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Reports of outage issues by business consumers of Cox can be made at 1-866-272-5777. Internet, cable TV, and phone network services are provided to customers by Cox Communication. These services are available to both domestic and business consumers. Assistance is assured by the service provider through various means. Technical assistance is provided to customers during outage periods. Reporting of outage issues in specific areas is facilitated by Cox Communication, and support is given to resolve these issues. The service support team of Cox can be contacted 24x7 at 1-866-272-5777.

Different Types of Cox Business Outages

Internet Outage: This type of outage indicates a complete shutdown of internet supply or a "can't access the internet" message on the computer monitor. Causes of internet outage include censorship, cyber-attacks, severe natural disasters, security actions, and unplanned errors.
Cox Cable TV Outage: This outage occurs due to natural or artificial causes, resulting in a no signal message on the TV setup box.
Cox Cell Outages: These outages are temporary or permanent conditions in which phone signals are terminated, possibly due to signal problems, network errors, etc.
Cox Wireless Internet Outages: Congestion, cyber-attacks, and other issues cause these wireless outages.

What are the Reasons for Cox Outage?

The service outage is caused by various factors or events. The common reasons for Cox Business outage are mentioned below:
  1. Natural calamities like tsunamis, storm, flooding, earthquakes, landslides, etc.
  2. Cyberattacks and Government action.
  3. Power supply problems.
  4. A bad receiving device.
  5. Over congestion of an internet provider

Signs of Cox Business Outage?

Customers experiencing service problems or network error can determine whether there is outage in area or some other issues with the network. To confirm the outage issues loo for the below mentioned signs or signals.
1. There is service outage when a Computer shows no internet access even connected to home Wi-Fi.
2. Reboot modem and router, if the flashing lights don’t go away after a reboot there is outage in the area.
3. Neighborhood has power outages or severe weather.
4. There is outage issue if a TV receiver stops receiving a signal.

Cox Business 800 Number

Call at 866-744-0179 to seek help regarding Cox business service outage.
Cox Business Fiber Outage: Call at 866-744-0179
Cox Business Wi-Fi Outage: Contact at 1-866-272-5777
Cox Business Outage Phoenix: Call at 1-866-272-5777 or Text questions to

How to Report Cox Business Outage to Customer Service Team?

Various contact channels and methods have been devised by Cox Communication to facilitate the reporting of outage issues to the customer service team. The following modes can be utilized by consumers to report an outage.

Report Cox Outage Via Text

The outage issue can be reported via text message by customers. Text messages can be sent to 36009 24/7. Registration for outage alerts is allowed by the service provider. Outage alerts provide information about possible outages and wait times for service restoration. To request outage alerts on mobile, send a text to UPDATE to 269898. To stop receiving alerts on mobile, send a message to STOP to 269898.

Report Via Phone

Assistance regarding outage issues can be requested by calling the customer support team at 1-866-272-5777. Help from a technician can also be sought by calling 1-877-891-2899.

Report Outage Via Online

Outage issues can be reported online by visiting the official web portal at "". On the home page, click on "MyAccount" and log in with a "UserID and Password". The Cox MyAccount App can also be used to report the outage. The app is available for Android and iOS devices on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

How to Check Cox Outage?

Customers are empowered to check the cox outage and affect areas by using the online web portal. To check the cox outage, follow the below mentioned steps.
  • Visit the Cox official web portal at "".
  • Click on "My account" option on the home page.
  • Enter Login credentials and click "Sign In".
  • Navigate to real-time "SmartHelp update".
  • Check the "My Equipment page" to view outage update.
Note: The "MyAccount" login allows to access the below mentioned information.
1. Check the follow information.
2. Check the status of network.
3. Reset Internet, Voice, and TV equipment.
4. Chat with service support of any concerns 24/7.

Check via Text Alerts

Customers can also check the outage by receiving text alerts on registered mobile numbers. To receive alerts, send text message on UPDATE to 269898. Customers can receive different types on notifications that include the following:
  1. Estimation of repair time needed to restore the service.
  2. Notification regarding the repair time extended or when it ends.
  3. When service is restored, and the outage is resolved.
  4. Notification regarding the time when you enter "Do Not Disturb hours".

Cox Business Outage Map

The cox communication allows to check the outage affected areas by using the Map service. The outage map provides information regarding specific area currently under outage. Customers can enter "zip code" in the search box of map and collect details whether the area is under outage or not. Customers can also track the current status of outage by using the map service. Call at 1-800-234-3993 to seek assistance regarding outage issues directly from customer service representative.

Check the Troubleshoot Tips for Resolving Outage Problem

  • Clear all un-paid bill amount to prevent service outage. The un-paid bills can lead to service termination.
  • Reboot internet modem or rest the TV set receiver.
  • Inspect all types of cables, nods and cords are connected correctly with equipment, devices and walls.
  • Replace the blown out fuses and other circuits.
  • Check the TV receiver and set the input on right signal.
  • Check the cordless phone batteries and replace if needed.

Cox Business Outage Phone Number

Cox communication has set up dedicated helpline channels for business outage. The helpline numbers are meant to connect with service support.
General Helpline: Call at 866-744-0179 to seek help regarding Business outage issues and other concerns.
For Ordering/Questions: Questions related to order and sales of business plans can be addressed at 1-866-456-9944 .
COX Outage Technical Support: In order to claim technical assistance regarding outage call at (877) 269-2778 and ask queries related to technical issues.
Call a Technician: To call a service technician for repair or setting Cox devices call at 1-877-891-2899 .
Bill Pay: To seek help regarding bill payments, add services or update address dial 1-800-234-3993 .
Internet Outage Issue: Consumers can call at 1-877-832-7658 to seek help regarding computer or Internet-related issues, like virus, system crashes, or system updates.
Cox Home Security: To seek help regarding cox home security solutions call at 1-855-766-9812
Cox Business Outage Omaha: Cox store at Omaha can be contacted at (402) 934-7090
COX Outage Toll-free Number:Consumers can also call at the toll-free number (877) 404-2568 to avail assistance regarding outage issues.

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