Affirm Login - Signin Your Account

Affirm Login - My Account

Affirm Login is an online portal through which merchants and customers can manage their accounts, make payments, claim refunds, orders and returns. Affirm is a financial company that offers multiple financing services and products to the consumers and merchants in association with the Cross River Bank, Celtic Bank, and Affirm Loan Services, LLC. The services and facilities that a merchant or consumer can get through Affirm login/sign up include:

  • Create/Login My Account: A consumer needs to open an account or login (if already registered) into Affirm My account for all online facilities and services of Affirm Financial Company. Affirm renders loans, debit plus, virtual cards, interest-free payments, and saving accounts. Merchants/consumers can get access to all products of Affirm by just making Login at ""
  • Make Payments: Users can login for making online payments at the partnered stores and outlets of Affirm. Moreover, registered consumers can apply for instant credit via making login into My Account.
  • Manage Account: Through login portal, users can get access to change their profiles like update email address, phone number, contact address, mailing address and many more.
  • Orders & Cancellations: Customers can place and cancel orders through login portal. For missed orders or defective products, customers can go through their account login and click on orders option. Moreover, customers can ask about rescheduling orders by making a call at (855) 423-3729
  • Returns & Refunds: Through Affirm login, customers can schedule returns and claim refunds. Customers can mention their reason of returns by making login and then click on "orders". For written questions and queries, send your concerned requests and complaints at the given address "Affirm, Inc., 650 California St, San Francisco, California 94108, United States".
  • Check/Track Orders: Customers can check the status or track their placed orders or returns by login into their registered Affirm account.
  • Claim Accidental and Over Payments: Consumers can claim accidental and over payments via making login portal. If there is any issue in making claims, contact Affirm customer service team at (855) 423-3729 or email at
  • Review Balance and Payment Schedules: Customers can check balance and review payment schedules of their purchases by making login into their Affirm account. Customers cannot reschedule their payments. For questions and queries, talk to a service representative at (855) 423-3729 from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Central Time on weekdays.

Affirm Login Options - Email, Business & Merchant

Customers can use following provisions for making login:

  • Affirm Login with Email: Merchants and consumers can use their registered email address for signup and login into Affirm account. For issues and queries, get help through "Affirm Digital Assistant" or make a direct call at (855) 423-3729 in between 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Central Time on seven days of a week.
  • Affirm Login with Phone Number: Users can get access to Affirm account by registering their mobile number. At the registered phone number, users can get a pass code while making login.
  • Affirm Login Business: Affirm offers flexible payment portal for the business holders in order to increase the consumers and order values. Business holders need to register their entity with Affirm. Registered businesses can get access to all online payment portal of Affirm. To get started or login into the Affirm business , follow the given path or dial (855) 423-3729 . Through the login portal, business holders can avail support regarding account management, marketing, integration guides, and many other solutions to grow up their business and purchases.
  • Affirm Login Merchant: For merchants, a multi factor dashboard is designed by the Affirm Company. To get access to the main features and services of the dashboard, merchants need to signup or login into Affirm Merchant account by making use of a registered a work email address or Google account and a strong password. Through the login portal, merchants can get access to all aspects of the Affirm account including to review performance rate of business, review and processes charges, check settlement records, research on API Logs by giving the status, method, endpoint, checkout, request or charge ID into the bar. Moreover, merchants can also copy API & Product Keys used for the integration. Merchants can easily add and remove users through the Affirm login portal.

Affirm Login - Walmart, Peloton, Wayfair & Shop Pay

  • Affirm Login Walmart: Customers can pay for their purchases from home improvement items to outdoor tools at Walmart stores by making login into their Affirm account. New customers need to create an account by using their registered phone number operating in USA or US territories. For more questions and queries, go through the Affirm Login Walmart path or call at (855) 423-3729
  • Affirm Peloton Login: To pay for the items purchased at the Peloton store like bikes, treads, fitness equipment and apparels, customers make login into their Affirm account and make payment. For new and registered users, helpful information with video is offered at the Affirm Peloton Login portal.
  • Wayfair Affirm Login: To make payment against the purchases shopped at Wayfair stores, customers need to login into Affirm account via "" or download Affirm App from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
  • Shop Pay Affirm Login: For US customer, it is easy to make shop pay purchase payments via making login into affirm account either through official webpage or by downloading Affirm app. Customers can login into Shop Pay Affirm account for making bill payment in installments. For more queries and questions, reach out to the service member at (855) 423-3729

