ERC Amazon Phone Number

(888) 892-7180
800 792 463
+39 02 8295 0296
The Amazon Employee Resource Center (ERC) is an internal support system within Amazon designed to provide assistance and resources for its employees. It serves as a central hub for employees to access various tools, information, and support related to employment at Amazon. The ERC typically offers services in areas such as human resources, benefits, payroll, and general employee inquiries.

Employee Assistance

The ERC serves as a central point of contact for employees to seek assistance and guidance on various work-related matters. ERC can provide support on HR policies, benefits, payroll, and other employee-related inquiries.

Resource Consolidation

The ERC consolidates important resources, information, and tools for employees, making it easier to access relevant information. This centralization can streamline processes and save employees time when searching for information.

Expertise and Guidance

The ERC often has dedicated staff who specialize in various areas, such as HR, benefits, or payroll. These experts can provide guidance and answer questions, ensuring that employees receive accurate and up-to-date information.

Problem Resolution

If an employee encounters an issue or problem, the ERC can help facilitate a resolution. Whether it's resolving a payroll discrepancy, addressing a benefits concern, or navigating a workplace policy, the ERC can offer guidance and support.

Confidentiality and Privacy

The ERC understands the importance of confidentiality when dealing with employee matters. ERC is trained to handle sensitive information securely, ensuring that employee privacy is maintained.

Amazon ERC Phone Number USA

(888) 892-7180
Amazon ERC Phone Number USA serves as a central point of contact for Amazon employees to seek help regarding various employment-related matters, such as HR policies, benefits, payroll, and other work-related inquiries.

Amazon ERC Payroll Phone Number for Employees

(888) 892-7180
800 792 463
+39 02 8295 0296
The Amazon ERC Payroll specifically deals with payroll-related inquiries, to ensure accurate and timely payment of employees, address payroll-related concerns, and provide assistance for various payroll-related processes such as Paycheck and direct deposit inquiries, W-2 forms, tax-related questions, Time and attendance, Payroll system support, General payroll inquiries.

Amazon Warehouse ERC Phone Number


Amazon ERC Phone Number Las Vegas, California, Texas, NJ, Georgia & Illinois

(888) 892-7180

ERC Amazon Phone Number Canada & Ohio


Amazon Employee Account Login

To contact Amazon ERC via Amazon Employee Account follow these steps:
  • Log in to Amazon employee account
  • Visit the Amazon A to Z website
  • On the A to Z homepage, click on the "Help" link located at the top right corner
  • On the Help page, click on the "Contact Us" button
  • Employee will be directed to a new page to choose the type of issue experienced like select "Payroll" or any related category
  • Follow the instructions provided to reach out to Amazon ERC through the preferred contact method


It's important to note that the specific steps and contact information may vary based on location, employment status, and the internal systems used by Amazon at the time.

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