Enterprise Army Email - Help Guide

Enterprise Army Email

  • Enterprise Army Email Help Desk: Dial 1-866-335-ARMY (2769) "Option - 3" to get any assistance related to the "Enterprise Army Email".
  • Enterprise Army DSN (OCONUS): Contact to 312-560-1110 then request to connect 866-335-2769
  • Enterprise Army Email Support: Request support through email at help@us.army.mil

Enterprise Army Email Login

Enterprise Army email is also known as "DoD Enterprise Email" an online email platform designed for the "Department of Defense".

Enterprise Army Email Login With CAC

Steps to login Army enterprise email with CAC are mentioned below.
1. Visit to https://www.us.army.mil/
2. Go to the ‘I Accept’ button" and click on the same.
3. ‘CAC/PIV Login’ button needs to be selected.
4. If requested the "ID certificate" is supposed to select.
(This can be identified with the CAC username)
5. Click "Ok".
6. Type associated "CAC PIN".
7. The system will complete ID certificate validation to let users log on to the "AKO/DKO portal".

How to Know If Login with CAC is Successful?

To know that the CAC login is successful to access the account go to the upper left-hand of the screen to "check Login message" in the browser toolbar. If the Login is successful it will display “Army Knowledge Online (AKO/DKO Username, CAC Session)”.

Enterprise Army Email Not Working

For any support related to the enterprise army email not working contact the helpdesk at 844-770-3737 or login to the "https://esahelp" from the "Army Reserve computer" to sort out email specific problems. Alternatively, drop email to USArmy.leavenworth.cac.mbx.aeas-helpdesk@army.mil to solve the email related issues if not working.

Support For Enterprise Army Email CAC Accounts Only

Reset Password For Enterprise Army Email CAC Accounts Only:
Follow the mentioned steps to reset password for CAC account.
1. Go to the login page of "AKO/DKO account using CAC".
2. Look for menu options and click on ‘Change Password’.
3. Select "Check the box" with ‘Set CAC Only Login?’
4. Go to the ‘Enable CAC-Only Login‘ and click.

Can I Remove CAC-Only Login Requirement?

Yes, one can remove the CAC-Only Login requirement with the following steps.
1. Log on to the AKO/DKO account with CAC account details.
2. Go to the "Menu" and open "My Account".
3. Click on "Change Password"
4. Type a new password and confirm it.
5. Click on the ‘Remove CAC-Only Login‘ button.

Not Able to View Military Records Through CAC Login

If the user is unable to log in to CAC to check military records follow the given steps to access all required documents or records.
1. Visit to https://www.hrc.army.mil/
2. Go to "My Records" and click on the same.
3. Look for the "AKO Login box" to enter the user name and password and click on "login".
4. Select ‘Reserve Record’ and click on it.
5. Click on the "documents" to view information.

What to Do If the Email Storage Limit is Crossed and I Am Not Able to Send Any Email?

If storage limit is crossed the user is advised to give a call to the 866-335-2769 to get information about the "Entitlement Manager" of the service and command. Once the information is availed drop an email to them requesting for "Business Class account". Please note that email upgrade depends on "who you work for".
To find solutions to solve specific email-related issues in detail visit "https://militarycac.com/EEmail.htm".

Steps To Enterprise Army Email 365 Login With Link

To Login Army Email Login or Army 365 Webmail follow the given steps.
1. The first step is to connect the "CAC reader with CAC inserted" on the computer.
2. The System will recognize using "audible ding and icon in the taskbar".
3. Open a fresh browser ( Microsoft Edge or Chrome). Firefox needs to be configured for "ActivClient".
4. Open the link Army 365 Webmail
5. Enter login credentials like "@army.mil email".
6. Select the "SIGN IN WITH CAC/PIV".
7. The prompted screen will appear to select the "AUTHENTICATION certificate".
8. Type the six-digit PIN of the "CAC" to log in.

How to Access Enterprise Army Email With
OWA Webmail Login?

Here are the steps to access email through the "OWA Webmail login".
1. The user must have the "CAC card and a CAC reader".
2. Plug the reader with the "CAC inserted" before the webpage landing.
3. Visit "https://web.mail.mil/owa/" to access the "Army Owa Webmail".
4. If messages like “Certificate error”, ” Security Error” or “site not secure error” will appear simply click on "Continue to OWA mail" to proceed.
5. If the login error persists try to switch or change browsers Microsoft Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.
Note: If still login is not unable just clean "cookies and history" from the browser or close the browser to open new not the "new tab".

