Firestone Payment - Bill Pay Help Guide

Firestone Payment Services

Firestone is a credit card issued by the "Credit First National Association (CFNA)" designed particularly to cover tire and automotive expenses in the best possible way. The card is accepted across the United States by thousands of auto service providers.
  • Customer Service Number: For Firestone card assistance dial 800.321.3950
  • Service Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM – 9 PM ET, Saturday 9 AM – 5:30 PM ET.
  • Fire Stone Mail Service: Contact customer service by mail to, Credit First National Association, BK-11/Customer Service, P.O. Box 81315, Cleveland, OH 44181-0315

What Is Pay Bill Address for Firestone?

Firestone bill payments can be made to the following address
Bill Pay
Credit First, N.A, P.O. Box 81344, Cleveland, OH 44188.

How to Make Payment for Firestone Credit Card?

The payment for Firestone can be made by three methods, i.e, by phone, by mail, or online. The procedures for making payments using different methods are defined below in detail.
Making Firestone Payment Online
Steps to make firestone credit payment online are mentioned below.
1. Click Create Account at "CFNA website". Existing users can simply login their account using "user name & password".
2. Enter credit card and social security number.
3. Username and password need to be created then confirm registered email id.
4. Select & Click "Continue to Step 2" then follow the instructions prompted on-screen to finish the account setup process.
Once the account setup is done, follow the mentioned steps for making payment online.
1. Visit Login Page.
2. Navigate to “View Payments” and click the same to make payment.
3. Choose payment amount, and type bank account & routing number to complete Payment online.

Making Firestone Payment By Phone

To make Fires tone payment over the phone follow the defined steps.
1. Dial 800-321-3950 and use automated service to make payment directly from the bank account. The service is free of charge.
2. In case to make payment using Debit or credit talk to a customer service representative for assistance. Please note that a processing fee of $4.95 is charged for this service.

Making Firestone Payment By Mail

To make payments using the mail service one can send paper checks and money orders. The mail should also include the credit card statement payment coupon as well. If the payment coupon is not available then it is mandatory to mention the "Firestone credit card account number on the check or money order" to get payment credited from the given account. The mail bill payment address is mentioned below
Credit First NA, P.O. Box 81344, Cleveland, OH 44188-0344.

Setting Up the Automatic Payments for Firestone Credit Card

Automatic payment setup can be done at the "Credit First" website as the "CFNA" provides the option to schedule up to advance six payments by simply changing the date of each scheduled payment in order to pay automatically on the scheduled date.

Does Firestone Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, Firestone offers a "6-Months Promotional Credit Plan" which starts with a $149 minimum purchase. With this plan, the owner is liable to pay interest from the purchase date if in case the full payment is not paid within the time frame of 6 months or for late payment.

How to Check E-Statements to Know Expiry of the Promotional Time Period

The middle portion of the e-statement contains all the promotional information and the expiry date can be checked in the "second to the last box". As for as due dates are concerned they will appear under the "Important Messages" as the due date come near.

Who Accepts Firestone Credit Card Payment?

Firestone credit card can be used in more than 8000 automotive & tire stores throughout the nation to avail of such services. To check the nearby store that works with firestone credit card click store Locator and enter location, or address manually in the search box to get the concerned details. Alternatively, click on the "Use My Location" button to get details of the nearby store.

Can I Make a Firestone Payment In Store

The purchases in the store can be done without presenting the "Credit Card" only valid government-issued photo ID card is required to present at the store representative so that they will contact CFNA for the associated account number to approve sales.

Can I Check Online When is My Payment Due?

To check date of the due payment online click to Login and enter user name to view statement.
Please note that payments made by phone, online, or through a customer service representative before "11:59 PM ET" will be credited on the same business day, and payments made after "5 PM ET" using any of the above methods will reflect in the account within 1- 2 business days. However, payments made by checks received by 5 PM ET send at the address mentioned statements will be credited to the account on the same business day and after 5 PM ET will be credited on the next business day.

Methods to Avoid Late Firestone Payment?

Follow the mentioned methods to avoid late payment fees.
1. To avoid late fees one must pay the full minimum payment mentioned on the statement.
2. Payments made through the website, phone, or service executive should always be made before "11:59 PM ET" to get credited in the account on the same business day as the payments made after 5 PM ET may take up to 1- 2 business to get reflected in the account. Similarly, payments via checks before 5 PM ET will reflect in the account on the same business day and after 5 PM ET will reflect on the other business day.

Does CFNA Provides Refund If Overpaid?

The overpaid payment can be used to pay next purchase in case there are no new purchases within 60 days the overpaid refund will be automatically sent back to the owner. Moreover the “Request a Refund” can be made also by login into the account under the "Account Services” options to process the refund as soon as possible.

Is It Possible To Change Firestone Payment Date?

Yes, the payment date can be changed but only "one time" during a lifetime account. The due dates available to choose from are the 1st, 3rd 5th, 8th, 10th, 15th, 18th, 22nd, and 23rd of every month. To discuss concerns regarding this matter call to 800.321.3950 or drop email to mentioning requested date.

Report a Stolen Or Lost Firestone Credit Card?

Call to 800.321.3950 during Monday-Friday 8AM – 9PM ET, Saturday 9AM – 5:30PM ET to report complaint against stolen or lost firestone credit card.

Where To Find The Firestone Account Number?

Multiple ways to find account number associated with the card are mentioned below.
1. By checking the recent statement as the account number is mentioned statement.
2. By viewing the credit card number (The credit card number is actually the account number).
3. By making a visit to the nearest store that accepts the "CFNA credit card". While asking account number in-store one is supposed to show a "valid government-issued ID" to get the details.

What to Do If Credit Card is Not Received in Mail?

Generally credit card is received within 7-10 business days from the date of the application. In case that it take more than 10 days then give a call to 800.321.3950 or write concern at to receive possible support in this regard.
Where to Find Credit Limit?
The credit limit is always mentioned on the statement or Login into the account to find the "Credit Limit" information.

How to Raise a Dispute a Sale on My Firestone Card?

If an error is found on the statement then make sure to file a dispute within 60 days after the error is reflected on the statement. To stop payment if found incorrect on the statement then the customer service team must be intimated prior to 3 business days before scheduled automated payment.
The dispute can be submitted by login into the account and fill out the "online form" under the "Account setting". an alternate way to submit the dispute is to write at CFNA, BK-11/Customer Service, P.O. Box 81315, Cleveland, OH 44181-0315. To get faster assistance the letter must include the following information
1. Name & Account Number must be mentioned.
2. The dollar amount of the error (suspected error).
4. Brief description of the incorrect statement and why?.
The dispute notification must be filed in writing in order to begin an investigation.

How to Open A CFNA Firestone Credit Card?

Methods to submit the CFNA firestone credit card are mentioned below.
  • Apply Online: The application can be submitted online by creating account at cfna. com.
  • In Store Application: Make a visit to any nearest store accepting CFNA credit card to apply for the CFNA card

What Was Reason of Application Decline?

The explanation related to the application decline will be sent to the applicant within 30 days. However, giving reasons related to the decline of the application are not provided by phone or email.

How to Get Error Rectified on Credit Report?

If there is an error found on the credit report concerning CFNA all documents containing the error must be collected and sent in a written letter to the "PO Box 81315, Cleveland, OH 44181". Please note that quick service to fix the credit bureau errors may not be available but the center can help out in avoiding negative marks on credit reports.