Innovista Provider Service Portal

Innovista Provider Service Number

To get in touch with the Innovista Health Solutions Provider Company to avail required assistance use the following address and phone numbers to contact the Company directly.
  • Innovista Provider Service Office Phone Number: Contact front office for support at 1 (312) 809-5001
  • Office Address: 814 Commerce Dr, Suite 350, Oak Brook, Chicago, IL, 60523
  • Alternative Phone Number: Dial 1-888-300-8839 to get assistance
  • Service Hours/Days: Monday to Friday 8: 30 AM - 5:00 p.m.

Innovista Health Solutions Provider Texas

Dallas Office Address: 5501 LBJ Freeway, Suite 950, Dallas, TX 75240
Call to 1-888-300-8839
Houston Office Address: 9800 Richmond Ave, Suite 315, Houston, TX 77042

Innovista Provider Service Portal

Innovista is the online health solution provider portal that provides the wide array of the portfolio for the Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid businesses through the large network of the IPA/ACO, Medical Group and PHO clients.

Innovista Provider Account Support

Innovista Provider Account is the online platform to check the provider’s eligibility, authorization and claim status in order to manage and support the support delegated the risk models. To login with the portal users can follow the given steps:
1. Visit "".
2. Go to the right hand corner to enter username and password in the login section provided by the "provider relations representative".
3. Once the correct Login credentials are entered tap the "login button" to access the account.

Innovista Provider Portal Forgot Username/Password Reset

To Reset Password
To reset the forgot password visit:
1. Go to
2. Enter the associated "Username and E-mail ID" in the respective fields.
3. Click on the "Next" proceed with the instructions in order to reset the "password".
To Reset User ID
1. Browse to
2. Go to the bottom of the "forgot password section".
3. Click on the "Forgot Username".
4. Enter details like last & first name and email address in respective tools.
5. Click on "Next Button" to reset "User Id".

How to Check Innovista Claim Status?

To check or verify the "Innovista Claim Status online" follow the given steps:
1. Visit to the
2. Enter Claim ID or Patient Account Number (Single or 30 comma delimited) in the given box.
3. Click on the "search button" in green to get concerned details or application status.
Please note that the "Provider claim ID / Patient Account Number identifiers" are available on the "Box 26 on a professional claim or Box 3A on an Institutional Claim".

Can I Check Status of the Multiple Claims

Yes, it is possible to check the status of the "multiple claims" at the given path by entering the "Provider Claim ID or Patient Account Numbers as a comma delimited list" to fetch results. The format will be like (01176500242945,6KX2NQB-R97180022133,2306175)

Innovista EZ-NET Provider Portal Registration

Given instructions are provided for New User to get registered with the "Innovista EZ-NET Provider Portal"
1. Visit the
2. Go to the right corner of the screen and click on the "New User Registration" just below the login section.
3. Fill out the registration form with the details like email address, username, password, first and last name, etc.
4. Information related to the title, fax, and phone number are also required to enter.
5. Once the registration details are completed the confirmation will be displayed to verify the account.
6. Login to the given email address and click on the confirmation link received from "EZ-NET" to verify all details.
7. Once the verification process is successful and verified by the "EZ-CAP Administrator". The user will get notification from the "EZ-CAP Administrator" regarding the fully activated account and instructions to login "EZ-NET account"
Browse entire details about the portal registration and configuration by clicking EZ-NET Provider Portal User Guide

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