Home Depot Account Customer Service

  • General Help/Customer Service Number: General account inquiries should be directed to 1-800-466-3337.
  • HomeDepot.com Customer Care Number: For online services and support, call 1-800-430-3376.
  • Consumer Credit Card Accounts Helpline: For consumer credit card account inquiries, dial 1-800-677-0232.
  • Commercial Credit Card Revolving Accounts: For commercial credit card account questions, contact 1-800-685-6691.
  • Commercial Credit Card Accounts: Assistance can be sought via a call to 1-800-395-7363.

The Home Depot login account grants access to numerous online services and resources. Users with login credentials are enabled to access the online services provided by Home Depot. The login profile permits the management of credit card, shopping, and payment services. Refer to the help document below to find different login accounts associated with Home Depot.

What are the Benefit of Home Depot Account

  • Manage Credit Cards: The login account enables a user to manage credit cards. Home Depot offers four types of credit cards. Bills of credit cards can be paid online by login into account. Statements and transactions can also be accessed
  • Online Shopping: Users with login profile can shop quickly on Home Depot. Track status of orders and check expecting delivery time by login into account
  • Pay Bills: Login into account allows to pay online. Users can set multiple payment means for online bill payments
  • Account Alerts: Subscribe for account alerts by using the login account. Receive latest alerts on current shopping deals
  • Discounts: The login account empowers to receive discounts directly into account. Users can redeem different types of discount coupons

Home Depot My Account

Follow the below given steps to login into account:
  1. Go to the Home Depot official portal at "https://www.homedepot.com/"
  2. Navigate to My Account icon on top right corner at homepage
  3. Click on "Sign In" option
  4. Enter a valid "User ID and Password"
  5. Click on "Sign In" to access the account
Reset Password: Password can be reset by clicking on the "Forgot password" link available on the login page.

Home Depot Account Sign in as Guest

Orders can be placed without login into account. Place an order and navigate to order status page. Enter an email address and select "I checked out as a guest" option. Enter the order number and click "submit".

Home Depot Account Sign in Page

The Home Depot Sign in page allows to login into account. Users without login credentials can create an account to get the login User Id and Password.

Home Depot Career - Application Support

The login account allows to create a profile on Home Depot career portal. The profile is important to submit job applications, search for available jobs and check application status. Visit the careers login portal to avail the services.

Home Depot Credit Card Account - Help Guide

Home Depot offers different types of credit cards that involve multiple features. The credit card login enables a cardholder to manage payment, pay bills, check status and manage card. The credit card login also empowers to receive card discounts into account. The credit cards of Home Depot are produced by Citi bank.

How to Login

  1. Visit the Citi bank Home Depot login page
  2. Enter a valid "User ID" and "Password"
  3. Click on "Sign On" to access the account
  4. Check box the "Remember My User ID" to save the login details in a browser

Credit Card Account Customer Support

To avail the support regarding credit cards, call at the below mentioned numbers.
Consumer Credit Card: 1-800-677-0232
Project Loan Card: 1-877-476-3860
Pro Xtra Credit Card: 1-800-685-6691
Commercial Account Card: 1-800-395-7363
Home Depot Yammer Login: Yammer is an application of Home Depot. The mobile application allows connecting with consumers, associates and market experts.
Home Depot Login Workday: Login to check workday schedules, payroll and Company news.

Home Depot Business Account:
The Home Depot business credit card is also known as commercial account. The business credit card contains 2% discount on every purchase. Visit the login page at "https://www.homedepot.com/c/Credit_Center". Call at 1-800-395-7363 for direct support.

Home Depot Employee Account Support

Employee Login Assistance

Benefits Choice Center
Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (EST)

Benefits Information
Live Chat: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (EST)
Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST)

Home Depot 401k Alight Account

Home Depot 401K plan is also called at Future Builder 401(k) Plan. The Alight login page can be accessed to check the benefits under the plan and apply accordingly. For direct support call at 1.800.555.4954 between Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (EST).
Home Depot has a dedicated employee portal that can be accessed at "https://www.mythdhr.com/ESS.html". MyTHDHR portal allows viewing employee schedules, viewing payroll, and accessed Company news. Employees can login to access multiple services. The login account for employees can offer access to below mentioned services:
  • Attendance and Schedules: Employees can check work schedules. The login profile enables to check the attendance
  • Manage Benefits: Employees can apply for benefits, check status of application and view benefit statement. The login profile also empowers to enroll for different employee benefit programs
  • Self Service: A self-service page is there to help employees regarding multiple services. Login into account and check the available self-services
  • Workforce Tools: By login into account an employee can use different workforce tools. A user can navigate to various workforce tools available online
  • Manage Gift Program: Managing the gift program is easy by login into account

Home Depot Account Schedule

The employee login at MyTHDR portal allows to find the schedules and time. After successful login users can select the "Kronos-Time, attendance and schedules" to view and print the employee schedules.

