT are available 24X7.
Opening Hours: The ADT customer service support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Accounts and Credit Card Hours: The service hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
ADT Customer Service Billing Hours: ADT's billing support can be availed 24 hours a day.
ADT Customer Service Office Hours: Open 24 hours.