Affirm Customer Service

The Customer Service department number for Affirm is (855) 423-3729 . Affirm, a financial organization offering BNPL loans and financial programs, provides various repayment options. Assistance is ensured through the following contact channels:

Affirm Customer Service Number for USA

Reach out to (855) 423-3729
7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Time Daily.

Service Phone Number for Canada:

(855) 423-3729
Every Weekday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Time.

Customer Service Chat:

Navigate to the Help page of Affirm and select "Affirm Digital Assistance" for live support. Direct support is also accessible by dialing (855) 423-3729.

Customer Service Address:

"Affirm, Inc., 650 California St, San Francisco, California 94108, United States"

Affirm Customer Service Support Contacts

Merchants/consumers can contact the Affirm financial Company for loans, debits, payments and credit services through a call at given numbers:
Affirm Customer Services/ProductsService Support Contacts
Account/Customer Login Issues: (855) 423-3729
Orders and Returns (855) 423-3729
To Cancel an Order (855) 423-3729
To Apply Loans (855) 423-3729
To Update Your Number (855) 423-3729
To Check Soft Credit (855) 423-3729
Payments and Billing (855) 423-3729
Cancel or Refund Affirm (855) 423-3729

Affirm Service Numbers & Hours

  • Affirm Financing Customer Service Number: Resolve financing issues such as loan applications, approvals, and credit limits by contacting the customer service department at (855) 423-3729 from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Time on weekdays.
  • Affirm Merchant Customer Service Number: Merchants seeking assistance with sales, partnerships, accounts, Pay Bright, and marketing services can access support by calling the customer service number at (855) 423-3729 between 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Time on weekdays.
  • Affirm Payment Customer Service Number: Contact the customer care team at (855) 423-3729 from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Time. Support channels address payment issues such as late or accidental payments, auto payments, balance queries, payment schedules, and charged-off loans.
  • Affirm Shop Pay Customer Service Number: Speak with an Affirm customer service representative at 855-423-3729 or email at
  • Affirm Priceline Customer Service Number: Contact a customer service member at (855) 423-3729 on weekdays between 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. CST for assistance with Affirm Priceline, a service for purchasing flights, hotels, rental vehicles, etc., with deferred payment options.
  • Affirm Expedia Customer Service: Call (855) 423-3729 for assistance with travel, flights, hotels, and vacation payment plans.

Affirm My Account Login Assistance

Affirm Customer Login is a support facility for consumers. The login profile allows access to online services and support through the official website of Affirm.
  • My Account/Login: User can use a registered mobile number and a secure password or code to access to all online services of Affirm. Know more about the login/sign up portal, follow the given path or speak to a specialist at (855) 423-3729
  • Orders & Refunds: Customers can use accounts for placing orders, ask for refunds, returns, shipping and delivery.
  • Make Payments and Billings: Users can go through the login portal for review bills and making payments.
  • Claim Late and Accidental Payments: Customers can claim for the refunds of late and accidental payments.

Affirm Payments Support

Merchants can use following modes for the payments including:
  • Online Payments: Consumers can use official webpage "" for making payments or download Affirm app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) for the quick and easy payments.
  • Pay By Check: Customers can use personal checks for making payments.
  • Payment Via Mail: Consumers can send checks and money orders at the given address "Affirm, Inc., 30 Isabella Street, Floor 4, Pittsburgh, PA 15212".
  • Automatic Payments (AutoPay): Customers can link bank/saving accounts in order to make monthly automatic payments.
  • Telephonic Payments: Call at (888) 484-4282 for telephonic payments.

Affirm Customer Service Jobs

Know the latest updates of jobs/opportunities, interested candidates can visit the official webpage "". For assistance, contact at (888) 484-4282

Affirm Customer Service for Merchants

To get details in regard with becoming "Affirm Merchant" the sales department can be reached at (855) 423-3729 during 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. CST throughout the week.

How to Send a Mail to Affirm Customer Care Team?

Easy way to send enquiries is to use "Affirm web form" to receive instant support. However, to send enquiries, or documents to the customer service department through mail use the below mentioned mailing address.
Affirm, Inc.
30 Isabella Street, Floor 4, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Affirm Law Enforcement or an Attorney Member Customer Service

Please note documents like summonses, complaints, subpoenas and/or any other legal documents are not accepted through email. All these kinds of documents must be served through the Affirm agent for processing.
CT Corporation System
330 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, California 91203

Affirm Debit+ Customer Service and Support

Dial (855) 423-3729 to get assistance related to the Debit+ issues or with dispute purchase.
Service Hours: Service agents are available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day throughout the week CST.

Steps to Unlocking Debit + Account

Follow the steps below to unlock the Debit+ account
1. Tap on "start a new transfer".
2. The outstanding balance needs to be reviewed and click on "Confirm" transfer amount.
3. Now Tap on start this transfer.
Once the transfer starts, the email with the confirmation message will be sent to the owner. It generally takes 1- 2 business days to get the process completed.

How to Cancel Lost or Stolen Card

Mentioned steps are required to follow in order to cancel the stolen or lost Debit+ Card.
1. Start with opening the Affirm Debit+ App from mobile.
2. Go to the Account Icon and select the same.
3. Tap/click on the "Get Help" option.
4. Select/ Tap " I need New Card" from the given options.
5. Provide the card replacement reason.
6. Now choose the color of the new card.
7. Confirm mailing address and tap order card.
The new card order processing message will be received through email within 7- 10 days.

What is Affirm Virtual Card & How to Use It?

When the loan is approved through App or website this loan amount is loaded with the Virtual Visa Card. The card is designed for one time use with any of the chosen merchants for online or in-store shopping. Please note that merchants accepting Affirm cards will also accept Affirm Virtual visa cards.

Making Payment with Affirm Virtual Visa Card

The payments using virtual visa cards can be done using three methods which are App, website, and the confirmation email.
At the checkout choose the credit card and enter the number associated with the card then request the other information to complete paying process.

Paying Online with Virtual Visa

1. At the checkout choose a credit card.
2. Opt to pay with a credit card.
3. 16-digit number available on the card needs to enter.
4. Billing addresses are required to be entered.
5. Conform checkout.

Canceling the Virtual Card

Two ways to cancer virtual visa card are
Through Affirm App
To cancel a card using Affirm App
1. Go to the home screen and tap to view the card.
2. Select edit or cancel card and Tap cancel card.

1. Go to the home screen and navigate to the upper-right corner then click on "virtual card timer".
2. Select "Edit or Cancel Account" & Click on Cancel Card Option.

How to Get Affirm Refunds?

It is advised to contact the store from where the term is purchased for refund support. The store will assist if a return or refund is available and how much refund will be paid back in accordance with own return policy. Once the refund request is received the refund notification will be displayed on the loan timeline between three - to 10 business days and the balance will be updated.

Getting Refund by Cash

Refunds are always paid back in the original method used for purchase such as money orders, MoneyGram, cashier's check, etc.

How to Check Refund If Paid Back?

The status of the refund can be checked using the following method.
1. Login with the affirm account.
2. Go to the Pay option & select purchase.
The refund balance will be reflected under adjustment in the purchase details. Please note that refunds will be displayed within 3-10 business days.

Late and Accidental Payments Support

For late payment sign in with the affirm account and schedule payment. Please note that the Company does not charge any late fees on late payments but it may affect one's credit score or another loan chance from the affirm.
For payments made accidental contact at (855) 423-3729 or submit refund request online within "3 calendar days" after payment is made. Within 7-14 business days the full refund is made in the bank account.

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