Home Depot Account Pay - Payment Help Center

Home Depot Login account enables a user to pay online. The online payment method is easy and involves various benefits. To make online payment follow the blow instructions.
  1. Visit the Home Depot credit center at "https://www.homedepot.com/c/Credit_Center"
  2. Select a credit card among the available options
  3. Click on "Pay and manage card"
  4. Sign in with Homedepot.com or Credit Card Account
  5. After successful Sign In follow the prompts
  6. Set payment plans and pay bills online

Pay Through Postal Mail:
All Home Depot payments can be mailed via post at the below given address.
P.O. Box 9001010, Louisville, KY 40290-1010
The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Overnight
Attn: Consumer Payment Dept., 6716 Grade Ln, STE 910, Louisville, KY 40213

Home Depot Associates Account Help Guide

The associate login profile allows employees and other workforce to access a self-service portal. By accessing the self-service portal, associates can avail below mentioned services.
Review Associate Profile: A personal profile can be managed online. Associates can update and change personal information.
Payslips and Tax Statements: Associates with login access can view and print historical payslips. Tax statement can also be checked.
Direct Deposit Information: The login account enables to change or update direct deposit account information.
Enroll in or Activate a Payroll Card: Home Depot allows its associates to activate or enroll of a payroll card. The card contains multiple benefits.
Change Mailing Address: Mailing information, personal contacts and other details can be changed or updated.
Review Leave of Absence: Associates ca view the leave absence, available leaves and leave benefits.
Check Leave of Absence (LOA) Status: Status of a leave application can be tracked down by using the associate login profile.

Home Depot Associate Account Health Check
The health check program is meant for Home Depot associates from USA. To login into the health check account visit the program at "healthcheck.homedepot.com".

Home Depot Account My Apron

Home Depot My Apron is web application meant for the active Home Depot employees. The application is used to check the pay slips and work schedules. Visit the login page of My Apron and check the all details related to login, usage and support.

Home Depot Commercial Accounts & Service Numbers

The commercial account by Home Depot involves a commercial credit card. The card contains 2% discount on every purchase. The commercial account holders can pay within 20 business days. The commercial account holders can visit the Home Depot credit center and select "commercial credit card" to manage the payments and bills. The commercial service users can call at 1-800-395-7363 to seek all the help. Login into account to access the e-services.

Home Depot Pro Account - Help Guide

The Pro services are meant for professionals and contractors. The login support can be availed from the Pro Homepage . The Sign Up enables professionals and contractors to receive support regarding operational changes and safety measures. Authorized cards are also available for Pro customers.

Home Depot Xpro Account Assistance

The Pro Xtra loyalty program login account allows to save money and get benefits. Joining the Pro Xtra program enables to save time, money and get rewards. Pro Xtra login to access the online services. The login account empowers to assemble the project list and get a quote.

Home Depot Project Loans Support

The project loan login account is meant for contractors and business consumers. The project loan financial program offers finance plans for 6 months to complete the projects. The project loan credit cards involve fixed low instalments monthly with no fee. Go to Home Depot credit center at "https://www.homedepot.com/c/Credit_Center" and select project loan card. Click on "Apply and Manage" to login into the account. For login account related support call at 1-877-476-3860

Home Depot Protection Plan - Support Guide

The protection plan Login empowers to manage protection plans and submit claims. The login account allows accessing the all protection plans at one portal. Check the plan benefits and apply for claim benefits. By login into account users can register products and check protection plan coverage. Home Depot allows applying for claims online by using the login profile.

Home Depot Careers - Assistance Guide

Home Depot allows job aspirants to create a profile on Career page. The login account equips the aspirants to search for job openings, apply for open positions and upload the applications. Visit "https://www.homedepot.com/" and navigate to "Careers" options available under "About Us" section. Login in or create an account to check the career opportunities with Home Depot.

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