Aetna Claims - Phone, Address, Login Form

Aetna Claims

Aetna is an insurance company that offers multiple insurance plans to customers. The insurance plans include health, dental and vision plans. The service provider assures all possible support regarding benefit claims. Customers can claim benefits of insurance plans through multiple means and ways. Customers can call at 1-800-872-3862 to contact the service center. The helpline remains open between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET.

How to Claim Benefits at Aetna

In order to file claims follow the below instructions.
  1. Visit the official portal at (
  2. Navigate to Login menu and click to login.
  3. After successful Login navigate to "Claims Center"
  4. Click on "Submit Claims"
  5. Complete an online form.
  6. Copy, scan and upload your supporting documents.
  7. Click on "submit claim" to complete the process.

Where Do I Send My Aetna Claim

Clients can send claims through traditional mail system also. Send complete claims form via postal mail at "Aetna, Inc. P O Box 981204. El Paso, TX 79998-1204".

Aetna Claims Fax Number

Customers can also send claims via FAX. Send a complete claim form at 866-847-4039 along with below mentioned documents.
  • Member ID number and contact information.
  • Details such as the date and description of service.
  • Supporting documents, including itemized bills, original receipts, certificates and X-rays.
  • Method for reimbursed ? Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), wire transfer or check.
  • Bank name, account number, routing number, contact number.

Aetna Dental Claims Fax Number

Get the dental claim form and fax the complete form at the below given number.
Fax: 859-425-3379
Phone Number: 860-262-7705

Aetna Claims Address

Aetna has offices across multiple locations and has different mailing addresses for different claims. Customers can visit the mailing center or send claim forms with all supporting documents to get benefits.

Aetna Medicare Claims Address

Medicare is a social security programs that covers old age people, disable and women. The Medicare program offers hospital assistance, prescription support and medical benefits. The claims under Medicare plans can be send to below mentioned contacts.
Address: Aetna. PO Box 981106. El Paso, TX 79998.
Phone Number: 1-800-238-6279

Aetna Better Health Claims Address

The better health insurance plan is meant for lower incomes, special needs, disabilities, and older adults. The insurance claims related to better health plans can be send to below claim address.
Claims Address: Aetna Better Health PA. P.O. Box 62198. Phoenix, AZ 85082-2198.
Phone Number: 1-866-329-4701

Aetna Claims Address Po Box 14079

Small business groups and clients can send benefit claims and letters to the below mentioned contacts.
Address: PO Box 14079 Lexington KY 40512-4079
Phone Number: 1-800-367-6276

Aetna Meritain Claims Address

Meritain health insurance plans are devised for employees. The plan includes benefits for spouse and children also. For claims related queries contact the below helpline channels.
Claims Submission Address: P.O. Box 853921, Richardson, TX 75085-3921
Claims Information at: 1.800.566.9311

Aetna International Claims Address

The below provided address is for USA and Canada.
Claims Address: Aetna, P.O. Box 981543, El Paso, TX 79998-1543 USA
Toll Free: +1-800-231-7729
Direct Or Collect: +1-813-775-0190

Aetna Global Benefits (UK) Limited
Address: 25 Templer Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6FE.

Aetna Claims Address Lexington Ky

Claim Address: PO Box 14079 Lexington KY 40512-4079
Phone Number: 1-800-367-6276

aetna payer id 60054 claims address
Address: PO Box 981106. El Paso, TX 79998-1106
Contact: 888-702-3862

Aetna Continental Life Claims Address

The senior life insurance claims address is mentioned below:
Address: Box 14770 Lexington, KY 40512-4770.
Phone Number: 800 264.4000

Aetna Claims Address California

Address: 10260 Meanley Drive San Diego, CA 92131.
Phone Number: 888-702-3862

Aetna Better Health Nj Claims Address

New Jersey Address: PO Box 61925. Phoenix, AZ 85082-1925
Phone Number: 1-855-232-3596

Aetna Claims Mailing Address

Aetna Claims Mailing Address Lexington KY
Address: PO Box 14079 Lexington KY 40512-4079
Phone Number: 1-800-367-6276

Aetna Claims Address for Providers
Address: PO Box 398106 Minneapolis, MN 55435-8106

Aetna Better Health Louisiana Claims Address
Address: 2400 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 200. Kenner, LA 70062

Aetna Claims Submission Address
Address: PO Box 398106 Minneapolis, MN 55435-8106.

Aetna Claims Billing Address
Address: Aetna, Inc. P O Box 981107. Lexington, Ky 40512

Aetna Claims Processing Address
Address: Po Box 981106, El Paso, TX.
Aetna Claims Address Kentucky: PO Box 14079 Lexington KY 40512-4079
Aetna Better Health Claims Address Florida: P.O. Box 63578 Phoenix, AZ 85082-1925
Aetna Geha Claims Address: PO Box 21542, Eagan, MN 55121
Aetna Illinois Claims Address: Inc. P O Box 981107. Chicago, IL 60606.

Aetna Claims Phone Number

Aetna has devised multiple contact channels for consumers. The helpline channels remain available to assist clients regarding insurance plans and benefits. Use the below phone numbers to contact the service support.

Aetna Claims Center

The claims center is responsible to resolve all issues regarding claims and benefits. Call the service center representative at 1-800-872-3862 (TTY: 711) between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET.

Aetna Claims Benefit Specialist

The benefit specialist is dedicated to submitting insurance claims and collection payments from patients. Call at service center at 888-702-3862 .

Aetna Medicare Claims Phone Number

To seek direct assistance regarding medicare benefits and claiming process call the assistance at 1-800-872-3862 (TTY: 711) between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET.

Aetna Claims Customer Service Phone Number

Phone numbers for Customers and Providers are mentioned below:

Aetna Claims Provider Phone Number

The insurance providers can call at 888-702-3862
For Disputes and Appeals: 1-800-624-0756

Aetna Claims Email

Aetna Health and Life Insurance:
International Providers:

Aetna Claims Login

Aetna allow customers to create an login account and avail various benefits.The login profile allows to apply for insurance plans, file online claims and check benefits. Consumers with login credentials can also check the status of claims. Apart from this clients can manage account, update information and access multiple online services.
How to Login?

  1. Visit Aetna official web porta at ""
  2. Navigate to login/register option on the homepage.
  3. Enter a valid "username" and "password".
  4. Click on Login to access the account.
  5. Users with login credentials can click on "Register.
  6. Follow the prompts and enter asked information to create an account.

Note: The login account can be created by Aetna members, employers, agents or brokers and providers.

Aetna Claims form

Aetna offers different types of claim forms for availing the insurance benefits. The forms can be send to different mailing address or via fax to claim the insurance benefits. Customers can also file claim forms online. The varied claim forms are mentioned below:

Aetna Medical Claim Form

This type of form is meant for individuals and families to claim health insurance benefits. Get the pdf copy to file claims.

Aetna Claims Reimbursement Form

The health reimbursement form is required by families and individuals apply for a medical service and dental service. The covered services are eyewear, hearing aid, vaccine or fitness reimbursement.

Aetna Vision Claim Form

Complete the vision benefit form to request the insurance benefits covered under the vision insurance plans. For assistance call the customer support at 1-800-872-3862

Aetna Claims Reconsideration Form

This is a Practitioner and Provider form for resolution of disputes and appeals. Complete the form along with details of medical records, office notes, discharge summaries and etc to file claims.
Aetna 1500 Claim Form : This special claim form is used by health care professionals and suppliers.
Aetna Eyemed Claim Form : This is a kind of vision insurance claim form