Affirm Payment/Bill Pay Login

  • Affirm Payment/Bill Pay Login: Customers can get access to all online payments for their purchases through Affirm account. Having questions about the payment plans and credit scores, get digital support from live assistant of Affirm or contact at the customer service number mentioned below or write at "Affirm, Inc., 650 California St, San Francisco, California 94108, United States".
  • Affirm Credit Card Login: Registered customers can make use of the credit and Visa cards for making down payments, bill payments and installments. For more help, call at (855) 423-3729 or make login into your Affirm account.
  • Affirm MasterCard/Debit Plus Login: To make payment via Affirm MasterCard/Debit Plus card, users need to login or create an account via "" or download the app from the App store or Google Playstore.

Affirm Login Problems - Forgot Password

  • Affirm Login Problems: To get assistance regarding the login or account problems, contact the customer service member at (855) 423-3729 or follow the official website for digital assistance from live agents.
  • Affirm Login Forgot Password: To recover or change the password of your Affirm account, you have to follow the steps: you have to click on the option of "forgot password" and then fill the empty box with last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Then go through given on-screen instructions in order to recover or reset your account password. For more support, contact at (855) 423-3729 in between 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Central Time.

Affirm Login Canada

Canadian users can signup/login into Affirm account for making payments, loans and other online services. Through the login portal of Affirm, customers can get access for the following services:

  • Login/sign Up Account: New customers can create and registered customers can login into the Affirm account via webpage or through Affirm app.
  • Make Payments by PayBright: Canadian customers can use Affirm account for making payments on partnered stores via PayBright. Moreover, customers can claim for early and accidental payments via login into the account. For more questions and queries regarding the purchase payments via PayBright or Affirm account, call at 888-484-4282 or dial 877.276.2780 in between Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm EST, and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-6pm EST.
  • Apply Loans: Customers residing in Canada can apply for the loans via making login into their registered account. Users can also check the status of processing loans via making login into Affirm account.
  • Orders & Cancellation: Use Affirm account login portal for placing orders, cancellation and reschedules.
  • Combine Payments: Affirm Canada do not accept combined payments against their loans. For questions, contact customer service department at 888-484-4282
  • Soft Credit Checks Disputes: For the soft credit checks, customers can use Affirm account in order to sort out the disputes or make a direct call at 1-800-663-9980
  • Installment Balance and Payment Schedule: Users in Canada can review their loan balance and payment schedules by making login into their account.
  • Automatic Payments (AutoPay): Customers can use Affirm Login for enabling autopay option. To turn on, follow the steps: login at "" > then navigate loans >select the loan > select payment option > turn on AutoPay.
  • Payment Reminders: Customers can easily activate and deactivate the reminder notification of on-time & due payments through login portal. For email notifications, you need to go through the option of "manage account" after making login into Affirm account. For mobile notifications, customers can send an SMS like "START" or "STOP" and send to (855) 423-3729 .
  • Underpayments: Canadian users can ask for the underpayments or limited credit scores by making a call at (888) 484-4282 or send a request via making login into the Affirm account.
  • Add a Payment Method: Customers using Affirm account in Canada can easily add new payment method via login at "". After login, customers can go through the setting option > click on payments > then choose new payment option by selecting "+" and remove the previous one by click on "X".
  • Early & Over-payments Claims: In Canada, customers can use their Affirm account for make early payments and also claim for accidental or over-payments. Need support via phone call regarding your payment disputes, dial 1-855-423-3729 . Customers can also send their questions and complaints at the given address "Affirm Canada Holdings Ltd., RPO Yonge Mulock, PO Box 93359, Newmarket (Ontario), L3X 1A3, Canada".
  • To Find your Loan ID: Customers can find their Loan ID at the end of every payment reminder notifications or emails. Users can also find out their Loan ID by login into their Affirm account.
  • Review Loans: To review present and past loans, customers can login into their Affirm accounts at "" or ask for the statement of loans by contacting at (888) 484-4282
  • Update My Phone Number: Canadian users can update the contact number and mailing address by making login into Affirm account.
  • Dispute a Purchase: Users can ask support regarding the returns, missing orders, cancellations and damaged or defective purchases, dial (888) 484-4282 or claim via Affirm account.