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Cigna Providers support is meant for health care professional. Providers can get access to medical, pharmacy, behavioral health and dental services.
  • Cigna Health Care Providers(HCP) Support for USA: Contact at 1 800 591 26 50 or dial 1866 428 39 35 to connect with Cigna support team.
  • Cigna Health Care Providers(HCP) Australia: Australian providers can ask for the support by calling at 0011800 82 62 73 32
  • Cigna Global Health Benefits: Call at +1.305.908.9211 or send a fax at +1.305.908.9091. Providers can send written appeals and queries via postal mail at "Cigna, P.O Box 451989, Sunrise, Florida 33345, USA".
  • Send emails at
  • HCP Issues and Queries: Dial 1.800.981.9114 to seek help about Cigna HCP.
  • Check Claims Status & Reconciliation: Call at +1 305 908 9211 to check the status of claims and reconciliations.
  • Invoices & Bills inquiries:Send billing queries via email at

Cigna Providers Behavioral Health

Cigna Providers Behavioral Health is a resource tools by Cigna Health, Inc. Through the online resource, health care providers can get access to all online services and solutions related to medical and behavioral health. Providers can avail access to the following services:
  • Access to verify health benefits.
  • Check eligibility
  • Track or check status of claims
  • Send requests of authorization
  • Claim appeals of re-appeals
  • Review reimbursement and payment schedules of clinics
  • Access to make online transactions and bill payments.
For assistance, contact at the given means:
  • Behavioral Health Service Support: 1 (800) 926-2273
  • Website Access Manager: 888.736.7499
  • Provider Relations Email
  • Address Support: Ever north Behavioral Health, Attn: Provider Relations, 6625 W 78th Street, Suite 100, Bloomington, MN 55439
  • 860.847.5207
  • Behavioral Health Network Credentialing Support: 1 (800) (882-4462)/

Cigna Dental Providers

Dental service providers can avail access to all online services and facilities of Cigna Health Care including checking the eligibility, review plans, claims, payments and other health related services and solutions through the Dental Provider portal. Questions about the Cigna Dental solutions and services, providers can reach out to the Cigna Dental Professional Relations department by calling at 1.800.882.4462. Dental professionals can avail help regarding the enrollment in network, adding or removing an associate from the active contract via an email at For latest subscriptions and notifications of Cigna Dental, email at
  • Patient Eligibility and Benefits: 1.800.244.6224
  • Claims & Payments: 1.800.244.6224
  • Dental Office Updates: 1.800.882.4462
  • Escalated Claims Only:
  • Application Status:
  • Re-credentialing Applications and inquiries: 1.855.629.8584 /
  • Mailing Address: Mail at Cigna Companies, PO Box 9072, Denison, TX 75020.

Cigna Vision Providers

Cigna Vision Providers is a portal through which eye and vision care professionals get access to all medical policies, plans, health care solutions, and payments. Cigna eye & vision providers can avail help regarding the Cigna vision plans and coverage policies by making direct call at:
Customer Service Support: 877.478.7557
Monday to Saturday: 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time
Sunday: Closed
TTY/TDD: 800.428.4833

Cigna Healthspring for Providers

Cigna Healthspring Login platform offers 24/7 access to the providers for the following services and programs including:
  • Access to verify the PCP and eligibility.
  • Access to appeals or claims.
  • Check the status of submitted claims and authorizations.
  • Print out the copies of payment explanations.
Cigna Healthspring Providers can reach out to the Cigna Healthspring Professional Relations Department via contacting at the given means:
  • HSConnect Help Desk: 1-866-952-7596 /
  • Service Coordination: 1-877-725-2688
  • To Request Prior Authorization (PA): 800.230.6138
  • Claims Status, Benefit, Eligibility, Authorizations and PCP: 1-877-653-0331
  • Timings: Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Time
  • Automated Eligibility Verification: 1-866-467-3126
  • Member Services: 1-877-653-0327
  • For Demographic and Ownership Changes:
  • PAYMENT DISPUTE FORM Mail Address: Attention: Cigna-HealthSpring, Payment Dispute Unit, P.O. BOX 211088, Bedford, TX 76095 /
  • Maximus (Medicaid Enrollment): 1-800-964-2777

Cigna Medicare/Supplement Login for Providers

Cigna Medicare/Supplement Login portal help providers to get access to claim appeals, eligibility, co-payments, authorizations, benefits and other programs. Through the login portal, providers can get 24/7 access to all Medicare advantage plans and supplement policies of Cigna. For more support, contact at:

Cigna Provider Benefits Envoy

Cigna Envoy Provider gives you access to the following services and programs of healthcare.
  • Helps provider to manage profiles, policies, plans and other healthcare programs.
  • Avail access to policy documents and ID cards offered by Cigna.
  • Attain 24/7 access to all resources and tools of healthcare and wellness.
  • Check and track the status of submitted claims.
  • 24/7 support from the professional team of Cigna.
For questions and queries, call at:
Login Support: +1 305 908 9211
Benefits Toll Free Number: 1.800.441.2668
Mail Address: Cigna, P.O Box 451989, Sunrise, Florida 33345 USA

Cigna Provider UK Support

Cigna providers located in UK can get 24/7 access to all online services including accounts, billing, payments, invoices, schedules, eligibility, plans, policies, and many more. Through the Cigna Provider Login portal, it becomes easy for the health professionals to manage the online healthcare services and authorizations. For more assistance reach out to the support team of Cigna UK at:
  • Login Email:
  • Provider Affairs Mailing Address: Provider Affairs, Cigna HealthCare Benefits, 1 Knowe Road, Greenock, Scotland PA15 4RJ.

Cigna Provider Login Eligibility & Registration

To check eligibility and avail support about the registration/enrollment, service providers need to contact the Cigna at the given numbers:

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