Amazon Canada Phone Number

(877) 586-3230
(206) 266-2882
Amazon Canada Phone Number is a resource that customers from Canada can use to seek assistance and support for various issues related to Amazon accounts, orders, products, and services. Here are some common uses of the Amazon customer service number:

Order inquiries

Customers can call the Amazon customer service number to inquire about the status of orders, track packages, or request updates on delivery dates.

Account Management

Customers may need to contact Amazon to update account information, change payment methods, modify shipping addresses, or resolve account-related issues like login problems or account security concerns.

Product Assistance

Customers can reach out to Amazon customer service to get information about product specifications, compatibility, or troubleshooting steps for technical issues with Amazon devices or other products purchased from Amazon.

Prime Membership

Customers can use the Amazon customer service number to inquire about Amazon Prime membership benefits, troubleshoot Prime Video or Prime Music streaming issues, or manage Prime subscription.

Amazon Canada ERC Phone Number

( 888) 280-4331
(877) 586-3230

Amazon Canada Address and Phone Number

Corporate Office Address, Inc 120 Bremner Blvd Toronto, Ontario M5J 0A1 Canada
( 888) 280-4331

Amazon Seller Central Canada Phone Number

(877) 586-3230
Amazon Seller Central is a platform that enables businesses and individuals to sell products on Amazon. Using the Amazon Seller Central phone number allows sellers to directly communicate with dedicated support representatives who specialize in assisting sellers on the platform.

Amazon Canada Phone Number Toll Free

( 888) 280-4331
Amazon Toll-Free numbers provide customers with a convenient way to access various services and support. Here are some common uses of Amazon Toll-Free numbers are Customer Service, Order Tracking, Prime Membership Support, and Technical Support. Canada Contact Us Phone Number

( 888) 280-4331

Amazon Canada Phone Number 1800

Toll-Free Number

(888) 280-4331

Customer Service

(877) 586-3230


(206) 266-4064

Amazon Canada Help Desk Phone Number

(888) 280-4331

Amazon Canada Customer Service Phone Number 24/7

( 877) 586-3230

Amazon Canada Delivery Phone Number


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