Greenlight Debit Card - Customer Service Assistance Guide

Greenlight Debit Card Customer Service

Greenlight Card Customer Service Number is 888-483-2645. Call at the given number or Text at 404-974-3024 for queries related to the Greenlight Debit Card. Greenlight is actually a debit card for children managed by parents. Greenlight debit card helps parents to manage and monitor spending.

Greenlight Debit Card Customer Service Hours

Greenlight team is always available to help the customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Holiday hours may apply.

How to Get Greenlight Debit Card?

The children without a parent or guardian must have to be 13 years or older to register for Greenlight. Parents or guardians need to sign up by following these quick steps to get started:
Sign up for greenlight here the user needs to enter the phone number to get started.

Signing up as a Parent or Guardian Includes

Adding Children

The parents can add up to 5 kids to their account. Each child that is added will get their Greenlight debit card automatically. After finishing the signing-up process the parents can also upgrade any of the kids to a Custom Card .

Verifying Identity

By Greenlight required to verify the information like name, address, and DOB to make sure the safety of the account, funds, and of kids' cards

Setting Up Parent’s Wallet

The Parent's Wallet is a wallet where the kids can load money from their debit card. Greenlight needs load funds for completing the registration because this helps to verify the debit card or bank account and also to offset fees. After completing the signing up process, kids’ debit cards typically take 7-10 business days to arrive.

Greenlight Debit Card Balance

Steps to Check Debit Card Balance

1. Open Greenlight app
2. Navigate to Settings
3. Tap "Funding preferences" then select "Funding history".

Greenlight Debit Card for Adults

Greenlights debit card is meant for kids. However, there is no age limit for using the Greenlight Debit Card. Contact at 888-483-2645 or text at 404-974-3024 to seek assistance.

Greenlight Debit Card Contact Number

Call at 888-483-2645 to speak with a customer service representative.

How to Set Up Your Child's Account?

The kids can log in with their phone number the kids without a phone can also log in with a password and username set up in app by the parent. Once the app is downloaded on the child’s device, enable access by steps mentioned below:
  • Log into the Greenlight app
  • The next step is to choose the child to enable app usage.
  • Click on "Edit profile" which is locate at the top right corner of the child's dashboard to open the child profile settings.
  • Enter a username and password for the child. The parents can also add the child’s phone number and email. Once done tap on "Save".
  • The child can now log into the child version of the Greenlight app by using username and password.
Note: For any assistance regarding this setup, send Greenlight a message at

Greenlight Debit Card Login

Steps to Login

  1. Visit the Greenlight Debit card portal at "".
  2. Navigate to "Learn" option.
  3. Under Learn section click on "help" Option.
  4. On help page click on "My Account"
  5. Enter a "Username and Password" to login
  6. New users can click on "Sign Up Now" to register an account.