Carmax Warranty Phone Number

(800) 519-1511
(661) 282-3016
(225) 663-7292
CarMax is one of the biggest used-car retailers in the U.S. Aside from purchasing a car from CarMax, customers can also purchase extended warranty coverage MaxCare. If the customer is having any trouble with the car and would like to claim a car warranty contact above mentioned details.

Carmax Extended Warranty Phone Number

MaxCare is an optional extended service. MaxCare provides repair coverage beyond the CarMax limited warranty. MaxCare covers the car’s major systems, including the engine, transmission, suspension, drivetrain, steering electronics, electrical, cooling, and climate control.

Carmax Maxcare Contact Number

Carmax Extended Warranty Claims Phone Number

To claim Carmax Extended Warranty MaxCare visit any ASE-certified facility in the U.S. or Canada. In case customers don't know which shop to go to or what warranty covers, contact CarMax on the above number or fill out the online form on

Carmax CNA Warranty Phone Number

CNA is the leading provider of vehicle service contracts, and limited warranties. CNA works with selected auto dealers to administer certified used car programs that offer short-term warranty coverage of the used cars.

Carmax Warranty 800 Number

(800) 925-3612

Carmax Fidelity Warranty Phone Number


Carmax Warranty Department Phone Number

( 800) 519-1511

Carmax Warranty Phone Number Claims


Carmax Assurant Warranty Phone Number

866.553. 3239

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