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Amazon Phone Number Alexa

(877) 375-9365
3:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Pacific time.
Amazon Alexa is an eco-smart speaker that works like a virtual assistance. The Eco smart device answer queries and questions just like a search engine. Users can ask queries just using voice inputs. The customer service support offers assistance regarding installation and usage of the device. The support center also provides help regarding order, delivery and return of the product. The customer service team can also be contacted for payment and billing related queries. Amazon Alexa support team also offers troubleshooting tips.

Amazon Alexa Customer Service Number USA

(877) 375-9365

Amazon Alexa (In the US)

(206) 922-0197

Amazon Alexa (Outside the US)

(833) 674-7268

Amazon Phone Number 1800 Number

(877) 375-9365

Amazon Phone Number 800 Number

(877) 375-9365

Amazon Alexa Customer Service Phone Number UK

0800 279 7234

Amazon Alexa Support Canada Phone Number


Alexa Amazon Music Phone Number

(888) 280-4331

Amazon General Customer Service Phone Numbers

Amazon USA Phone Number


Amazon Canada Contact


Amazon UK Phone Number

0808 145 3744

Amazon 24x7 Help Desk

1 (888) 280-4331

Amazon Seattle Contact

(206) 266-1000

Amazon Gift Card


Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

(800) 346-5538

Amazon Business Rewards Visa Card

(866) 634-8380

Amazon Corporate Revolving Credit

(866) 634-8379

Amazon Store Card Number

(206) 922-0880