Dollar General Pay Stub Portal

The Dollar General Pay Stub Portal is utilized for accessing records of salary and wage information by employees and self-employed individuals associated with Dollar General. This portal facilitates electronic access to wage details and enables the tracking of salary records. Employees are able to view and print salary statements and update personal information as needed. Dollar General operates a chain of apparel-related stores.

Dollar General Pay Stub Support


How to Get Pay Stubs from Dollar General?

Steps to Access the Dollar General Pay Stubs

  1. Go to the Dollar General Pay Stub Portal
  2. Enter the Employee ID and Password
  3. Click on "Login" to access the portal
  4. Navigate through the portal resources
  5. Click on "view and Print" salary statement
  6. Users can also save the salary statement

Dollar General HR Number

Call at the given number to seek help regarding employee queries like payroll, pay slips, wages information and benefits.

Dollar General Pay Stub Portal Features

Dollar General Pay Stub Portal provides an easy access to track salary records and wages information online. The pay stub portal involves the following features:

Salary Record and Wages Information

The Pay Stub Portal provides electronic access to employees for tracking salary statements and wages information. The pay stub allows to collect details regarding net earnings, total salary earned, rewards and benefits. The portal is meant for salaried employees and self-employee workers. The pay stub also provides access to saving benefits.

Receive Pay or Other Funds Electronically

The Dollar General pay stub portal allows to receive pay electronically and also accepts other funds. The pay stub enables to check the saving amount and manage employee benefits.

View, Print, and Save Salary Statement

The Dollar General Pay Stub provides an electronic platform to view and print the salary statement. The electronic platform enables to save salary statement and get details of wages.

Easy Access to Pay Slips

The pay stub is also used to view and save the pay slips. Employees can navigate through the wages section and print an electronic pay slip.

Dollar General Pay Stub Portal Login

Dollar General Pay Stub Login provides access to online resources of portal. To get login credentails employees need to register at the portal.

Register for Dollar General Pay Stub Portal

  • Go to the Dollar General Pay Stub Login page
  • Click on "Register Now"
  • Enter Employee ID, Date of Birth and last three digits of social security number
  • Click on "Submit" to continue
  • Follow the prompts to get the login credentials.

Login to Access Dollar General Pay Stub

  1. Visit the Dollar General Pay Stub login page at (
  2. Enter employee ID and password
  3. Click on "Sign In" to login
  4. Click on "Forgot PIN?" to reset the password

Dollar General Corporate Offices

100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN, 37072
(615) 855-4000

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