Email CPS - Support Service

Email Service for Child Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Services (CPS) email address is CPS works for the safety and development of children. The service provider offers assistance regarding child welfare, adoption, and related professionals. The main aim is to protect children from neglect and abuse. Call at 1.800.394.3366 between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (ET) to contact a service representative.

How to Report Child Abuse and Neglect -Support

Child Protective Services (CPS) provides multiple means and ways to report the child abuse and neglect. Use the below means to report the abuse.
Report Via Phone: In order to report child neglect or abuse call the national child helpline in USA at 1.800.422.4453. To report immediate and serious danger call 911 .
Email Service CPS:Send emails at related to questions about services, website, or website content, contact. To seek information about library or journal articles send email at
Call Support Specialist: To contact child support specialist call at 1.800.394.3366 between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (ET).
Service Chat Support: Use the Live Chat option to contact a service representative. The chat support is available 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (ET).
Service Address: Send all your mails and letters to below mentioned address.
Child Welfare Information Gateway
"Children's Bureau/ACYF
330 C Street S.W.
Washington, DC 20201".

Can You Email CPS Anonymously

Yes CPS accepts Anonymous emails regarding reporting child neglect and abuse. However Anonymous senders will not receive any confirmation about the report.

CPS Email Online - Service Support

CPS (Chicago public school) offers online email support to student and staff members. Create a login profile to access multiple e-services. Students can use email login for receiving and sending emails. Teachers can avail amenities like district platforms, applications, and Google Workspace services. Call at 773-553-1000 to seek help from the customer service executives. In order to connect with technical support team dial 757-482-5635 .

Setting Up a New User CPS Email Account

To create a new Login account at refer to the below steps:
Go to the "".
  • Click on "New user? Set up your account".
  • Answer all queries on the section 1.
  • Students need to enter claim code i.e. "student ID number".
  • Staff members need to call at (773) 553-3925 to confirm the account.
  • Create your New Password that must contain at least 8 characters in length (one upper case, lower case and number).
  • Re-enter password to "Verify" password and click "Next".
  • Setup security questions and click "next".
  • Verify the account by opening email link and click "save"

CPS Email - Google Assistance

CPS offers access to Google account (Gmail) through OneLogin Portal . The onelogin portal allows students and teachers to access multiple services online. The users can avail services like CPS platforms, applications, and Google Workspace Services.

How to Access CPS Google Account (Gmail)

1. Visit the login portal at "".
2. Enter the "CPS username and password".
3. Select the license agreement to get to the inbox.
4. Click on "Setting" option to access the personal accounts.

Features of CPS Google Account

By login into CPS Google account students and staff members can access the below mentioned services.
Gmail Access: The CPS email login via Google allows to get Gmail access. The services enable to send and receive emails.
Google Drive: Students and staff members will have a storage platform by login into the account.
EPass Payspace: The epass services will be available for both faculty members and students of CPS.
Employee Intranet: By creating a CPS google account employees can use the intranet facility for professional work.

CPS Staff Support

Staff members can login by following the below steps.
1. Visit the CPS school login page .
2. Enter employee number in the field of "All staff usernames"
3. Enter a chosen password in "All staff passwords".
4. Click on "login" to access the account.
Note: In order to seek assistance regarding password recovery or account login call at 757-482-5635

Reporting Support Numbers for Child Abuse and Neglect in USA

Check the below mentioned phone numbers dedicated to report child abuse and neglect. Refer the below table to find state wise contacts to report the child abuse.

StateService Number
Alabama (800-422-4453)
Alaska (800) 478-4444
Arizona (888-767-2445)
Arkansas (800) 482-5964
California (800-422-4453)
Colorado (800-422-4453)
Connecticut 1-800-842-2288
Delaware (800) 292-9582
District of Columbia (202-671-7233)
Florida (800-962-2873)
Georgia (800-422-4453)
Guam (671) 475-2653
Hawaii (808) 832-5300
Idaho (208) 334-5437
Illinois (800) 252-2873
Indiana (800) 800-5556
Iowa (800) 362-2178
Kansas (800) 922-5330
Kentucky 877) 597-2331
Louisiana (855) 452-5437
Maine (800) 452-1999
Maryland (800-422-4453)
Massachusetts (800) 792-5200
Michigan (855) 444-3911
Minnesota (800-422-4453)
Mississippi (800) 222-8000
Missouri (800-422-4453)
Montana (866) 820-5437
Nebraska (800-422-4453)
New Hampshire (603) 271-6562
New Jersey (877) 652-2873
New Mexico (855) 333-7233
New York (800) 342-3720
North Carolina (800-422-4453)
North Dakota (800-422-4453)
Ohio (855) 642-4453
Oklahoma (800) 522-3511
Oregon (800-422-4453
Pennsylvania 800) 932-0313
Puerto Rico (800) 981-8333
Rhode Island (800-742-4453)
South Carolina (800-422-4453)
South Dakota (800-422-4453)
Tennessee (877) 237-0004
Texas (800) 252-5400
Utah 1-855-323-3237
Vermont (800) 649-5285
Virginia 800 552-7096
Washington (800) 562-5624
West Virginia (800) 352-6513
Wisconsin 800-422-4453
Wyoming 800-422-4453

How to Report Child Abuse in Australia

There are various agencies in Australia that works for the rights of children. Check the below mentioned agencies along with contact numbers to report child abuse and neglect.

Contact Child Protect Service in Canada

To report child abuse in Canada call at 1-877-341-3101 . For after hours calls, phone 1-800-341-6868 .