Nissan Employee Lease - Helpful Guide

Nissan Employee Lease Program

Nissan lease programs are meant for employees, family, and business partners. Under the program, an employee can buy or lease a new vehicle at special rates. The employee can also get the finance plans through Nissan's finance department. Customers can call at 203-239-5371 to connect with the customer service department. Under the lease program, an eligible employee can get new vehicles at hassle-free and haggle-free pre-negotiated prices.

How Does the Nissan Employee Lease Program Work?

Nissan employees can avail lease program for buying a new Nissan vehicle for themselves or family members. The lease program can be availed by submitting the employee ID number and other documents. An employee has to choose a payment method like lease, cash, or finance. Nissan allows employees to apply for discount credits on leases and avail of purchasing benefits on new models of cars.
Nissan Gtr Employee Lease: Nissan offers 36-month lease, with a monthly payment of about $450 under Nissan GT-R lease.

Nissan Employee Lease Program Phone Number

  • Lease Registration Support: To get the initial registration assistance call at 1-866-599-4647 .
  • Sales Contact: To connect with sales department dial 203-239-5371
  • Parts Department: To connect with Nissan parts department, call at 203-239-5371
  • Used Sales: To lease a used car, conatct at 888-994-0308
  • To Obtain a VPP Claim Form: In order to obtain a vehicle purchase program (VPP) form, call at 800-299-4753 .
  • Nissan Consumer Affairs: For general support call the consumer affair at (855) 426-6628 .

Nissan Employee Lease Center

Nissan Employee Lease Center Smyrna, TN

Service Address: 275 Sam Griffin Rd, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone Number: (615) 355-2220

Nissan Employee Lease Center Canton Ms

Service Center: Canton, MS146 Soldier Colony WayCanton, MS 39046
Service Number: Call at 615.588.7684
Email Support:
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri: 7 A M – 5PM Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Nissan Lease Center Franklin Tn

Address: 212 Comtide Ct, Franklin, TN 37067
Phone: (615) 224-8301

What is Nissan Employee Lease Eligibility

Check the below help content to collect details about eligibility to avail Nissan employee lease program/
1. A full-time employee not represented by a collective bargaining unit and their immediate family members.
2. Immediate family members like Spouses, Children/stepchildren, and their spouses.
3. Domestic partner with an affidavit on file.
4. Parents, in-laws, and siblings.
Note: All above eligible members must be licensed drivers and under age 75.

Check Nissan Employee Lease Prices

In order to check the employee lease prices, visit the Nissan Employee Login page and check details. For direct assistance call the HR section at 866.599.4647

Nissan Employee Lease Login

To login and register for the employee lease program, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Nissan employee portal at ""
  • Click on "Employee lease program" image icon.
  • Enter the Login Credentials.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to register for lease.
Note: Users with a Nissan corporate email can use LAN ID and LAN Password as Login credentials. Users without a Nissan corporate email can use the Nissan User ID and Password. For assistance call at 1-866-599-4647.

Nissan Employee Benefits

Beside a lease program Nissan offers multiple benefits and discounts to regular employees. The benefits are summarized as under:

  • Pharmacy benefits
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Life insurance and disability coverage
  • Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  • 401(k) Savings plan with company match
  • A Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
  • Accrued vacation and 14 paid holidays
  • Discount vehicle purchase program for family and friends
  • Opportunity to participate in the available company lease vehicle program
  • On-site medical center and Nissan Family Pharmacy
  • On-site fitness center in major locations or reimbursement for gym memberships at all locations
  • Tuition Assistance

Nissan Lease Payment Center

Nissan offers multiple means and ways to pay lease payments and other vehicle finance payments. The different payment options available at given below:
Online: Create an account on Nissan finance account manager and pay bills automatically. Customers can choose the payment date and amount.
By Phone: Pay by phone using debit or credit card. Call at 833-648-0173 to pay lease payments.
Through Mail: Send pay checks via postal mail at "Nissan Motor Acceptance Company PO Box 740596. Cincinnati, OH 45274-0596"

