Apple Customer Service ITunes - Support Guide

Apple iTunes Customer Service

Apple iTunes Customer Service is a service support center through which customers can avail help regarding the iTunes purchases, billing, payment and Apple music. For more inquiries and questions, contact at the given means:

  • Apple iTunes Customer Service Number for USA: US customers can avail support regarding the Apple iTunes app, orders, bills and payments by contacting at 800–275–2273
  • Apple iTunes Customer Service Canada: Canadians users can reach out to the support team of Apple iTunes via making a call at 1-800-263-3394 or dial 647-943-4400 . For walk-in services and support, visit at Apple Canada Inc., 120 Bremner Boulevard, Suite 1600, Toronto, ON M5J 0A8.
  • Apple iTunes Customer Service Australia: Users belong to Australia can seek help regarding the Apple services and apps including iTunes through a call at (61) 1-300-321-456
  • Apple iTunes Customer Service UK: To attain help regarding Apple iTunes and other apps operating in UK, call at 0800 107 6285
  • Apple Cash and In-Person Payments: For billing subscription payment, call at 1-877-233-8552
  • Apple iTunes Customer Service Malaysia: Need support in Malaysia or having questions about Apple music services, bills and subscriptions, call at 1-800 803 638
  • Apple iTunes Customer Service Hours: The service store/support is available on 24/7 for the online users and for walk-in services, timings is in between Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Corporate Office Address: For walk-in services and support, visit at Apple, One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014. For appointments or service schedules, dial (408) 996–1010 .
  • Technical Support: Seek help regarding the technical inquiries, call at 800–275–2273

Apple iTunes Customer Service Refund

Customers can request for a refund through the following steps:

  • Sign In: Customers need to login into "" with their Apple ID.
  • Refund Request: After making login, customers need click on the option "I'd like to" > tap "request a refund" and then select the reason of refund and tap the option "Next".
  • Select App Or Service: After that customers need to select the refund app, service or product and then hit the option "Submit". Customers can also cancel their subscription via the same steps.

Reasons for Not Accepting your Refunds

  • If charge status is pending, you can request for refunds.
  • You cannot ask for refunds if your order is unpaid. Once your payment is received, you can send your refund request.
  • If the family members' purchase charges are unpaid, you cannot request for refunds.

How to Check the Status of a Refund Request?

Customers can visit "" and login with their Apple ID. Then, click the option of "status of claims" and then click on the "pending option", the status of your request will appear on your screen. If there is nothing under the option of "status of claims", it means there is no pending refund request of yours.

When Will User Get the Money Back?

For approved refund requests, the refund amount is paid into the same way as the customer has used to purchase it. Refunds appear on the customer's account or statement during the given hours and days:
Store Credit: In store Apple credit accounts, it takes 48 hours to make refunds possible.
Mobile Phone Billing: After 60 days, customer's Apple account statement get updated with the refund amount. Delay in processing times might be occurred by the service carrier. For updates, contact the carrier directly.
All Other Payment Methods: Other payment modes can get money back update after 30 days of the request. After a month, if the user do not get refund amount, then contact their financial institution.

Apple iTunes Customer Service Live Person

Apple iTunes customer service live person/chat offers 24/7 support to customers regarding the following issues or problems including:
  • Buying and purchasing subscription issues
  • Claims or issues about the bills or payments
  • Technical errors and problems
  • Reporting issues with Apple Music & iTune player
  • Issues with Import & Export music files
  • Problems with the management of library & content
  • Problems with Syncing iTunes
  • Issues in scheduling call back
  • Email request errors
  • Refund and purchase membership issues
  • Orders and cancellation issues

Apple iTunes Support Numbers

Apple iTunes ServicesSupport Numbers
iTunes Customer Support 800–692–7753
iTunes Billing Support (800–692–7753
iTunes Gift Card Support 800-275-2273
iTunes Purchase Customer Service 800–692–7753
iTunes/App Store 800–692–7753
iTunes Card Payment Frauds/Scams 877-382-4357 / 855-411-2372
iTunes Connect Support 800–692–7753
iTunes Match 800–275–2273
iTunes Support WW 800–275–2273
Apple iTunes Support Singapore 800-186-1087 (Within Singapore)/ (65) 6972-51711 (Outside)
Apple Accessibility Support 1-877-204-3930 (US)/
Apple iTunes 24 Hours 800–692–7753
Apple Pay Customer Service 800–692–7753
Apple ITunes - South Africa 0800 444 426
Apple iTunes Dispute 800–692–7753
Apple iTunes Technical Support 800–692–7753

