Amazon ERC California

800 792 463 or +39 02 8295 0296 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. CET.
Amazon ERC (Employee Resource Center) California is associated with HR operations of the Company. The Employment Resource Center is responsible for hiring human resource, managing employee benefits, application support, etc. The Amazon ERC also manages payroll, pension, leave and absenteeism related operations. The ERC works like a HR partner available 24x7 for Amazon HR services.

Services Offered by Amazon ERC California

HR Operations

Amazon ERC is responsible for the management of human resources. The center operates HR contact centers for supporting employees and alumni through various contact channels. The Employee Resource Center answer queries of employee on various issues.

Employee Training and Tools

Amazon ERC provides training and tools to Amazon employees for various operations. The Employee Resource center conduct training sessions to enhance vocational abilities of employees.

Jobs and Hiring

Amazon ERC (Employee Resource Center) manages new hiring and identifying jobs in the organization. The center also offers job application support to applicants.

Amazon ERC Phone Number

800 792 463

Amazon HR Phone Number California

(888) 892-7180

Amazon ERC Number California

800 792 463 or +39 02 8295 0296 call at the given numbers between 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 CET p.m.

Amazon Employment Verification


Amazon HR Email

The Amazon Force Jobs Number


Amazon Customer Service Number


Amazon Recruiting Office Number


Amazon HR Number Tracy CA

(209) 831-6490

Amazon HR Number Bakersfield CA

(888) 829-7180

Get Amazon Job Alerts

To get Amazon job alerts on registered mobile numbers Text AMAZON to 77088 and Text "STOP" to opt-out.

Apply for Amazon Jobs

Steps to Apply for Amazon Jobs:

  • Log on to the Amazon jobs portal at
  • Enter a job title or keyword to search for a job
  • After finding a job, navigate to login
  • Login into account by entering Username and Password
  • Click on "Apply" to start a job application
  • Enter details in "Assessment" section e.g. (previous job, experience, salary, etc.)
  • Select "shift" and "Location" under the job title
  • Navigate through the available job positions and click on "Select this job"
  • Check all the job related terms and click "Accept Offer"
  • Enter background information and details about previous job
  • Schedule a "Pre-hire appointment" for in-person appointment
  • Click on "Submit application" to apply for a job

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