Boi2 Amazon Fulfillment Center

5319 E Franklin Rd, Nampa, ID 83687, United States
(208) 466-2647
Boi2:00 a.m.azon Fulfillment Center located at Nampa in Idaho USA picks, packs and ships order to consumers. The Amazon Fulfillment center works inside a Wearhouse to pack and deliver products to consumers. The business partners of Amazon send products to a Wearhouse and the Fulfillment center delivers orders to consumers. Boi2:00 a.m.azon Fulfillment Center also offers help regarding return and refund queries.

Boi2:00 a.m.azon Address

5319 E Franklin Rd, Nampa, ID 83687, USA

Boi2:00 a.m.azon Fulfillment Center Phone Number

(208) 466-2647

Boi2:00 a.m.azon Fulfillment Center Nampa ID

5319 E Franklin Rd, Nampa, ID 83687, United States

Amazon Warehouse Boise Idaho Phone Number

1 (888) 280-4331
2201 Freight St, Boise, ID 83716, United States

Boi2:00 a.m.azon Recruiting Center

5319 E Franklin Rd, Nampa, Idaho 83687, USA
The Amazon Recruiting center is responsible for hiring new human resource for different positions. The center remains open 24x7 to answer queries of job applicants.

Employment Resource Center

(888) 892-7180 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Amazon Courier Partners

Amazon Fulfillment center deliver packages and parcels with the help of courier partners. Use the below contacts to connect with Amazon Courier partners.



U.S. Postal Service




DHL Express


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