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Heartland Payroll has established multiple contact channels to facilitate customer support. Below are the helpline channels provided for contacting the customer support team:

Services by Heartland Payroll Solutions Inc

Heartland Payroll offers a cloud-based human resource (HR) management solution encompassing payroll payment processing, payroll tax preparation, and benefit administration. These services cater to business organizations and corporate entities. For payroll customer support, contact 877-729-2968. Service executives are available to provide comprehensive support.

Explore Heartland Payroll and HR Solutions

Heartland provides a range of payroll and HR solutions, including:
  • Payroll Support: Heartland's support solution assists with payroll processing, addresses tax filing and form inquiries, and offers on-demand payroll access. The system also provides information on state-specific labor laws.
  • Time & Attendance: Solutions enable employers to track employee time and attendance using modern methods such as manual punches, badges, or biometric technologies. Employers can also create and manage employee schedules.
  • Integrated Solutions: The payroll management provider delivers an integrated platform that includes point-of-sale systems, 401(k) management, time and attendance services, and additional support like general ledger and online accounting.
  • Payroll Tax Management: Heartland provides comprehensive payroll tax management and preparation support.
  • Pre-Employment Solutions: HR services cover pre-employment activities such as job postings, application collection, scheduling and conducting interviews.

Heartland Payroll Solutions Team

Heartland offers back office services to companies. The back office team comprises professional payroll experts including HR professionals to process payroll, answer queries on tax filing and tax forms. Call the customer support at 877-729-2968 to seek all possible support. For product support dial 866-646-7648 .

Heartland Payroll Solutions Phone Number

Heartland Payroll Solutions Address: 2001 Aerospace Pkwy, Brook Park, OH 44142, United States
+1 877-729-2968

Heartland Payroll Solutions Activation Support

In order to activate the account, go to the login page. After login navigate to "Account Management" section. Enter details like expiration date on new credit card and click the "Submit" button to activate the account.

Heartland Payroll Solutions Account Help Guide

The Login profile enables a user to access the on-demand payroll solution to manage payroll tax and file returns.
Heartland Payroll solutions as mentioned above produces various products and online solutions. The solutions can be used to manage work force, check time and attendance and avail HR support.

How to Create an Account?

  1. Visit the Heartland official portal at "https://www.heartland.us/"
  2. Navigate to "Payroll Portal" option on the homepage
  3. The Payroll Portal option is available under "Sign In" category
  4. On payroll portal click on "Login"
  5. Enter a "Username and Password"
  6. Click on "Login" to access the account
Note: Customers without login credentials can click on "User Registration" under the login page to create a login profile.

Heartland Payroll Solutions Employer Account
Visit the payroll portal and click on "Employer Login". Enter the "Login ID and password" to access the employer account.

Heartland Payment Systems Payroll Solutions
Heartland produces point of sale devices, digital payment processing solutions and online gateways small businesses. Call at the 24/7 customer support via 888-963-3600 to seek payment related assistance.

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