Army Enterprise Email Migration PDF

Dial 1-866-335-2769 to avail any assistance related to the "army email migration". Click Email Migration PDF to download the complete email migration process.

Steps for Performing Army Email Migration

1. Users are supposed to complete the "Email Migration Form" with all the required details.
2. For Outtlook visit "https://co.ng.mil/Portals/25/Documents/VDI_Email_Self_Migration_Process.pdf" and for "OWA" visit https://webmail.apps.mil/.
3. Configure the "COARNG" account for army.mil at https://congaccount.co.ngb.army.mil/EmailFix.aspx with all requirements.
4. Create a new Outlook profile with the needed settings.
5. Publish certificates.

Army Enterprise Email Sign In Password Reset

Reset AKO Password

Reset the password for the AKO account using mentioned instructions.
1. Visit https://www.us.army.mil/
2. Go to the ‘I don’t have a CAC/PIV’ tab" and click on it.
3. Now click on the "Reset Password" available just above the "Password box".
4. A fresh window will open to enter "AKO/DKO username" (It must be without the @us.army.mil).
5. The option for specific assistance needs to be selected in accordance with the account.

Resetting Password for the CAC Email Accounts

Please note that CAC needs to be registered with the AKO/DKO account to reset the password with the given option.
1. First click on the "Go" option to log into AKO with the CAC details.
2. Go to the "Upper Left Corner" and click on “My Account”.
3. Select the "Change Password" and click to reset it.

Resetting Password with the Email

The reset link will be sent to the registered email address with the password reset instructions follow them to rest the password. However, if the error is like “401 Not Authorized” then the link might b expired or may be older than 24 hours. Use the fresh link to start again.

Resetting the Password with the Security Questions

Another way to reset the password is to provide answers to the security questions in the same way as they were entered such as capitalization, punctuation, and spacing. Please note that these questions are not the "15 KBA Security Questions".

Resetting Password By Expired Password

The option is only applicable if the password is expired.

Password Resetting Through Text Message

The option works only for the accounts having "cell phone and carrier information" saved in their "AKO Account Settings profile".
1. Go to the "My Account" available in the "upper left corner"
2. Click on the "Account Information".
3. Go to the "profile information section" by scrolling down.
4. Enter cell phone numbers and select the phone carrier provider from the drop-down list.
5. Click to "Submit".

Resetting Password After Sign In

Resetting the password after signing in requires following the given steps.
1. Sign in to the AKO/DKO account.
2. Go to the “My Account tab" to click.
3. Click on the "Change Password".
Please note that military or civilian CAC account holders are supposed to Sign in to the AKO/DKO with "CAC" in order to set the password.

Password Reset for Sponsored Or Retiree Account

Sponsored or retiree account holders can reset their password for a period of "150 days" with any of the methods mentioned above. The account holders are not required to use "CAC" to reset their password.

What If I Cannot Reset the Password?

Please remember that the password can be reset only 5 times after 5 attempts the user will get a red message confirming “You cannot reset your password using this service" in this case user is requested to contact the service desk by dialing at 866-335-2769 or email to help@us.army.mil.

What is Army Enterprise Email Help Desk and Email Address?

The Army enterprise email helpdesk number is 1-866-335-ARMY (2769)"> 1-866-335-ARMY (2769)"> 1-866-335-ARMY (2769) "option 3" and email address is help@us.army.mil

What are Benefits Of DOD Army Enterprise Email

The benefits of using DOD army enterprise email account are mentioned below.
1. Users can access secure email anytime from anywhere through "stationary or mobile".
2. Sharing individual, organizational and resource calendars are possible throughout "DoD enterprise".
3. Eliminates useless administration and ineffective resource allocation resulting in reducing email costs.
4. Makes data replication possible across the "DECCs" to ensure the security of the widely active communications.
5. All messages are protected to access securely.
6. The 3 G's are secured comprising guns, guards, and gates that secure the agency date against several threats.
7. DOD is designed to meet all strategic initiatives and organizational missions.

Standard Army Enterprise Email Features

The service features of using "Standard Army Enterprise Email" are mentioned below.
1. Can be accessed with outlook anywhere at anytime.
2. Offers basic email storage up to 512MB mailbox and for business class up to 4GB mailbox ( archive capable).
3. Provides up to 20MB message size.
4. Email account with secure access.
5. Features like email sanitization & auto-discover are available.
6. The Email account provides benefits like "Cached Exchange Mode and Dod personas".
7. With the email account it is possible to access the "GAL - Global address list" consisting of the contact information of all "DoD CAC users".
8. Mailconect feature lets the user update contact data information of the "DEE GAL within 24 hours" if the change in the data occurs.