Armstrongmywire Pay Bill

Armstrong MyWire offers multiple bill payment options including Online Bill Pay, In-person, Pay by Mail and Automatic Bill Payment. Armstrong MyWire is a cable service provider offers easy access to weather, news, sports, and financial information. The service provider also offers quick access to internet-based email service.

Armstrongmywire Pay Bill Options

1. Automatic Monthly Payments - Checking/Savings Account
2. Automatic Monthly Payments - Debit/Credit Card
3. One-Time Payment - Checking/Savings Account
4. One-Time Payment - Debit/Credit Card
5. Pay by Mail
6. Pay In-Person

Armstrong Pay Bill Online

Steps to Pay Bill Online:

  1. Go to the ""
  2. Navigate to "Pay Bill" and click on it
  3. On billing page click on "Sign In" under "Automatic Monthly Payments"
  4. Enter a "username and password" or "create an account"
  5. After Login choose a payment method like (saving account, checking account, debit and credit card)
  6. Enter payment details and click on "Submit"
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the payment process

Armstrong Internet Bill Pay Phone Number

For questions regarding payments, stops, etc.

Armstrongmywire Packages

  • Visit the ""
  • Navigate to "TV and Movies"
  • Click on "TV schedules"
  • Enter a local "Zip Code" to check TV packages available for the area

Pay Armstrong Cable Bill

Armstrong Cable offers programs, sports, news and entertainment services. The service provider accepts bill payment through multiple channels. Use the below mentioned payment channels to pay monthly bills.

Pay My Armstrong Bill Online

Go to the Armstrong web portal ( and click on "pay bill" option to access the online bill payment service.

Pay by Mail

Subscribers can Mail a "pay check or money order" to below mentioned payment addresses.

AUI Customers

P.O. Box 37749, Philadelphia PA 19101-5049 USA.

ATC Customers

P.O. Box 37750, Philadelphia PA 19101-5050 USA.

ATI Customers

Armstrong Telecommunications Inc.
P.O. Box 645713, Pittsburgh PA 15264-5255 USA.

Pay Bills In-person

Armstrong cable provider accepts bill payment at the local stores. Use the store locator service by browsing "" and find a nearby store to pay bills in-person.

Armstrong Pay Per View

Order Pay-Per-View with Armstrong Remote

  1. Press the "Menu button" on Armstrong remote control
  2. Select the "Pay-Per-View icon" from the "Quick Menu" at the bottom of screen
  3. Select "Pay-Per-View Events" and select the event like to order
  4. Select the "Buy icon" and "Press Exit" to return to Live TV

Order Pay-Per-View by Phone


Contact by Scan

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