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Expedite TV is a service provider of IPTV, a leading US based communication. Expedite TV provides all top listed USA premium and satellite channels and other international channels at affordable plans. Expedite TV provides access to more than 15,000 and 400 movies and TV channels/serials and other entertainment sources. Customers can attain this access at monthly packages or plans which are affordable for all categories of users. Android users across the USA, can also get these services on reasonable plans. Reach out to the support team of the Expedite TV Company by contacting at the given means:
  • Call at 0800 390 9292 to avail support regarding the channels, subscriptions, change plans, payments and app related queries,
  • Customer Email Support: Send general questions, technical concerns and doubts about the Expedite TV channels and plans via an email at support@expediteiptv.net or send a general message at hello@movedo.com.
  • Customers can avail support from the service representatives of Expedite TV on 24/7.
  • For walk-in assistance, visit at "Movedo Constructions, 38 Oatland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 283020".
  • Technical Support: Contact at 0800 390 9292 to avail technical help from the service agents.

Expedite TV Subscription Expired/Renew

Avail support regarding subscription renewal by contacting the service representative at 0800 390 9292 or go through the IPTV guide . Customers need to renew Expedite TV subscriptions if expired. To renew subscriptions, customers have to purchase the monthly/annual package plan of Expedite TV either online or by visiting at the nearby service provider in order to enjoy all services without hassle.

Is Expedite TV Shut Down/Network Errors

No, Expedite TV is working on 24/7 without any shut downs. For errors or issues, customers can contact the support members via an email at support@expediteiptv.net or reach out to nearby service provider for in-person help. Dial 0800 390 9292 for support regarding Expedite TV shut down/network errors.

Expedite TV Replacement

Expedite TV service support agents offer all needed help regarding replacement of IP addresses and renewal of subscriptions. Contact at 0800 390 9292 to seek direct assistance about the service replacement queries.

Expedite TV App

Expedite TV App is an application or resource tool for the users of Android, Tablets, iOS, Laptops, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows, Firestick, PC's and Smart TV's in order to get access to all channels and services. Through the Expedite TV App, customers can enjoy movies, news, kids play, sports, TV serials and other entertainment sources. All features and services of Expedite TV can attain through the App. Customers can easily get this Expedite TV App from the Google Play-Store and App store. To know more about the app downloading and installation, follow the given steps:

How to Install Expedite TV on Android/Tablet?

  • First open a "browser" on Android phones/tablets.
  • Then type manually "Expedite IPTV " in the browser for search out and tap on its official website.
  • Scroll and select "Download Expedite App".
  • Scroll down and hit the option "Download Expedite App" and then file will start to download.
  • After downloading the file, click on the "File Manager" > then tap on the "Downloads" option.
  • Hit the button of "Expedite IPTV apk file" in order to start installation of the app.
  • When installation is completed, open the app and type "Expedite login credentials" like user-ID and password.
  • After making login, users of Android phones/tablets can get access to all channels and services of Expedite TV.
  • New users can choose "Register" option after installation of the App.

How to Download Expedite TV on Firestick?

Firestick users can easily install Expedite TV by using GSE Smart IPTV external player in order to stream the channels. Follow the given steps to install Expedite IPTV on Firestick:
  • Use the searching browser on Firestick and search for Expedite TV App.
  • Complete the downloading and installation process of the app.
  • Then go to the "settings" option of Firestick and tap the "My Fire TV".
  • After that click on the "Developer Options" and go for the "Install Unknown Apps".
  • Then tap the "toggle option" lies under the Downloader and press "enable".
  • After enabling it, users are able to download and install all third-party apps on Firestick.
  • Now, open the "downloader app" and enter on the URL box the file link of Expedite IPTV apk and press the option "Go".
  • After downloading the Expedite IPTV apk file, tap the "Install" option and avail the Expedite IPTV App.
  • Open the Expedite TV App and enter login credentials and enjoy the videos, movies and TV series on Firestick.
Note for PC (Windows and Mac), Smart TV & IOS Devices: Users of PC (Windows and Mac), Smart TV & IOS devices can avail information about the setup and installation of Expedite TV App through the give IPTV guide or by contacting the customer support team at 0800 390 9292

Expedite TV Packages and Prices

To know about the prices and packages of Expedite TV, customers can go through official webpage. Customers can purchase monthly and annual packages and plans of access through online. For more information and assistance, contact at 0800 390 9292 or send an email at support@expediteiptv.net.

Expedite TV Login & Payment

Expedite TV Login is an online tool through which registered users can avail access to all features and services of the IPTV. Customers can use this portal for the following services:
  • Account Management: Customers can avail access to Expedite TV Login for account management services including update profiles, contact details, email address and payment options.
  • Make Payment: Users can avail access to make payments through login portal. Expedite TV allows customers to make payment by using PayPal accounts.
  • Reset/Recover Passwords: Customers can avail access to change or reset passwords through the login portal.
  • Login Support: Customers having any issue with login credentials, call at 0800 390 9292

Expedite Tv.com

Expedite TV is an IPTV service provider and has online portal to assist consumers. "Expedite Tv.com" provides access to online services and support. Users can navigate through channel services, contact support, subscription prices, etc. The online portal also allows to create a personal login profile and access varied services.

Expedite TV Customer Service Number

Expedite TVCustomer Service Phone Numbers
Free Trial 0800 390 9292
Payments 0800 390 9292
Channels 0800 390 9292
Network Errors 0800 390 9292

Is Expedite TV Illegal?

As we know Expedite TV is a popular IPTV service provider of USA, UK and Canada. Most of the IPTV service providers works without any legal license. It is possible for the customers to say that Expedite TV is working legally or illegally. There is no evidence for the users to proof that Expedite TV is illegal. Customers can avail monthly subscription, enjoy Expedite TV channels with a registered VPN. For questions and queries, contact the consumer affairs department of the state.

Expedite TV APK

Expedite TV APK(Android Package Kit) is the file format for the apps and is used on all Android operating systems. APK(Android Package Kit) consists code of the software program including dex files, assets, manifest files, certificates and other resources. Expedite TV APK
helps customers in downloading the Expedite TV App for firesticks, Android phones, Windows and Mac and PC's. Need help regarding the Expedite TV APK, customers can send an email at support@expediteiptv.net or make a direct call at 0800 390 9292

Expedite TV Lawsuit

Customers can reach out to consumers court with all disputes and claims about the Expedite TV if any. For general support or questions about the service packages, network connection, and payments, forward at support@expediteiptv.net or contact at 0800 390 9292 .

Expedite IPTV Features

The main features of Expedite IPTV include:
  • Available in USA, UK & Canada
  • 15000 plus Movies & Premium Channels(6500+)
  • Complete PPV Channels & EPG Source
  • Adult VOD & Channels(+500)
  • Money-back (7-15 Days)
  • 500 plus Series
  • Reliable for all devices.

How to Contact/Submit Expedite TV Ticket?

Users of Expedite TV can submit support tickets in order to claim for the required assistance. To submit the ticket, go through the given steps.
  • Go through the official web portal of the Expedite TV.
  • Tap on the option of "Contact Us".
  • Then type manually and fill all fields of the contact us form.
  • Elaborate matters/issues/concerns in the given "Message box".
  • Users can tap the option of "attachments" in order to send files.
  • Type the verification code and confirm the submission.
  • Finally tap on the "submit" button and forward claims or support tickets.

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