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Harvard University Email

The public directory of Harvard University can be used to look for students, faculty, and staff members at https://www.directory.harvard.edu/ by entering information like Last & first name, email & phone number in the concerned field boxes and clicking on search. However, to check the "internal directory" one needs to log in with the account.

Harvard University Faculty & Staff Directory

The faculty & Staff directory can be accessed at https://www.gse.harvard.edu/directory and by entering "Name and selecting staff or faculty option" from the dropdown and clicking on the "Search".

Harvard Email Directory List

Associate Director of Admissions Email
Longfellow 118
Email: selma_abdul@gse.harvard.edu

Research Assistant II Email
Longfellow 4th Floor
Email: kate_abramowitz@gse.harvard.edu

Program Assistant, Middle East Professional Learning Email
Initiative Longfellow
Email: areen_aghalaini@gse.harvard.edu

IT Service Center Support Technician

Email: rashal_ahmed@gse.harvard.edu

Finance CoordinatorEmail
8 Story Street 1st Floor
Email: michelle_ajodah@gse.harvard.edu

James Bryant Conant University Professor Email
Email: danielleallen@fas.harvard.edu

Grants Manager Email
Email: tolga_alper@gse.harvard.edu
50 Church Street

Sr. Manager of Special Projects Email
Longfellow 404B
Email: sarah_alvord@gse.harvard.edu

Email For Lecturer on Education
Gutman 428
Email: uche_amaechi@gse.harvard.edu

ITSC Service Tech Level I Email

Audio Visual Technology Infrastructure Specialist Email
Gutman 3
Email: jared_ambrose@gse.harvard.edu

Applications Support Engineer Email
Gutman 342
Email: chelvi_anandakugan@gse.harvard.edu

Assistant Director of Creative Media Email
Longfellow G027
Email: jill_anderson@gse.harvard.edu

Assistant Director of Admissions Email
Email: meg_anderson@gse.harvard.edu

College Admissions Project Director Email
MCC, Larsen 712,
Email: trisha_ross@gse.harvard.edu

Instructor in Education Email

Member of the Faculty of Education Email
Email: desmond_ang@hks.harvard.edu

Senior Coordinator for Faculty Support Email
Gutman 444
Email: wendy_angus@gse.harvard.edu

Research Assistant III Email
Email: carin_aquiline@gse.harvard.edu

Frank Director of Financial Aid Email
Longfellow 2403
Email: frank_arce@gse.harvard.edu

Gigi Research Assistant III Email
Longfellow 4th floor
Email: gigi_arcila@gse.harvard.edu

SQL Server Developer Email
50 Church Street NR0005

Betty Director of Finance, Professional Education Email
Longfellow 518
Email: betty_asamoah@gse.harvard.edu

Director, National Center for Rural Education Research Network Email
50 Church Street 4th
Email: jennifer_ash@gse.harvard.edu

Sadaf ITSC Support Technician I Email
Email: sadaf_ashraf@gse.harvard.edu

Member of the Faculty of Education Email
Email: christopher_avery@hks.harvard.edu

Finance Manager Email
Longfellow 5
Email: wassim_ayass@gse.harvard.edu

Ayers, Samuel Research Analyst I Email
50 Church Street
Email: samuel_ayers@gse.harvard.edu

Application Programmer Analyst and Database Administrator Email
8 Story Street 503
Email: ndUKa_azubuike@gse.harvard.edu

Senior Project Manager Email
50 Church Street

Adjunct Lecturer on Education Email
Gutman 438
Email: axelle_bagot@gse.harvard.edu

Assistant Director, EASEL Lab Email
Larsen 712
Email: rebecca_bailey@gse.harvard.edu

Associate Director, Donor Engagement and Stewardship Email
Longfellow G012E
Email: annalise_baird@gse.harvard.edu

Associate Professor of Education Email
Gutman 411
Email: bianca_baldridge@gse.harvard.edu

Research Manager Email
50 Church Street 4th
Email: sidrah_baloch@gse.harvard.edu

Instructor in Education Email
Email: alysha_banerji@g.harvard.edu

Research Assistant
50 Church Street
Email: jakala_barber@gse.harvard.edu

Project Director Email
Longfellow 414B
Email: lynn_barendsen@harvard.edu

Assistant Director, Admissions Email
Email: lauren_barlow@gse.harvard.edu

Adjunct Lecturer on Education Email
Longfellow 317
Email: johanna_barmore@gse.harvard.edu

