Amazon CLT4 HR Phone Number NC

(888) 892-7180
Amazon CLT4 is located in Charlotte, NC serving as one among the fulfillment centers of Amazon. Amazon HR department is responsible for management of employees and workers. The HR center address queries related to employment, employee benefits, daily schedules. The Amazon HR also offers hiring and recruitment related support. Amazon HR section offers help in application process. Employee benefit management and retirement support is also being offered by HR service center.

Amazon ERC (Employment Resource Center) Service Phone Number

(888) 892-7180

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Amazon ERC 24 Hour Phone Number

(888) 892-7180

Amazon Fulfillment HR Phone Number

(888) 892-7180

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Amazon HR Email Address

The registered email address is

Amazon CLT4 Application

Follow the below mentioned steps to send a job application to Amazon HR department.
  • Log on to the Amazon jobs portal at ""
  • Create an Account with a registered email address
  • Verify account by opening confirmation email link or by code send on phone number
  • Sign IN into account and click on "Apply" for the job interested
  • Click "Start Application"
  • Enter details like details about previous jobs, puzzle queries, etc
  • Chose the "shift schedule" and "location" then Click on "Select this job"
  • Review details and click on "Accept Offer"
  • Read details and answer "Background check" questions
  • Schedule a Pre-hire appointment by choosing a date and time
  • Review job details, background check information, etc.
  • Click "Submit application" to finish

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