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Amazon Force is a web portal dedicated to applying for multiple Amazon jobs. The Company hires people for warehouse jobs, delivery drivers, fulfillment center workers, store associates, etc. The Amazon Force platform allows applying for different positions online.

United States:

+1 (888) 892-7180.

United Kingdom:

0808 145 3744 or 020 7855 3100.


1 877-467-1383.

How to Create an Amazon Job Force Login Account?

To create an account for the Amazon job force, follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Visit the Amazon hiring portal.
  2. Click on "Create an Account" under the Login option and click on "Next".
  3. Input personal information like name, address, and date of birth.
  4. Provide the "Contact Information".
  5. Create a personal pin with a maximum of "A 6-digit number".
  6. Confirm the pin and click on "Next".
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Login process.

How to Create an Amazon Sales Force Login?

Amazon Sales force is a service cloud program that works in association with Amazon web service (AWS). The program offers complete set of innovative tools and technology that helps contact center agent workspace to render best customer service. The service offers voice, video, and AI services to deliver customer services effectively.

To Login for Amazon Sales Fore

  • Visit the Amazon Web service portal
  • Click on "Sign In" option.
  • Click on "Create a new AWS account" under sign in option.
  • Enter an email ID and choose a username.
  • Follow the prompts and complete the "signup" process.


For queries and questions regarding sales force account and login, call at 1-800-667-6389 to seek direct assistance.

How to Delete Amazon Force Employee Account?

In case you need to delete an account, go through the below steps.
  • Visit the "".
  • Click on "Account" option present at the top of page.
  • Then click on "Login and Security".
  • After Login, click on "Edit" option.
  • Go to "Account Status" section.
  • Click on "Inactive" to confirm the account delete.

Amazon A to Z Login

Amazon A to Z is a web portal platform for employees and sellers of Amazon. The platform provides access to different services and programs of Amazon. Employees can check daily routines and shifts online. Payment and other tasks can be done through A TO Z account. The platform is accessible through web or App.

What is Amazon A-to-z Guarantee Policy for Sellers?

The guarantee policy empowers buyers to apply for full returns and refunds for the purchase and payments if they are not satisfied with the purchase. The policy help buyers in case of delayed delivery, defective, damaged, had missing parts and not received an item.

How to Login Into A to Z Account?

To login into A to Z account an employee need login credentials. To get the credentials an employee needs to register for the online employee portal access via the Company’s IT or HR department. After completing the registration process an employee will get a code to create login credentials. To Login into account follow the below steps:
1. visit the Amazon a to Z work portal.
2. Enter the Login credentials.
3. Click on Login button.
4. After Login you will be redirected to employee account.

Benefits of Amazon a to Z Login Account

After Login into the A to Z account an employee can access the below mentioned amenities.
  • Profile info management
  • Check schedule and claim extra shifts
  • Confirm direct deposit info
  • View accrual balances
  • Submit time off requests
  • View pay, tax, direct deposit info
  • Retirement planning service
  • Access the latest Company news and many more
  • View pay, tax, direct deposit tips
  • Update personal details, emergency contacts, view discount code
  • Retirement planning programs

Amazon A to Z Login App

Amazon allows to login into A to Z employee account via the mobile app. The app is available for download for both Android and IOS phones. Android users can get the app from the Goggle pay store and IOS users can access the app from the App store . The application allows to manage work-life at Amazon. Users can also manage profile information, submit time off requests, check schedule and claim extra shifts.

Amazon a to Z Login Forgot Username

In order to get the username or password, visit the Amazon HR registration section at "". Applicants can also call at 1-866-644-2696 between M-F, 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT to seek direct assistance.

Amazon Force Login Email Support

In order to create an account for Amazon force login, an applicant needs a registered email id. The web portal allows to change or update email id anytime. To change or update email id, use the below mentioned steps.
1. Visit the "Accounts and Lists" option on
2. Click on "Your Account" option.
3. Go to the section called "E-mail Preferences".
4. Click update or change.
5. Enter new and old email ids to complete the process.