Instructor in Education Email
Larsen 705
Email: sophie_barnes@gse.harvard.edu

Assistant Director for the Online Master's Studies in Educational Leadership Program Email
Email: nicole_barone@gse.harvard.edu

Open Education Research Librarian Email
Gutman 203

Administrative Assistant Email
50 Church Street 4th Floor
Email: jbarrios@gse.harvard.edu

Bascandziev, Igor
Email: igor_bascandziev@gse.harvard.edu

Visiting Professor of Education Email
Gutman 407

Senior Human Resources Specialist Email
Nichols House 106
Email: santoshi_basnet@gse.harvard.edu

Adjunct Lecturer on Education Email
Email: roberta_bassett@gse.harvard.edu

Research and Evaluation Manager Email
Email: milena_batanova@gse.harvard.edu

Jarred Program Coordinator Email
Longfellow 5
Email: jarred_batchelor-hamilton@gse.harvard.edu

Member of the Faculty of Education Email
Begus, Katarina
Email: katarina.begus@gmail.com

Associate Director of Financial Aid Email
Longfellow G052
Email: shawn_bennett@gse.harvard.edu

Lecturer on Education Email
Longfellow 211
Email: whitney_benns@gse.harvard.edu

Executive Director COACHE Email
8 Story Street
Email: todd_benson@gse.harvard.edu

Research Analyst Email
50 Church Street

Career Services Coordinator Email
Email: beryl_berridge@gse.harvard.edu

Sr. Specialist, Innovative Supports
50 Church Street 4th Floor
Email: melanie_berry@harvard.edu

Instructor in Education
Email: bessmer@fas.harvard.edu

Lyon Mackenzie King Visiting Professor of Canadian Studies
Gutman 407

Senior Project Manager
Longfellow 411
Email: marga_biller@harvard.edu

Staff Assistant III
Longfellow 236
Email: courtney_bither@gse.harvard.edu

Instructor in Education
Email: zennon_black@g.harvard.edu

Senior Director for Research Administration
Read House 303
Email: tiffany_blackman@harvard.edu

Adjunct Lecturer on Education
Longfellow 329
Email: jose_blackorby@gse.harvard.edu

Assistant Professor of Education
Gutman 450
Email: peter_blair@gse.harvard.edu

Senior Lecturer on Education Faculty Co-Chair, Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology (LDIT)
Longfellow 326
Email: joe_blatt@gse.harvard.edu

Communications Coordinator
50 Church Street 4
Email: lindsay_blauvelt@gse.harvard.edu

Assistant Director for Education Policy and Analysis (EPA)
Gutman 435

Postdoctoral Fellow in Education
Longfellow G024
Email: sgb839@mail.harvard.edu

Research Assistant III
Longfellow 416
Email: sophia_blumert@gse.harvard.edu

Lecturer on Education
Longfellow 406C
Email: tina_blythe@gse.harvard.edu

Member of the Faculty of Educationlbobo@fas.harvard.edu

Lecturer on Education
Gutman 427
Email: candice_bocala@gse.harvard.edu

Director of Student Affairs
Gutman 118
Email: kevin_boehm@gse.harvard.edu

Veronica Research Associate
Longfellow 434
Email: veronica_boix-mansilla@harvard.edu

Senior Lecturer (1995 to 2018)
Email: katherine_boles@gse.harvard.edu

Research Analyst I
50 Church Street 455
Email: james_bolyard@gse.harvard.edu

Vitale Associate Professor of Learning Sciences
Email: elizabeth_bonawitz@gse.harvard.edu

Lecturer on Education
Larsen 409
Email: rhonda_bondie@gse.harvard.edu

Director, Instructional Support and Development
Gutman 335
Email: 617.495.3967

Director, Instructional Support and Development
Gutman 335
Email: josh_bookin@gse.harvard.edu

MKT Program Manager
50 Church Street 4th Floor
Email: samantha_booth@gse.harvard.edu

Assistant Director for Education Leadership, Organizations and Entrepreneurship (ELOE)
Gutman 408
Email: karen_bottari@gse.harvard.edu
Browse a complete list of the Harvard faculty and staff along with their departments at https://www.gse.harvard.edu/directory

Harvard University Emails Login/Sign In

  • Harvard University Email Support: Dial 617-495-7777 to discuss email login or sign up issues with the official Help Desk.
  • Email Service Support: Ask email assistance by writing to ithelp@harvard.edu

How to Login/Sign in For Harvard University Emails?

