FTCE Service Portal - Service Contacts & Account Access guide

FTCE Service Numbers

Use the below mentioned contact details to contact the Florida teacher certificate examination support center.

  • Telephone Number: Call the Toll-free number at (866) 613-3281 to seek all possible assistance
  • Service Hours: Monday–Friday from 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, excluding holidays
  • Mail Address: FTCE/FELE Customer Service "Evaluation Systems, Pearson, 300 Venture Way, Hadley, MA 01035"
  • Live Chat: Visit the "http://www.fl.nesinc.com/" and click on "Contact us". on contact us page click on "chat now" option that appears on the lower right corner of the page
Florida Teacher Certification examinations (FTCE) is a test for aspiring teachers. The examination is meant to check the pedagogical knowledge and skills of a candidate for teaching jobs.

FTCE Service Portal

FTCE Service Portal/login is supported by the Florida department of education. The department allows aspiring teachers to create a login profile and avail varied services. For login registration related queries call at 866-613-3281 toll free contact for US and Canada. The phone number remains active between 8 a.m.–6 p.m., Mon.– Fri., excluding holidays.

What are the Benefits of FTCE Account?

The FTCE login account empowers to avail multiple services and benefits. The below mentioned services can be accessed.
  • Registering for a Test: The applicants can register themselves for a test to qualify for teaching jobs in the Florida department of education
  • Scheduling a Test Appointment: Teacher applicants can schedule a test appointment by using the login profile
  • Submitting an Online Payment: Candidates can submit online payments for test by using credit, debit, or check card. By login into account track payment status also
  • Changing a Registration: By using the login profile applicants can change the registration for test and also update information
  • Receiving a Refund: By using the login account the candidates can apply for refunds and other benefits
  • Accessing Your Score Report: Candidates can view the score reports and test cards
  • Requesting Duplicate Score Reports: Clients can also request for duplicate score cards and reports
  • Downloading Test Information Guides: The online login account allows to access online services and download the test guide
  • Registering for a Score Verification Session: Clients can register for verification of scores and other verification sessions

FTCE Account Help Guide

Follow the below instructions to login into account.
  1. Go to the FTCE official web portal
  2. Click on "My Account" to access login.
  3. Enter a "username" and "password
  4. Click on "Log in Securely" to get into account
Note: To reset a forgotten password click on "Forgot password" under login page. Username can also be retrieved by using the login page.

FTCE Registration Guide

In order to register or create an account follow the below steps.
  1. Visit the official register or create account page
  2. Click on "Create Account" to visit registration page
  3. Enter a desiring username
  4. Enter a password and re-confirm the password
  5. Answer all needed security questions
  6. Click "Next" to create an account
Register for FTCE Test: In order to register for a test visit the official portal and login. After successful login click on "Register for the FTCE/FELE". Navigate to "Open Registrations" and click "Schedule" to select a test. Choose payment methods and submit the payment.

FTCE Homepage

FTCE homepage contains information about the examination, registration process, contact support and etc. Candidates can check the test schedules, register for test and check scores. Call at (866) 613-3281 for direct assistance from the service representatives.

FTCE Account Assistance Guide

FTCE assures all possible support and assistance to candidates. The test applicants can login for different services and support channels. Check the below login channel to access various resources and services.

FTCE FELE Accounts

FELE (Florida Educational Leadership Examination) by FTCE is meant for candidates who are desiring to apply for school administrator posts. The examination checks knowledge and skills required to become a school administrator in Florida. Visit the FELE account to access the log in account.

Can You Take the FTCE Online

The FTCE and FELE examination are taken on computer at the flexible times and locations chosen by candidates. However, registration is done online at the FTCE web portal at "http://www.fl.nesinc.com/". Candidates are free to schedule a test appointment and select a test center.

FTCE Account Test

Candidates can login into FTCE Account to schedule and register for a test. Applicants can also pay payments by using the credit and debit cards.

FTCE Score Verification

Florida Teacher Certification examinations (FTCE) empowers a candidate to register for score verification at "www.fl.nesinc.com". Applicants can schedule a verification session within 30 days from the score report date.

FTCE Account Channels - Help Guide

Pearson Vue FTCE Account: The Pearson is dedicated to conduct certification examinations for teachers and administrators.
FLDOE FTCE Account: Florida department of education is the main agency to support FTCE examination. Candidates can login to schedule an exam.
FTCE Certification Account: Go to the Account Page and enter login credentials to access certification.
FTCC Account Blackboard: The account login support can be availed from (https://www.faytechcc.edu/academics/blackboard-for-students/)
FTCE Requirements: The candidates must have a bachelor's degree and must submit fingerprints for background verification.
FTCE Birth to Age 4: The pre-school test contains of 120 questions and candidate must obtain at-least score of 200.
FTCE Minimum Passing Score: Applicants must get 7 out of 12 points.
FTCE K6: The K6 is an elementary test that contains four subtests for examination of content and content pedagogy.