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Amazon HR Number

Amazon is a global e-commerce company with a dedicated HR department to address workforce related issues. The HR department provides all needed assistance regarding employee issues, jobs, recruitment, payroll and employee benefits. Clients can call at (888) 829-7180 to connect with the HR department of Amazon.

Amazon Human Resource (HR) Phone Number:

The HR department has active helpline channels to address multiple queries and questions regarding employee work shifts, payroll, work completion and allotment. Employees and clients can call the HR department at below mentioned contacts.
1. The Amazon ERC phone number is (888) 892-7180 .
2. The Amazon HR number is 206-922-0880 .
3. Amazon Customer Service Number: 1-888-280-4331 .

What Does Amazon HR Do?

The HR department is responsible for total employee management, talent management, planning and employee engagement. The main operations of the HR department include the following:
  • HR department is responsible for workforce management and development.
  • The department is meant to recruit the best human resource.
  • Human resource department provides training services to improve skills of employees.
  • Payment, retirement benefits and health benefits are managed by HR department.
  • The department also publish information about vacancies, recruitment and hold job interview.

Amazon HR Department Phone Number

Check the below helpline numbers to connect with different sections and branches of Amazon HR department.

  • Amazon HR Number USA: Applicants from USA can contact the Amazon HR department at (888) 892-7180
  • Amazon HR Number Las Vegas: Dial Las Vegas HR department at (206) 266-1000
  • Amazon HR Number for Employees: Existing and former employee can call at (888) 892-7180
  • Amazon HR Number Bessemer Al: The fulfillment center at Amazon Bessemer Alabama at (206) 898-0113.
  • Amazon HR Number Tracy Ca: The California center for HR services can be contacted at (209) 831-6490
  • Amazon HR Number Bakersfield CA: Dial (888) 829-7180 to contact Bakersfield Center.
  • Amazon HR Number Monee Il: Amazon office a Monee Illinois, can be contacted at (214)765-7328
  • Amazon HR Number for Former Employees: Contact at (888) 892-7180 .
  • Amazon HR Number ERC: Employment Resource Center (ERC) can be accessed at (888) 892-7180 .
  • Dfw8 Amazon HR Number: DFW8 2700 Regent Blvd Irving, TX center can be contacted at (206)266-1000
  • Las7 Amazon HR Number: Call at 206-922-0880 to connect with HR service.
  • Dal9 Amazon HR Number: DAL9 1400 SOUTHPORT PKWY WILMER, TX location of Amazon can be contacted at (206)266-1000
  • Amazon Fulfillment HR Phone Number: Clients can call at (888) 892-7180 to seek assistance from fulfillment center.
  • Amazon HR Contact Canada: Amazon Canada human resources phone number for Canada us 206-922-0880
  • Amazon HR Email Address: The registered email address is

Amazon HR Hours of Operation

Amazon HR Phone Number Hours: The HR office remains open from 09:30am until 05:30pm.
Best Time to Call Amazon HR: The best calling time is at 10:00am.
ERC Amazon Phone Hours: The service number is available from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Amazon Warehouse HR Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Amazon Sr HR Assistant Hours: Monday to Thursday 4x10 hours.
What Time Does Amazon HR Open: Amazon HR office remain open 09:30am until 05:30pm.
What Time Does Amazon HR Close: The HR office closes everyday at 5:00 p.m.

Amazon Application Help Contact

Amazon fulfillment center is committed to deliver all needed help regarding applications and job interviews. The application center works under the HR offices and provide all possible help. The application center can be contacted at (888) 892-7180 to seek all needed help.

How to Apply at Amazon HR Center

In order to apply for jobs at Amazon via the HR center, follow the below mentioned steps:
  • First visit the Amazon jobs portal .
  • Create an Account with a registered email address and a six-number pin.
  • Verify account by opening email link or at phone number.
  • SignIn into account and click on "Apply" for the job interested.
  • click "Start Application".
  • Enter the "assessment" related information like details about previous jobs, puzzle queries and etc.
  • Chose the "shift schedule" and "location"
  • Click on "Select this job".
  • Review details and click on "Accept Offer".
  • Read details and answer "Background check" questions.
  • Schedule a Pre-hire appointment.
  • Review all details like job details, background check information, and the date and location of your pre-hire appointment.
  • Click "Submit application" to finish.
Note: Text AMAZON to 77088 to get text alerts for new jobs and Text "STOP" to opt-out.

