EyeSynergy Provider Service Portal - Customer Service & Account Access Guide

  • EyeSynergy Provider Phone Number: To schedule a training session or register for the services then call at (844) 706-2724
  • Head Office Location: The service office is addressed at 6601 Center Dr W Ste 200, Los Angeles, California, 90045, United States
  • March Vision Care's Phone Number: Contact the concerned care center at (310) 216-2300
  • Having queries or complaints forward to the service office via an email at marchinfo@marchvisioncare.com
  • Contact Us Form: Written queries and requests must be forward via contact us form
EyeSynergy Provider account is an online web portal for eye care professionals. It gives you 24/7 access to eligibility, benefits, claims, and lab information. To get the access follow the steps mentioned below:
  • The first step that the provider needs to do, open the account portal in a browser
  • Then enter the "username and password" or click on "register" option if new to EyeSynergy
  • Existing providers can get access to homepage of the account

EyeSynergy Provider Account Benefits

  • Connect with more Patients: Via the account portal providers gain access to all registered patients, eye health programs and other wellness resources
  • Verification & Electronic Transactions: Providers of EyeSynergy can use this service portal for verifying member eligibility, benefits and in generating confirmation numbers before providing health services. Moreover, the service portal offers access to digital transactions
  • 24/7 Access Support: Providers account access is available on 24/7 and can easily get updates of claims, lab orders and other service status

EyeSynergy Provider Service Portal Complaints and Appeals

MARCH Vision Care is always committed to make sure that both member as well as provider is satisfied with the services and membership plans.
Members: For assistance, the members must be referred to health plan:
  • Complaints: For all concerned complaints reach out to the Provider Relations Department at (844) 706-2724 ext 7573
  • Appeals: Submit all disputes to Provider Dispute Resolution in written form with required documents and send to March Vision Care 6701 Center Drive West, Suite 790 Los Angeles, CA 90045

EyeSynergy Account Support Guide

The EyeSynergy account portal steps are mentioned below
  • Visit the homepage of EyeSynergy account
  • On the homepage choose account
  • For log in provide the username and password

EyeSynergy Account Registration & Eligibility

Eyesynergy is March Vision Care's intuitive, user-friendly online web portal for eye care professionals. EyeSynergy is March Vision Care's 24/7 web-based solution for electronic transactions. Through the EyeSynergy web portal, providers are able to:
  • Verify member eligibility and benefits
  • Generate confirmation numbers for services
  • Submit claims as well as retrieve and complete unfinished claims
  • Obtain detailed claim status including check number and paid
  • Submit and view lab orders

Registration Help Guide

Before accessing providers.eyesynergy.com the first-time users must register. While registration process the user needs to be prepared to enter the tax identification number, office phone number, and Registration number. After the verification, the user will complete the registration process in which the user needs to create a unique user name and password. The first-time user registering for the providers.eyesynergy.com account is assigned the Account Administrator role for that account. Call the Provider Relations Department at (844) 706-2724 to access the unique Registration number

Password Reset Support

As a security feature, the user is asked to renew the password every 60 days.
  • The user can reset expiring password simply by selecting the "change password" link that is in the message banner on the providers.eyesynergy.com home page
  • If in case the password is already expired at that time the providers.eyesynergy.com will automatically redirect them to the password reset page at the time of login
  • The user can also retrieve the forgotten password by clicking the "Forgot Password?" link that is on the sign-in page
  • As an additional feature the user can either call or contact the Account Administrator or call the (310) 216-2300 to have the password reset after five (5) failed log-in attempts