EviCore Provider Customer Service

EviCore assures all possible assistance through established contact channels. Use the below mentioned contact channels to facilitate customers.
  • Provider Customer Service Number: Dial 1.800.918.8924
  • EviCore Address: Visit at 400 Buckwalter Place Blvd., Bluffton, SC 29910
  • Send queries regarding account and related services at portal.support@evicore.com
  • Request Authorization: Call at 1-888-333-9036 to seek all needed assistance regarding authorization
EviCore is a health benefit management Company that offers innovative and evidence-based healthcare plans to members and providers. The service provider helps various types of insurance providers regarding management of medical benefits. Clients can call at 1.800.918.8924 to seek all possible assistance from customer service support. The service vendor support login profile for providers to access numerous online services and amenities.

Benefits of EviCore Provider Account

The login profile allows to avail the below mentioned benefits.
  • Prior Authorization Process: The login profile allows to use the prior authorization process. The process enables to simplify connectivity, real-time decisions, case validation, and simplified clinical surveys
  • Electronic Health Record: Providers with login credentials can access the health records online. The profile also empowers to update information
  • Online Support Service: Customers can access the online support and other services by using the login account
  • Online Educational Resources: Providers can login and access the online educational information and guide tips that are meant to improve the healthcare facilities
  • Clinical Worksheets: Customers can avail benefits of clinical worksheets and other resources
  • Consultation with a Clinical Peer Reviewer: Providers can request a consultation with peer reviewer for clinical assistance
  • Appeal or Reconsideration: Customers can request an appeal or reconsideration for various support services
  • Receive Technical Web Support: Providers can access the technical support from online login profile
    • Evicore.com Provider Service Portal

      Follow the below mentioned steps to login into account.
      • Visit the Evicore.com
      • On the homepage navigate to "Provider" option
      • After selecting provider click on "Login"
      • Enter login credentials and click "Sign In"
      Account Help Contact: For support regarding login account and other account related queries send an email at portal.support@evicore.com Customers can also call at 1.800.918.8924 to seek all possible help.

      Evicore Provider Account Registration Guide

      To register for login account at Evicore provider portal follow the below mentioned instructions.
      • Go to the Evicore web portal at "www.evicore.com"
      • Click on the "Home" menu
      • Select "Providers hub" from the options
      • Under provider’s hub click on "Login"
      • On login page click on "Don't have an account? Register Now"
      • Follow on-screen prompts to complete the registration form
      • Create a username and password and click on "Register"

Evicore Healthcare Provider Account Support

Evicore Healthcare is committed to render all needed support for providers and healthcare institutions. The healthcare service provider serves health plans agents or companies, Self-funded employers and other types of Providers. For general assistance customers can call at 1.800.918.8924 to speak with a service representative.

Evicore Provider Account Support Page

The Account page has various services and support to offer for providers. Providers can avail below mentioned services on the login page.
  • View Clinical Guidelines and Clinical Worksheets
  • Submit a New Prior Authorization
  • Check Status of Existing Prior Authorization
  • Upload Additional Clinical
  • Find Contact Information
  • Request a Consultation with a Clinical Peer Reviewer
  • Request an Appeal or Reconsideration
  • Receive Technical Web Support
  • Check Eligibility Status and Access Claims Portal

Evicore Medsolutions Provider Account Guide

MedSolutions, is a known provider of Medical Benefits Management (MBM) and got merged with Evicore. The service provider is aimed to provide low cost health plans for providers. The healthcare plans help providers to facilitate members. Customers can login into the portal and access numerous services and support. For direct assistance call at 703-722-3062 .

Evicore 360 Provider Account Guide

The 360 provider Account helps to schedule events, check updates and remain updated with various events. The login profile empowers clients to simplify submitting and tracking requests for prior authorization.
Evicore Carecore National Provider Account: CareCore National is now known as eviCore Healthcare. Customers can create a profile and login into account at "https://www.evicore.com/provider".
Wellcare Evicore Provider Account: EviCore is one among the WellCare's largest vendors. The vendor offers medical benefit management services. The service vendor offers management services for various medical plans. Visit the portal at "www.evicore.com".
Cigna Evicore Provider Portal: Visit the Account page for Cigna provider. The Evicore offers medical plans and care management to Cigna members.
Landmark Evicore Provider Account: The landmark platform can be accessed at (http://www.evicore.com/landmark ). The platform is used for verifying eligibility and benefits, Check claim status, Download publications and materials. Customers can also view historical authorization letters for authorizations.
Medicaid Evicore Provider Account Support The Evicore provider login allows to apply for benefits under Medicaid social security programs.

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