What is an Amazon HR Business Partner

Amazon HR business partners are responsible for association between HR and wider site management team. The HR partners are engaged across the worldwide. The main focus of HR partners is talent management, organizational effectiveness, workforce planning, and employee engagement. The role and responsibility of HR business partner include the following:

  1. HR partners are committed to develop and lead a team of professional for company growth.
  2. The Amazon HR partner is responsible for identify problems and drive appropriate solutions.
  3. The partner should be able to understand opportunities and suggest approaches, policies and procedure.
  4. Apply all types of upstream and downstream talent programs.
  5. Monitor employee activities assure maximum employee engagement.

Check Eligibility for Amazon HR Partner Job?

To apply for Amazon HR partner jobs at different locations, an applicant must posses the below qualification.
Basic Qualification:
  • A Bachelor's Degree from accredited university
  • Three years of human resources generalist experience
  • Worked as supporting hourly employee client groups
  • Work experience of a call center, distribution center, or manufacturing environment
  • Demonstrator experience for managing and leading employees
Desirable Qualifications:
1. Master's Degree or MBA in HRM
2. Proficiency with HRIS System
3. Human Resources experience with Fortune 500 companies.
Call for Support: For any queries or questions, call the HR service center at 888) 829-7180 to access the Amazon human resource department or contact through the email address at

Amazon HR Services

Employment Resource Center (Amazon ERC) is a dedicated section of Amazon. The HR services include multiple programs and functions. The HR department is responsible for employee engagement, training, skill enhancement and etc. The main HR services of Amazon include the following:

  • HR services are important for the development of company
  • HR service section serves as one-stop destination for employee queries.
  • Manages and provides employee benefits and compensations.
  • Keeps track for employee pays, shifts and performance
  • Arranges employee training programs and conferences.
  • The HR section addresses queries regarding retirement benefits, employee health benefits and insurance plans.

Amazon HR Shared Services

The HR shared service section is meant to operate services like Payroll, Procurement, Engineering, Master data, Compliance, IT and Legal.

Contact for Amazon HR Service

In order to connect with Amazon HR service department, use the below mentioned contacts.
Amazon HR customer service number: 1-800-372-8066
Amazon HR 24 Service phone number: (888) 829-7180
Amazon HR e-mail address:
Amazon HR Service Hours: from 09:30am until 05:30pm.

Check Amazon HR Salary

Amazon offers Salary under various levels to different HR employees and other assistants. Refer, the below information to check Amazon salary for different positions.
Amazon HR Salary Level: The average salary level for a human resources is $65,218 per year in United States.
Amazon HR Business Partner Salary: HR Business Partner salaries at Amazon may ranges from $57,000 - $114,386 per year.
Amazon HR Assistant Salary: The Amazon HR assistance salary ranges from $107,841 - $292,000.
Amazon HR Manager Salary: HR Manager salaries at Amazon can range from $107,841 - $292,000.
Amazon HR Specialist Salary: The specialist salary ranges from $73,000 - $83,000.
Amazon HR Contact Center Associate Salary: The HR associate can earn upto $215,629 annually.

Amazon HR Interview Questions

Applicants always wonder about what types of questions are asked in Amazon HR interview. As per the Amazon HR recruitment policy the interview questions are based on the below sections.

Behavioral Questions

The behavioral questions are intended to check an applicant’s behavioral attitude towards varied issues and situations. The behavioral queries are aimed to check applicant’s behavioral outlook. The questions may be as below mentioned.
1. How did you handle Conflict at work?
2. How to take a calculated risk and what was the outcome?
3. How to handle a crisis?
4. How did you handle team members?

Leadership Questions

The leadership questions are based to check the self belief and leadership qualities of an applicant. The questions also check the responsive behavior of an applicant. The question examples can be the following:
1. Share the decision made based on your instincts?
2. Discuss the leadership development courses or training?
3. How to use a specific metric to drive change in your department?

Technical and Skills Questions

As the name suggests the important interview aspect is technical sections. The questions are based on technical information. The examples could be the below:
1. How to improve Amazon's website or portal?
2. How you brought a product to market.
3. What metrics can be used to influence and drive positive change?
4. What skills do you have that can help Amazon to grow?
5. How to approach a project that is outside the scope of your work?

Company-specific Questions

In this question section, an applicant is asked questions that check his/her knowledge about the company. The questions are about the company business, CEO, operational area, products and services.