1. Click to Sign in
2. Enter Login/ Sign In HarvardKey credentials in respective fields such as email address & password.
3. Click on the "Sign In" button in blue to access the email account.

Harvard College Email Login Support

Any assistance related to the Harvard College email setup or Login can be availed by Submitting Ticket online. or contact at
Operating Service Hours: Monday - Friday:7:30 AM-6:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 PM -4:00 PM, Sunday: 12:00 PM-4:00 PM
To find the in detail login or any other IT related services at https://harvard.service-now.com/ithelp

Harvard Graduate School of Arts Email Login Support

Harvard Graduate School of Arts email login can be done using the following steps.
1. Visit https://harvard.service-now.com/harvard-it-services
2. Click on the "Graduate School of Arts".
3. User will be redirected to the homepage.
4. Go to the right corner and click on "Login" from the top menu bar.
3. Login screen will be displayed to enter the email address and password registered with the account.
4. Click on the "Sign In" to use the email dashboard.

How to Reset Forgotten Password?

If the user is experiencing Sign In issues and has forgotten the password follow the given steps to reset the password.
1. Go to the "Login" page or section.
3. Click on the "Forgot Password" link.
3. The User will get redirected at https://key.harvard.edu/account-recovery/forgot-password
4. Type the email address registered with the "HarvardKey account".
5. Click on the "Continue" button.

How to Sign with the Email for Specific Harvard College?

Users studying or working in the different Harvard colleges can log in with their "HarvardKey account". To choose the specific college to log in or submit a ticket in order to resolve the IT issues
1. Log On to https://harvard.service-now.com/harvard-it-services
2. Click on the specific college on the page.
3. After redirection go to the top of the Menu Bar to click on the "Login" at the right screen corner.
4. Enter the Harvardkey details for Sign In in the concerned fields.
5. Click on "Sign In" to get into the "Email Account".
In order to "Submit a Ticket" to resolve the account or any other issues Click on the "Submit Ticket" option at the top and fill out the form with personal and issue details. Authenticate the Captcha code and click on "Submit". After successful ticket submission, the user will receive a confirmation email from the "HUIT Service Desk" within 24 four hours or give a call to 617-495-7777 to sort out time-sensitive issues.

Harvard University Email Signature Format

The standard email signature has been set by the Harvard Medical school for staff and faculty in order to establish Uniformity. The email signature details like name, title, contact, and website URL to share with the email recipients.

Harvard Email Signature & Format

1. The bold letters must be in Calibri Bold font, size 11 in dark red color.
2. The Titles should be in Calibri Bold, size 11, black.
3. Information like "Harvard Medical School, Department/Office Harvard Medical School Calibri Bold, size, 9, color dark red, Department/ Office name Calibri Bold, size 9, black.
4. Building and street name in Calibri regular, size 9, black.
5. Phone numbers must be in "Calibri regular, size 9, black"
6. Website Url "hms.harvard.edu" should be in "Calibri regular, size 9, black".

Get all email signature details about the Harvard Medical school at https://identityguide.hms.harvard.edu/email-signatures.

Harvard University Mailing Address

Office of Admissions & Financial Aid

Harvard College, 86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Committee on Transfer Admissions

Harvard College, 86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Committee on Visiting Undergraduate Student (VUS)

Admissions, Harvard College, 86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Admissions Visitor Center

Elizabeth Cary Agassiz House, Radcliffe Yard
5 James Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Harvard Email Admissions

Email Admissions: college@fas.harvard.edu
Admissions Website: college.harvard.edu/admissions
Admissions Office Address: 86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Admission Phone number: (617) 495-1551
Fax number: (617) 495-8821