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Heartland Payment Systems is actually a Company that works as a payment processor. Heartland delivers credit as well as debit, prepaid card processing, security technology, offers a point of sale, e-Commerce, payroll, and all the related business solutions. Heartland Company serves restaurant, retail, automotive, entertainment, medical, pharmacy, lodging, and home services.

Heartland Headquarters

Oklahoma City Headquarter: 616 N Broadway Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73102
United States of America
Oklahoma City Headquarter: 100 E Main St Oklahoma City, OK 73104 United States of America
Jeffersonville Headquarter: 1 Heartland Way Jeffersonville, IN 47130 United States of America
Company Phone Number: (405) 463-6479

Important Customer Service Phone Number of Heartland Payment Systems

Payment Processing: 24/7 Customer Support 888-963-3600
Payroll Customer Support: 877-729-2968
Micropayment: 800-332-4835
Heartland Register Product Support: 866-646-7648
Heartland Gift Product Support: 866-402-8056
Heartland Campus Solutions (Sales): Customer Support 1-888-332-4835
Heartland Campus Solutions Customer Support: 1-888-332-4835
Students/Borrowers: 1-888-332-4835
Merchant General Sales: Customer Support 888-845-9457
Genius Related Technical Support: 800-249-3220
PAX, TransIT PASS and ISV Software: Customer Support 855-882-0507
San Rafael (Legacy Central Payment): 800-449-8012
Phone Numbers for Client Support
Account Numbers Starting with 9305, 4765, 5185, 5353: Customer Support 800-941-6557
Account Numbers Starting with 5436, 3930, 3230, 4139: Customer Support 800-654-9256
Account Numbers Starting with 8487, 8489, 3934: 800-228-2443

Important Emails of Heartland Payment Systems

  • Heartland Gift: HeartlandGift@e-hps.com
  • Account Numbers Starting with: 5436, 3930, 3230, 4139, 8487, 8489, 3934 mail at customersupport@tsys.com


Corporate Office: 3932 S Boulevard St, Edmond, Oklahoma US
Heartland Service Center: One Heartland Way,Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, USLoyalty Marketing: 326 SW Broadway, Suite 400, Portland, Oregon 97205, US
IT and Petroleum Team: 6860 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400, Plano, Texas 75024, US

Sales Support

For the sales support the customer needs to fill out a form requiring some business details and the team of heartland will contact you as soon as possible.

Heartland Payment Systems Data Breach/Scandal

Back in 2008/2009 Heartland Payment Systems was affected by a massive data breach at the hands of two hackers from Russia the hackers installed malware on heartland payment systems. heartland payment systems data breach compromised 100 million debit as well as credit card numbers.

How Did Heartland Payment Systems Respond?

Soon after the incident, the Heartland payment systems continue to monitor the situation carefully as well as has upgraded its internal security and reviewed all procedures to watch for any kind of unusual activity.

What to Do If Your Data Was Breached

If you were affected by the Systems breach you must take some precautionary measures as mentioned below
  • The first thing to do is to cancel any credit cards related to any payment system or used by Heartland Payment Systems
  • As soon as possible contact the bank and have the bank account number changed
  • Regularly get a copy of the credit report and sign up for monitoring
  • Check the credit card as well as the bank statements carefully and be watchful for fraud

Heartland Payment Systems Portico Gateway

Heartland Payment Systems has an online portal which is called Portico Virtual Terminal which is portal on which the customers can view as well as process transactions. The most common use of the Portico Virtual Terminal is to check the status of a transaction. The customer can also cancel and process payments. Heartland Payment Systems Portico Gateway is used by entering the login credentials some features are mentioned below
  • eCommerce, Retail, Restaurant, Mail Order, as well as Lodging supported
  • Credit, Debit, Gift+Rewards, Alternative Payments (PayPal), and more

Heartland Payment Processing

Heartland is known as the leader in the payment processing industry and is always committed to helping the entrepreneurs of the USA with payments, payroll, point-of-sale, customer engagement, and lending needs.

Credit Card Payment Processing

  • Authorization: In this step the credit card payment processing starts through a series of approval requests from the bank to the card association to the card issuer
  • Authentication: In the Authentication step the card issuer forward the payment information and with the help of fraud protection tools verifies that the card is valid and is not used fraudulently
  • Billing Address: There are a number of different fraud checks but in the Authentication stage, it is simply done by checking the security code as well as by checking the billing address provided with the card
  • Settlement It is the stage where the funds are transferred to the merchant’s acquiring bank with a fee. Heartland covers the fees later on
  • Note: For any kind of the questions or query related to payment processing please call at Customer Support 888-963-3600

Why Create a Profile? - Customer Service Support

Connect the Heartland accounts to view the account
  • Information, payment information, etc
  • Update the account preferences and settings
  • Make a one-time or recurring payment

Is Heartland Payment Systems a Good Company to Work For

Heartland is a great place to work. Heartland Payment Systems offers careers from IT to customer service to sales as well as in corporate. Heartland Payment Systems we have a wide range of opportunities and with locations across the country.

Heartland Merchant Services

  • Mobile Payments: This service securely process the payments using the existing account all at the convenience of a mobile device
  • Point of Sale Systems: This service has the benefit of customizable as well as fully integrated solutions to the business for managing inventory, monitoring the human resources activities as well as providing the customers benefit of business analytics
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards: This includes custom, four color printing and multiple program
  • Business Analytics: Helps to provide the detailed information on the customer demographics as well as intelligence on competition
  • Donate Now: Allows all nonprofit organizations to start online fundraising programs quickly as well as easily by one-time and recurring donation options.

How will I get my money? Need Assistance

During a card payment transaction Heartland first receives the authorization and then passes it along to the customer so the customer can complete the sale and also issue a receipt to the cardholder. The card issuer simply bills the cardholder's account and pays to Heartland. After this the Heartland deposits the money into the bank account, usually within 2 days in some cases, this can take a little bit longer for high-risk businesses.

Will I Receive a Statement?

Yes, every month the customer receives a detailed statement either on mailing address or on registered email the statement includes the payment information for the previous month, all deposits as well as details of the charges and total sales volume. The customer can also access the data online for the most up-to-date information about the account.

Can I Use a Smartphone or Tablet to Process Credit Cards?

Heartland offers easy and simply processing solutions for businesses of any size to accept payments via a tablet or smartphone
  • The customer can easily consolidate all of the payment acceptance methods like cash, checks, credit as well as debit cards into a single system that processes transactions through a single gateway from in-store, online or mobile
  • At the point-of-sale inventory information can be added and the customer has control over who can use the system
Note: Updates as well as upgrades are all self-directed from heartland easy application that needs no special technician or IT assistance. Heartland is registered with banks such as Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA, as well as with The Bancorp Bank, and Philadelphia, PA.

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