Check Benefits of Online Payment Account

  • Turn off paper statements
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Check your account status and review statements
  • Update your address
  • Verify payoff amount
  • Read answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Nissan Employee Lease Deals

Requirement for Nissan Employee Pricing Vehicle Purchase Program
Nissan provides extensive discount programs for all its employees as well as for many suppliers and partners. For further details, it is advised to contact a nearby Nissan center sales team or get pricing assistance from Nissan HR at 1-866-599-4647
  • Does Nissan Offer Discount on All Vehicles?
    The incentives are dependent on vehicle models, trim levels, and optional upgrades.
  • Can I Finance New Nissan If Purchased Through Purchase Through the VPP Program?
    Yes with the Nissan Vehicle Employee Purchase Program one can finance the vehicle to make buying more affordable. The finance department helps employees to find out the best fit for financing solutions.
  • Leasing New Nissan Through the Employee Purchase Program?
    Yes, leasing a new vehicle is possible through an employee purchase program. Moreover, different Nissan centers offer special lease incentives and discounts. Get in touch with the nearest Nissan center to avail complete assistance in regard to the same.

What is Nissan’s Right to Decline a Vehicle Lease?

Nissan has right to end or decline the lease program in case of the following reasons.
1. Revocation or invalid driver's license.
2. Due to the program suspension( As determined by the CVAC).
3. Due to drug or alcoholic driving( DUI conviction).
4. If the lease has an active traffic warrant for the arrest.
5. Not appearing for an outstanding traffic warrant.
6. Damage was done to the leased vehicle beyond normal wear and tear by negligence.
7. Due to multiple traffic violations or accidents.
8. If the lease ah reached 75.
9. The leased or designated family member is 75 or older in age.
10. In case registering or properly titling the vehicle is not economically feasible in certain states By NNA.

Employee Vehicle Lease Rates

Vehicle lease rates are determined by the percentage of the dealer's net costs. However, the rates may be modified under special lease programs or if directed by the "Nissan executive management". Please note that lease prices are subject to change. The two types of lease rates offered are mentioned below

CPI Program

Under CPI (Company provided Insurance) program the lease rates include.
1. Cost of the lease and registration.
2. Includes cost for regular maintenance, warranty repairs, and up to $1,000,000 coverage is offered as Driver liability insurance.
3. All the lease procedures and documentation must go through local Nissan or Infiniti of Tennessee only due to the state law. So the rate will also include the freight and a dealer fee to pay NNA.
Eligibility for CPI Program: The CPI program is available for the following employees.
1. Non-manufacturing & Non-Tennessee employees.
2. Retirees ( Non - Manufacturing).
3. Hired before 1- April - 2006 (Non-manufacturing Tennessee Employees)

EPI Program

Under EPI (Employee Provided Insurance Program) the vehicle lease rates include
1. Lease and registration fees.
2. Including regular maintenance and warranty repairs.
3. The vehicles for Tennessee must complete all the processes via Nissan or Infiniti dealers of the TN only as per the State Law.
4. As per the Mississippi state law the vehicle must be registered only in the residing county where the employee or participant. The participant is liable to pay registration and other securing cost associated with the process.
Eligibility for EPI Program: The program can be opted for by all eligible employees as well as retirees.

Can I Change Or Cancel Lease Order?

Changing Lease Order

The lease order cannot be changed once it is submitted or approved. Employees are recommended to go through all the options precisely including colors or models before submitting the lease order.

Lease Order Cancellation

It is mandatory that all lease cancellation orders must be submitted in a written format by an employee. Lease cancellations are subject to
1. The employee has to pay a 1.5 financial penalty ( The penalty is calculated as per the price of the leased vehicle)
2. In eligibility to order any additional leased vehicle for the replacement of the canceled lease for the date of expiration of the canceled lease. For more details contact concerning financial department.
Note that in case of the employee termination, or relocation to another place or company location the financial penalty is waived off.