Amazon Force Login Forgot Password

Customers need to protect account with a confidential password. The support center deliver assistance in case a user forgot his/her password. To recover a password, go through the below steps:
  • Visit the Amazon password assistance.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Enter email address or mobile phone number associated with Amazon account and select "Continue".
  • Check registered number or email for One Time Password (OTP), to authenticate request.
  • Enter the OTP received and select "Continue".
  • Create a new password and Login with new password.
Contact for Direct Assistance: In order to seek direct assistance regarding employment, workforce and HR service, call at the below numbers.
The Amazon ERC Phone Number: (888) 892-7180 .
The Amazon Force Jobs Number: 206-922-0880 .
Amazon Customer Service Number: 1-888-280-4331 .

Amazon Force Login for Job Application

Amazon is a multinational Company that offers jobs at different positions. The undertaking allows to search for jobs and apply accordingly. Amazon has a dedicated job portal that provides step by step guide about applying for jobs. To file a job application, follow the below steps.
  • First of all visit the Amazon jobs portal .
  • Create an Account with a registered email address and a six-number pin.
  • Verify account by opening email link or at phone number.
  • SignIn into account and click on "Apply" for the job interested.
  • Click on "Start Application".
  • Enter the "Assessment" related information like details about previous jobs, puzzle queries, etc.
  • Chose the "Shift Schedule" and "Location".
  • Click on "Select this job".
  • Review details and click on "Accept Offer".
  • Read details and answer "Background Check" questions.
  • Schedule a Pre-hire appointment.
  • Review all details like job details, background check information, and the date and location of pre-hire appointment.
  • Click "Submit Application" to finish.
Support Service: In order to receive jib alters via text messages send Text AMAZON to 77088 to get text alerts for new jobs and Text "STOP" to opt-out.
Check Status of Applications: Applicants are empowered to check the status of job applications by calling at 1-866-216-1072 or by online here .

What Benefits are Available for Amazon Employee?

Amazon offers multiple benefits to its employees. The benefits are available for bot existing and former employees. The job benefits are delivered under the below mentioned categories.
Health Saving Benefits: The employees can avail benefits under a health saving account. The benefits are provided by providers to employees and eligible family members. Dental and vision care is also covered under health benefits.
Financial Benefits: Amazon offers a 401(k) plan that allows to invest in different stocks to achieve desired financial goals. The Company offers basic Life and Accidental Death insurance plans. Short-term and long-term disability insurance is also offered by the service center.
Adoption Assistance: Employees of Amazon can get adoption assistance to cover adoption expenses including attorney fees, court costs, and travel.
Maternity and Parental Leave: Fill paid maternity and parental leave is provided to employees. The benefits are available for the birth or adoption of a child. Employee Discount: The existing employees are eligible to receive an annual discount on products and services produced by

Amazon Prime Video Login

Amazon prime video is a paid subscription-based services of Amazon. The services allow access to latest and popular tv shows, movies and Amazon original series. The service can be connected to Android TV, mobile phone and tablet.

How to Create a Login Id for Amazon Prime?

1. Visit the Amazon web portal at "".
2. Click on "Accounts and Lists" option on the top of home page.
3. Click on "Membership and Subscription" option.
4. Click on "Create an account" under login option.
5. Enter personal and contact details in given fields.
6. Click "create an account".
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
Note: In order to avail assistance regarding Login and account, call the Amazon customer service center at 1-888-280-4331 .

Amazon Prime Credit Card Login

Amazon prime credit card is a kind of gift card produced by the Amazon. The card is offered to prime members instantly after submitting and application. The Amazon prime members can submit application for the credit card at Amazon rewards signature card portal . The card-holders can seek 5% back with an eligible Prime membership. The card also provides 10% back or more on a rotating selection of items. The card also has no annual credit card fee. To create a login credentials, visit the Amazon rewards and click on "Sign in to apply" then follow the step by step instruction to complete the login process. For queries and questions, call the service executive at 1-888-280-4331 .

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