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410 Terry Ave N, Seattle 98109, WA.
(888) 892-7180
Amazon Worker related queries and questions are addressed by Amazon HR department. The Amazon HR department is also known as Employee Resource Center (ERC). The ERC center provides assistance regarding employee benefits, workers daily schedules, employment, hiring and management. The HR center provides help regarding workers compensation, leave and rules of engagement. The center also offers assistance regarding job application process.

Amazon Worker Phone Number

(888) 892-7180

Amazon Employee ERC Phone Number

(888) 829-7180

Amazon Worker Support Number

(888) 892-7180 or 1-800-372-8066

Amazon Workers Union Alabama

(206) 898-0113

Amazon Workers UK

0808 145 3744 or 020 7855 3100

Amazon Workers New York

888 280 4331

Amazon HR Contact Numbers

Amazon Fulfillment HR Phone Number

(888) 892-7180

Amazon HR Contact Canada


Amazon HR Number USA

(888) 892-7180

Apply for Amazon Jobs

Follow the below steps to apply for Amazon Jobs:
  • Visit the Amazon jobs portal at ""
  • Create an Account with a registered email address
  • Verify account by opening email link or at phone number
  • Sign In into account and click on "Apply" for the job interested
  • Click "Start Application" and enter information about previous jobs, puzzle queries, etc
  • Choose a shift schedule and job location
  • Click on "Select this job" and the review details
  • Click on "Accept Offer" then schedule a Pre-hire appointment
  • Click "Submit application" to finish the application process

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