Gorge Net Classifieds Customer Service - Gorge.Net Classifieds Assistance Guide

Gorge Net Classifieds

  • Customer Service Number: To avail help regarding all general queries and inquiries about the classified listings, new postings, free plans, limited and unlimited posting plans call at (541) 386-8300 in between Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Moreover, avail help regarding residential and business internet, voice, broadband and fibre services through a phone call at 888-508-2363
  • Physical Address: For walk-in support and services make a visit at 616 Industrial Street, Suite 401 Hood River OR 97031
  • Mailing Address: Send all written queries and concerns about the classifieds via mail at PO Box 1107 Hood River, OR 97031
  • Residential Support: Residential consumers can attain help regarding the internet, voice, Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), WiFi, classified prices and plans and cable services via a call at (541) 386-8300 ext. 300 or by sending an email at Support@gorge.net. Reach out to the support team in between Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Residential Sales: For residential sales queries dial (541) 436-0223 or send a direct email at Sales@gorge.net
  • Business Support: For business classified plans and pricing contact at (541) 386-8300 ext 306 or email at BCS@gorge.net
  • Business Sales: Need support about the business sales contact the expertise at (541) 436-0246 or send an email requests at sales@gorge.net or at andrewh@corp.gorge.net
  • Technical Support: For technical issues and account related queries contact at 541.386.8300 Extension 300 or forward an email at support@gorge.net
Gorge Net Classifieds is a service offered by the Gorge Networks Inc. (now part of Blue Mountain Family Company) through which business holders can avail exclusive benefits of advertisement. Gorge Net Classifieds starts with free plan; interested individuals need to register with a valid email address. Gorge Networks Inc. offers multiple plans for the users interested in classifieds including Gorge free plan for active postings, Gorge Plus plan for unlimited postings and premium plans for real estate classifieds. For questions and queries about the Gorge Net Classifieds Plans & Pricing, contact at given means listed above.

Gorge Net Classifieds Listings - Help Guide

Gorge Net Classifieds Listings is an optional service for the individuals who want to sell, buy or rent things via online. Use Gorge Net Classifieds for posting lists of all categories including electronics, kitchen appliances, garage sales, computers, car pools, furniture, building materials, lawn and garden equipment, real estate for sales or rent, pets and other stuff. For new posts create or login into classifieds account. Registered and non-registered users of Gorge Networks Inc. can post listings free of cost for the first time. To review the classified listings of Gorge Networks Inc. follow the official webpage or go through the mentioned path. Call at (541) 386-8300 in between Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for more support.

Gorge.net Classifieds Garage Sales Support

Post yard sales, used household items including furniture, apparels, lawn and garden tools, glassware and many others through the option of Classifieds Garage Sales. To get access about the Classifieds Garage Sales, login into George Networks account or contact the service office at (541) 386-8300 or dial 541-436-0223

Gorge Net Pay Bill - Payment Center

Gorge Net account holders can pay the bills through different modes or ways including:

  • Pay Bill via Online: Before applying for the online billing and payments, avail account information or login credentials from the support center and then pay bills via online. To get access for online payments follow the given path or complete the online form and avail setup of the account and username/userID
  • Pay Via Phone: To pay bills via phone call dial 541.386.8300 ext. 225 and then use a credit or debit card for payments
  • Pay Via Mail: Send a check or money order via mail at "Gorge Networks, PO Box 1107, Hood River, OR 97031"
  • Pay Via Autopay: Bill payment can also be made through autopay option of Gorge Networks Inc. For autopay payments link a debit or credit card for secured payments. Charges are applicable for using autopay system
  • Bill Or Taxes and Fees Inquiries: Having questions about the bills, taxes or fees ask via a call at 1-888-508-2363
  • Bill Payment Queries: For queries about the bill payment send an email at billing@gorge.net

Gorge Net Outage Reports

To report Gorge Net outages contact the main office of Gorge Networks Inc. at (541) 386-8300 ext 300. For more questions and queries about the Gorge Network Inc. outages, voicemails and other services make a call at (541) 386-8300

Gorge Net Speed Test & Issues

  • Speed Test: Gorge Net Speed Test is a portal through which individuals can check the speed of the internet. To avail access for speed test of internet offered by Gorge Networks go through the given path
  • Speed Issues: Having issues with the speed of internet contact at (541) 386-8300 ext 300 or send an email to support@gorge.net

Gorge Net Internet Price

Avail information about the Gorge Net Internet prices or rates for residential and business purposes via a single call at (541) 386-8300 ext 300 or dial (541) 386-8300 ext 306. For questions and queries about the GorgeNet Fiber plans and prices or to locate the nearby GorgeNet Fiber service provider contact at 541.436.0223 .
International and Long Distance Rates: For International and Long Distance rates of GorgeNet Fiber ask via a call at 541.436.0223 or through an email at Sales@gorge.net.

Gorge Net Account Support

Gorge Net Login is a portal through which users can avail access to all online services and facilities offered by the Gorge Networks Inc. Gorge Net Login offers access to following services:
  • Gorge Net Broadsoft Account: Through this Broadsoft login portal configuration of voicemail and other settings including do not disturb, call forwarding, and many other preferences can be made
  • Voicemail Account: Via voicemail account, it becomes easy to review or listen voicemail messages, play or delete the messages, set up or activate alerts for new voicemail messages
  • Webmail Account: Get access to Gorge webmail portal through the given path
  • Classifieds Account: For posting new lists of sales, jobs and others avail access through the classifieds account path

Gorge Net Service Number & Email Address

Gorge Net ServicesPhone NumbersEmails/Hours
Affordable Connectivity Program 541.386.8300 / (877) 384-2575 ACPSupport@USAc.org/Monday to Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET
Home Internet and Voice Services 541.436-0223 / (541) 386-8300 support@gorge.net
Business Broadband Internet (541) 436-0246 support@gorge.net
Classifieds Plans & Pricing 541.386.8300 support@gorge.net
Fiber Internet 541-436-0223 sales@bluemountainnet.com
Wireless Routers 541.386.8300 support@gorge.net
Managed WiFi with eero888-508-2363support@gorge.net
Cord Cutting 541.386.8300 support@gorge.net

Gorge Net Email/Webmail

Gorge Net Email is a service option by the Gorge Networks operated through the affiliation of Vircom. Gorge Net Email/Webmail is a username provided by the Company to all registered consumers and can be used for getting access to all service options of Gorge Networks like billing and payments, classifieds, internet and fiber prices. Facing troubles in getting access to Gorge Net Email/Webmail portal contact the expertise of Gorge Networks at (541) 386-8300 or send an email at support@gorge.net. To find out the email instructions or settings visit the official webpage of Gorge or go through the mentioned path.

Gorge Net Classifieds Jobs Assistance

Gorge Net Classifieds Jobs is also a feature of Gorge Net Classifieds through which employers post all available vacancies or employment notices for the fresher’s, experienced and professionals. To post job listings on Gorge Net Classifieds employers need to login or sign up an account for free plan and others. For questions and concerns about the job listings and account registration contact the main office of Gorge Networks Inc. which is now affiliated with the Blue Mountain Family Company at (541) 386-8300 or dial 541-436-0223 .