Amazon HR Phone Number California

( 888) 892-7180
(206) 266-1000
Amazon HR phone number provides several benefits to both employees and potential candidates. Firstly, it serves as a direct and convenient communication channel for employees to address all HR-related concerns, such as questions about benefits, payroll, or leave policies. The HR phone number ensures that employees have a reliable and accessible resource to seek assistance and resolve any work-related issues they may encounter. Additionally, the phone number can be valuable for job applicants or potential candidates who wish to inquire about job openings, application status, or seek general information about Amazon's hiring process. By offering a dedicated HR phone number, Amazon demonstrates its commitment to providing timely and personalized support, fostering employee satisfaction, and facilitating effective communication between the Company and its workforce.

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(888) 892-7180

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Amazon HR Phone Number Bakersfield CA (California)


Amazon HR Phone Number Tracy CA

(209) 831-6490

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What are the Recruitment Methods for Amazon?

Amazon employs various recruitment methods to attract and select candidates for positions. Some of the common recruitment methods used by Amazon include:

Online Job Portals

Amazon often posts job openings on popular online job portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, and own the Amazon Jobs website

Campus Recruitment

Amazon actively participates in campus recruitment programs, partnering with universities and colleges to identify and hire talented individuals directly from campuses.

Employee Referrals

Referrals can be a valuable source of talent as employees can recommend individuals.

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