Boeing Employee And Retirement Benefits - Assistance Guide

Boeing Retirement Service Center: 1-833-787-2772
Boeing's Retirement benefits are designed to help retirees have a great life in retirement. The Boeing Company offers a 401(k) Retirement Plan, that helps employees to enjoy a great retirement. The advantage of a Retirement Plan include:
  • Employee can select from a range of investment options including index funds connected to retirement date
  • If the employee maintains a balance in the plan, the employee can work with retirement as well as financial advisors at no additional cost
  • Employees are 100 percent vested in the Company’s contributions
  • Health and Well Being Benefits

Boeing Retirement Benefits Center

Boeing Retirement Service Center: 100 N Riverside Plz, Chicago, IL 60606-1501 USA.
Boeing Retirement Service Center offers retirement benefit support to Boeing employees. The center offers help regarding retirement plans, pensions as well as other benefits. Retirees can manage benefits by contacting the benefit center. Apart from this center also offers support for retirement saving plans.

Boeing Retirement Benefits Login

If retired in 2011 or after, log into Worklife at
If retired before 2011, log in at

Boeing Retirement Benefits Website

Boeing Retirement Benefits Website is a one-stop destination for all retirement benefits and queries including Financial and Retirement Benefits, Health and Well Being Benefits, and Community.

Boeing Retirement Benefits Address Change Form

Former Boeing or Subsidiary Employees Who Left the Company Since Jan. 1, 2011

For a former Boeing or subsidiary employee, can update the address with the Boeing Company Worklife at Terminated employees unable to access Worklife contact EHD at (888) 469-0911 or (425) 234-0911. The former employees also needs to update addresses directly with the Benefit Suppliers.
Former Boeing or subsidiary* employees who left the Company before Jan. 1, 2011; Beneficiaries/QDRO or other recipients of benefits after retirement:

Former Boeing or Subsidiary Employee Who Has Left the Company Before Jan. 1, 2011

Update the address directly with the Benefit Suppliers. If having any questions, please contact Worklife at 1-866-473-2016.

Boeing Retiree Health Benefits

Boeing offers comprehensive health benefits to protect Boeing retirees as well as families.
  • Retirees get preventive care services at little or no cost
  • Doctor visits, surgery as well as hospital care
  • Prescription drugs, having retail and mail-order options available
  • Substance abuse and behavioral health services
  • Vision care for routine eye examinations, glasses as well as for contacts

Boeing Retirement Savings Plan

Boeing Company 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan will match the employee's contributions on the first 10 percent of base and for incentive pay that non-union employees contribute to 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan.

Boeing Retirement Plan Terms of Withdrawal

Employee can withdraw pretax and Roth contributions which are elective deferrals, only for one of the following reasons mentioned below— and only if the plan allows the withdrawal:
  • Attained the age of 59½ and become disabled
  • Another reason is distribution is a qualified reservist distribution
  • Retiree incur a hardship like a hardship withdrawal
Hardship withdrawals can be done only if retirees have an immediate as well as heavy financial need.

Boeing Retirement Plan Changes

Boeing has recently announced that Fidelity is the new service provider for Boeing retirement benefits, including the other plan such as Boeing 401K, and Executive SSP nonqualified retirement plans.

Boeing Employee Benefits Package

call the Boeing Benefits Service Center at 866-422-3539

Boeing Retirement Plan Administrator

(888) 469-0911
(425) 234-0911

Boeing Retirement Life Insurance

Boeing offers life insurance that covers accidental death, business travel accident insurance at no cost

Boeing Company Employee Benefits

866-422-3539 call to know the Boeing Company Employee Benefits

Boeing Australia Employee Benefits

Boeing Australia offers salary packaging, study assistance, performance incentives, health as well as well-being programs, and flexible working options

Boeing Employee Medical (Health) Benefits

Preventive care services, surgery and hospital care, Prescription drugs, etc

Boeing UK Employee Benefits

Competitive base pay including annual performance incentives as well as recognition programs, individual BUPA healthcare

Boeing Employee Benefit Plans Committee