Bex.Net Mail Service Portal - Complete Webmail Access Guide & Service Numbers

Bex.Net Mail Service Portal - Help Center is the personal webmail service offered by the Buckeye Broadband to internet customers. The services contain features like spam filtering, malware protection and mobile apps for android and iOS.
  • Mail Service & Support: Get in touch with the service department for support at 419.742.4209 or dial 1.419.742.4092
  • Mailing Address: Write concerns and inquiries about the " webmail email service at "Buckeye Broadband, 2700 Oregon Rd, Northwood, Ohio 43619 or at Buckeye Broadband, 774 Crossings Rd, Sandusky, Ohio 44870"

Bex net Email Account Support Email Account Support: Call at 419.724.9800 to get in touch with the customer service representatives and avail assistance related to the Email Login or registration.
To access with email account, follow the given steps
1. Visit ""
2. On the login screen enter full email address as username and password associated with the account.
3. Click on the "Sign In" option to begin email account access.

How to Sign Out from Webmail System?

To sign out from the webmail system
1. Go to “your name” option in the profile.
2. Click on the drop drown menu available at upper right hand corner of the system.
3. Click on "Sign Out".

Sending Mail through Bex.Net Webmail

Users can send mail/email to a family member, friend or colleague through "" mail service by following mentioned details.
1. Login to the account with the "username and password".
2. Navigate to the left bar and click on "Compose"
3. Type "recipient’s email address" or select the contact from the "auto-complete list".
4. If required click on CC and BCC link on the right in order to display "CC & BCC fields" (optional).
5. Fill out the "Subject Field" with brief description regarding the email.
6. Start typing or composing message in the email body.
7. Click on the "Send Button" in order to send the email. Email Account Settings Email Setting for Outlook

Setup " mail" for outlook follows the given instructions
1. Open Outlook and click on the "Tools"
2. Under "Tools" click on the "Email Accounts" (It may display settings as well).
3. Select the "Add a new email account" option and click on "next"
4. Select the "IMAP" and click "Next".
5. Fill out the all fields with the information regarding
1. Display Name & Email address.
2. Username " Full E-Mail Address" and password "r E-Mail Password".
3. Enter " or" for "Incoming mail server" and " or" for "Outgoing mail server".
4. Click on "More Settings".
5. Click "Next" then "Finish"

Buckeye Express/ Email Server Settings

Instructions for buckeye Express/ email server settings are mentioned below.
  • For POP Protocol: Username will be the "full Express email address" (i.e. or and password will be "Express email account password
  • Incoming Mail Server or (
  • Outgoing Mail Server or (
For further details on IMAP and SMTP Email Settings visit

Bex Net Buckeye Broadband Account Access Support

Access the webmail login through "myBuckeye" use mentioned steps.
1. Visit
2. Click on the "myBuckeye Sign In" from the right corner.
3. Enter Email address and password in the login section.
4. Click on "Sign On" button to login. WebMail Registration Help

For any assistance related to the registration users from NW Ohio/SE Michigan can call to 1.419.742.4270 and users from Erie County can contact at 1.419.742.4092 .
1.Visit ""
2. Fill out the user registration form with the details like name, account number, mobile number, etc.
3. Click on the "Continue" and follow the instructions to complete registration.

How To Get Email Domain Support?

For support related to the " Email Domain" contact support team at 1.419.742.4270 or 1.419.742.4092

How to Resolve Express Email Problems

Resolve the or Buckeye Express email outage problems contact at 1.419.742.4270 or 1.419.742.4270 to get concerned assistance.

Https Mail Buckeye Express com App - Help Guide

For any inquiries about the Mail Buckeye Express com App contact at 419.724.9800 . Access the "Mail Buckeye Express com App" online visit "" and enter email address and password to Sign in the account.

What are the Features of the Buckeye Broadband Email App?

The Email App is designed with the flexible and responsive features to make the email reading and writing easy and fast using any device or platforms. The app provides flexibility to access personal and business emails, calendars, and etc. The app can be downloaded from "Google Play store"

Buckeye Broadband Email Android App

1. Download the App from the "Google Play store" fir android devices.
2. Open the App and go to the top left corner of navigation Bar to Tap "3 dash Nav Icon" for options.
3. Go to the Bottom of the Navigation bar and tap "Gear icon" for "setting"
4. Click on "Mail" and go the top of the bar to tap "notifications".
5. Click on the "radio button" to allow notifications to display.
For Detailed information about the settings click Email Android App or visit

Buckeye Broadband Email IOS App

Get full details about using "Buckeye Broadband Email IOS App" visit or call to 419.724.9800

Settings to Activate Notifications

1. Open App and go to the left corner of the "Navigation bar" to open menu.
2. Tap on the "Gear" from the side bottom menu.
3. Open "settings" to tap "Mail".
4. Tap on the "Notifications" displayed on the screen and click on the "Allow Notifications" slider to enable feature.
5. Confirm sound notifications on the phone by clicking "enable"
6. Enable "Specific sound" for the senders by "enabling switch".

Bex.Net Mail Advanced Business IT Support

The advanced business IT support for mail includes.
1. Complete IT network set up and management support.
2. Fast response to the issue through remote and on-site options.
3. 24/7 monitoring is offered to endure business security.
4. One stop solutions to all business technology requirements.
5. Variety of business services and managed network are provided.