Bill Of Sale Alberta

Bill of Sale Alberta is a document used in buying and selling a vehicle in a private sale. The standard bill of sale contains information about the vehicle buyer and seller. Consumers can call at 780-427-4088 or use the Toll-free helpline 1-877-427-4088 to seek assistance from the service center.

Bill of Sale Alberta AMA Service Contact

To seek support call at the below mentioned.
Roadside Assistance 24-Hour Service Number: 1-800-222-4357
General enquiries Support: 1-800-615-5897
Claims Service (24 Hours): 1-888-426-2444
Media Support: 1-888-960-6397
Travel General inquiries: 1-888-799-1522
Emergency Assistance: 1-877-989-8432
Registries General inquiries: 1-866-989-6370
Other Member inquiries: 1-800-222-6400
Driver Education Assistance: 1-833-374-8733

Bill of Sale Form Alberta PDF

Consumers can get the PDF file of the bill of sale to print and fill out with all the necessary information.

What is Included in the Vehicle Bill of Sale

The vehicle bill of sale contains three sections. Consumers need to fill the relevant details in each section to present the document for vehicle registration or transfer of ownership. The information needed to enter includes the following items.
Section 1: In this section sellers’ information must be filled like name, address, contact, state and personal identification number e.g. driving licenses or ID number. Vehicle information should be also included like vehicle types, make year, model number, Vehicle Identification Number and body color. Apart from this buyer’s information should also be included in this section. Mention the amount for which vehicle was sold in the relevant column.
Section 2: Under this section both buyers and seller signatures are included with date and place.
Section 3: Mention special conditions in the section. Mention the payment terms, vehicle insurance and loan details.

How to Write a Bill of Sale in Alberta Canada

  1. Get the Printed form of the Bill of sale.
  2. Enter all relevant information as asked in the form.
  3. Complete the section 1 and 2 in all respect to make the Bill of Sale acceptable for vehicle registration.
  4. Section 3 on the back of form is optional in nature.
  5. Complete two copies of the Bill of sale. Buyer must keep the original and the seller keeps the copy of the form.

Is a Bill of Sale Public Record

The vehicle Bill of sale is a simple record that testifies that the sale transaction occurred has occurred between a buyer and seller.

Bill of Sale Alberta for Equipment Support

The Equipment Bill of Sale is a document required to register sale and purchase of any valuable equipment. The equipment that requires the Bill of sale are mentioned below:
Office Tools and Machinery: The office use tolls like printers, projectors, desks and computers.
Kitchen Equipment: This category includes appliances, knife sets, quality and specialty cookware.
Entertainment Equipment: Devices used for music and entertainment like Sound systems, lights, stages, musical instruments, and displays.
General & Home Use: Gardening and hose use equipment like lawnmowers, ladders, snow blowers, tool sets, etc.

Bill of Sale Alberta Crossfield - Service Contact

Crossfield is an agency that works on behalf of Alberta government. The agency is authorized to render various services related to transportation and vehicle servicing. The agency offers assistance vehicle registration, licenses, buying and selling vehicles. The main services offered by the agency include the following:
  • Motor Vehicle Transactions
  • Driver Testing
  • Personal Property Services
  • Land Titles Searches
  • Vital Statistics Services, Including Marriage Licenses
  • Commissioner for Oaths

How to Contact Crossfield Agency

Crossfield Registry Support: Call at (403) 946-0261 to seek all needed assistance regarding register.
Crossfield Insurance Assistance: (403) 946-4980
Text Us: (403) 815-4091
Crossfield Agencies Service: (403) 369-1791
Report a Claim: To report a claim call at 403-946-4980 .
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Bill of Sale Alberta Vehicle

Seek support regarding vehicle bill of sale by calling at (403) 369-1791 . Visit the online standard bill of sale page to claim all needed help.

Bill of Sale Alberta Auto

Get all details and information about the Bill of sale Alberta Auto online. Dial (403) 369-1791 for direct support.

Bill of Sale for Mobile Home in Alberta Canada Support

Bill of sale for mobile homes is a legal document used at the time of sale and purchase of manufactured home (mobile home) in Alberta. Both buyer and seller must sign a notarized bill of sale agreement to record the sale and purchase of a mobile home. Buyers need to deposit a security amount for inspection. After inspection of mobile home is conducted the sale and purchase may go ahead.
What Information in Needed for Bill of Sale for Mobile Home?
  1. Mobile home description, including VIN, serial number, make, model, and year.
  2. Buyer and seller names, addresses and contact information.
  3. Negotiate the Terms and buyer’s inspection details
  4. Sale date and agreement on closing date.
  5. Sale price, including any taxes and payment proofs.
  6. Sale conditions and terms, including warranties or status.
Note: Get the PDF file of Bill of sale for Mobile homes. For direct assistance call the support center at 1-877-427-4088 .

Horse Bill of Sale Alberta Assistance

The Horse bill of sale is an agreement between the two parties to sell and buy a horse in Alberta. The sale form contains details like right of first refusal, a payment plan, or a delivery agreement. The Horse bill of sale contains items like mentioned below:
  • Parties Information: All personal and contact information of a buyer and seller.
  • Horse Information: Under this section give details about horse like age, breed, sex, registration number, color and marking.
  • Purchase Price: Mentioned the total purchase price in this column.
  • Warranty on Pedigree or Registration: A seller must warranty the buyer about the breed of horse and registration in this agreement.
  • Health Warranty: Seller must warranty regarding health of horse in the Bill of sale document.
  • Agree Terms and Condition: Both the parties must agree of all terms and conditions of the bill of sale document before a notary officer.

Lost Bill of Sale Alberta

In order to report loss of Bill of sale in Alberta, contact the Department of transport at 780-427-7013 . The service helpline remains open 8:15:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays).

Bill of Sale Alberta Travel Trailer/RV Service Support

Recreational vehicle (RV) or Travel trailer bill of sale is an agreement of transaction between a seller and buyer. The Bill of sale is important to record transaction of RV for cash or trade. The bill of sale must be complete with the follow details.
1. In the title section enters the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
2. Both seller and buyer must agree-upon price to be paid for the RV.
3. Set terms and condition for inspection required.
4. Buyer must make a payment or security deposit for inspection if required.
5. Both parties must sign the agreement in the presence of a notary public or witness.
Types of RV’s: The bill of sale is required in the sale and purchase of Motorhomes, Campers, Travel Trailers, etc.
Bill of Sale: The document is essential to transfer the title of the vehicle and show proof of ownership. This document is required in most of the sates for registration of vehicle. Consumers can call the Alberta Transportation department at 1-877-427-4088 to ask for help.

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