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MyHusky Email

MyHusky Email is the online portal designed for the faculty, staff, and students of "Bloomsburg University" to manage their daily academic and professional tasks easily online at any time.
  • MyHusky Email Login Staff Help desk: Any assistance related to the MyHusky Email login or setup can be availed by dialing 570-389-4357
  • MyHuskTechnology Assistance: Call to HELP # (4357)
  • Student Connectivity and Technology Support: write to for concerned support and help regarding email connectivity or any other technology help.

MyHusky Student/Alumni Email Login

"Bloomsburg University "Students/Alumni" can follow the given steps to log on with their "MyHusky email account".

Email Login As A Student

1. Students are supposed to visit
2. On the homepage click on the "Log on as Student (".
3. The page will get redirected to the ""
4. Enter username in the format of "" and password in the respective fields.
4. Click on "Sign On" option to access the account.

How to Reset Forgot Password for Student Email Account?

If the password is forgotten
1. Click on the "forgot password?" just below the login screen.
2. At "" click on the "Reset Password"
5. Enter "HuskyID Account" in the box and click "Continue" to complete the "Password Reset" process.

Email Login As A Alumni

University Alumni can login by email using the below-mentioned steps.
1. Visit "".
2. Click on "Log on as Alumni ("
3. The user will get landed on ""
4. Enter Email, phone, or Skype Id in Sign In box.
5. Click on "Next" and follow the instructions to log in.

How To Change MyHusky Email Password

Steps to change "MyHusky email password" are mentioned below.
1. Visit ""
2. Go to the bottom of the page.
3. Click on the "Change your password".
4. Type HuskyID account and password in the fields.
5. Click on "continue" and follow the instructions to "change password"

MyHusky Staff/Faculty Email Set Up On Other Devices?

Outlook Email Set Up on Personal Computer (i.e. PC/Mac Desktops/Laptops):
To configure Outlook email on PC/Mac Desktops/Laptops follow the mentioned instructions.
1. Open Outlook on "computer" by typing the "Outlook" in the search bar.
2. First-time users of the "Microsoft Office365 ProPlus application" need to "Accept" the license agreement.
3. In case the outlook is never used before it will automatically prompt to the "add account screen".
4. Enter your complete email address and click “Connect”.
5. If outlook is already used for another email account then the user is supposed to click on “File”, “Add Account”.)
6. Type "BU password" and click on "Ok". One can also check “Remember my credentials” (optional) for future use if the PC or system is private.
7. The screen will appear with "Account is successfully added" click done to proceed.

Where from To Get MyHusky Email Set Up On The Mobile Android Devices Iformation

To get entire information on Email configuration or setup on different mobile devices visit to the "" and click on "Mobile Device Email Config" or "Email Software Config.

How To Opt-In As InActive Student?

The students are notified prior to one month in case the "HuskyID is inactive and scheduled for deletion" The "Opt-In button" link can be found on the "Alumni Email Information". Please make sure to checkbox to confirm that all information on the "Inactive Student Opt-In Process" section" is read properly prior to clicking the "Opt In Button". After the authentication, the students can complete the Opt-in process and can "login HuskyID Single Sign-On (SSO)". Please keep "one-time password and effective date" in your records as once the login is made the user cannot the retrieve the One time password. For any assistance get in touch with the help desk at HELP # (4357) during Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

How to Get a One-time Alumni Email Account Password Or the Effective Date If Forgotten?

Alumni or inactive Students are required to visit the " Alumni Email Information" again to start the opt-in process again prior to the deletion date in order to get one - password again as well as the effective date. Please note that if the account is already deleted there is no way to retrieve a one-time password again. Call to the 570-389-4357 to discuss the issue with the technology help team.

I can Access MyHusk Email on Web But Not Able to Send Email Why?

This problem occurs when students/alumni are using their email account with "chrome or internet explorer" web browsers with an expired "Skype plugin". To solve the issue update, uninstall, or disable the Skype plugin or simply use Mozilla Firefox to access and send emails.

Is It Possible to Access Office Through My Office365 Email Account?

Yes, it is possible with the mentioned options to access email via "My Office365 Email Account".
1. The student can open their "email account webmail" and should go to the "App Drawer" in order to access the wide array of web applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) and OneDrive. For detailed information browse "".
2. The alternate option is to download the "Microsoft Office Pro Plus software".
To download the software "open student email account webmail.
Go to the upper right corner of the "gear menu".
3. Click on the App setting and download it from the "software section of Office 365".

How to Upgrade MyHusky 6/10/13?

Details to upgrade MyHusky 6/10/13 using the following details

Student Email Account Upgrade

1. Students can use "" to access the email account as this is linked with the "BU website".
2. Once the Student logon link is clicked the students will be landed on the "HuskyID Single Sign-On page".
3. The login will remain the same to login into the account such as email address, mailbox content, etc. With the upgraded email account students will get an increased mailbox quota size.

Alumni Email Account Upgrade

1. The alumni are supposed to use "" in order to access the email account.
2. The usernames are changed from the "" to ""
3. The username needs to be updated under the settings to "" if the email is accessed using a mobile device, Microsoft Outlook software, or via POP/IMAP software like Mozilla Thunderbird.
4. User will get an increased mailbox size quota.

Microsoft Live/SkyDrive Upgrade Information

The BU email accounts can be accessed through whereas, the "personal Microsoft Live account" used to be accessed through the "SkyDrive and Messenger" are now administered by Microsoft completely. For full details on Micro-soft live and skype drive visit