Apple iTunes Login

  • AppleID/Account: for making login, Apple users need to have an account first. for registration, Apple can use their registered email address or Apple ID and a secure password. to create an Apple account or get Apple ID, follow the path or contact at a href="tel:800–692–7753"> 800–692–7753 .
  • Apple iTunes Store Login/Sign In: After registration, customers can login into their Apple account and get access to all online services including shopping, billing, orders, subscriptions, membership, gift card, iCloud, SMS/messages, movies, music, TV and App store. Customers can use their Apple ID and password for making login on PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch.
  • Apple iTunes Store Login Benefits: Through the login portal of Apple iTunes store, customers can avail benefits of purchases, billing, subscriptions of movies, TV shows, music and others. Moreover, Apple users can avail access to App Store and can purchase and download iOS & OSX apps. Customers can register their Apple products and avail AppleCare assistance on 24/7.
  • Find Or Reset Password: Through the login, users can recover or reset their forgot passwords easily.
  • Manage Your Account: It becomes easy for the users to change their Apple ID, password, shipping, delivery and payment details via the login page. Moreover, customers can view or edit their profiles, update personal info like email address, location and others, check payments, bills and transaction history.
  • Orders & Refunds: It becomes easy to make purchases or place orders through the Apple iTunes account. Users can make login and ask for the refunds, cancel subscriptions, claim and track refunds.

Apple iTunes Gift Card

Apple iTunes Gift Card is designed for the purchase of services like billing, subscriptions, music, movies, TV shows and many more. Apple iTunes Gift Card can be used at the Apple store, iTunes store, and other Apple related properties. For more inquiries and questions about the Apple iTunes Gift Card, ask at 800–275–2273 . To report iTunes Gift Card payment frauds or scams, dial 877-382-4357 or call at 855-411-2372 .

Apple iTunes Gift Card Balance

Customers can check their App Store & iTunes gift card balance after redeeming through the given steps:
Check App Store & iTunes Gift Card Balance on IPhone, IPad, Or IPod Touch:
  • Go to the App store and make login with your AppleID.
  • Then click on the profile and the balance of the gift card will appear on your screen. If no amount appears at your screen, it means your balance is zero.

Check App Store & iTunes Gift Card Balance on Mac:
  1. Open App store and sign in with your AppleID.
  2. Click your profile icon or initials and you will get balance details under your name.

Check App Store & ITunes Gift Card Balance on Windows PC:
  • Go to iTunes for Windows and login your account.
  • At the top of iTunes, an option will appear that is "Store", tap on it.
  • After click on the option, your account balance will appear below your profile name.

Apple iTunes Download

Apple iTunes is free for the users to download and use. No monthly or annual charges are meant for the Apple iTunes. Users can download on PC Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Chromebook and other Apple products. Once downloaded Apple iTunes, you can get access to kind of music, movies, TV shows, radio and other Apple services. Customers can purchase music, movies and TV shows at iTunes Store. Customers can save all their purchases in their iTunes library. Apple users can download Apple iTunes for the following:
Apple iTunes Download for Windows 10:

  • Customers can download iTunes for Windows 10 from the Microsoft store.
  • To start download iTunes, go through the official webpage of Microsoft Store and click on "Get in Store App" option.
  • After downloading iTunes and install the service on your Windows.
  • Customers can use iTunes for Windows for saving all media collection at one place. Through iTunes for Windows, users can get access to Apple music, movies and TV shows.

Apple iTunes Download for Chromebook:
Chromebook users can need to enable Linus before downloading Apple iTunes on Chromebook. Then install the Wine App on Chromebook and enable support for 32-bit applications. Then download the Apple iTunes Windows setup and install iTunes on Chromebook and then create a shortcut for iTunes (Optional).

Other Apple iTunes Downloads