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40 King St W 47th Floor, Toronto, ON M5H 4A9, Canada
+1 888-280-4331
Amazon has a significant presence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with several fulfillment centers, delivery stations, corporate offices, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities located in the city and its surrounding areas. Amazon's fulfillment centers in Toronto are massive warehouses that store millions of products, ranging from books and electronics to home goods and clothing. The centers use advanced technology, such as robots and automation systems, to help employees pick, pack and ship orders quickly and efficiently. Amazon's delivery stations, on the other hand, are smaller facilities that serve as hubs for local delivery operations, allowing packages to be sorted and sent out to customers in nearby areas. In addition to its physical operations, Amazon also has a strong presence in Toronto's tech and business community, with its AWS office located in the city's downtown core.

Amazon Ontario CA Address

9101-9599 Eucalyptus Ave, Ontario, CA 91762, United States

Amazon Canada Toronto Office

40 King St W 47th Floor, Toronto, ON M5H 4A9, Canada
+1 888-280-4331

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+1 888-280-4331

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