Nissan Financing - The Complete Guide

Nissan Auto Financing

Nissan offers affordable finance plans and lease program to customers under different plans. The vehicle manufacturer offers finance plans to buy cars, SUVs and pickup vans. The finance services are available through the authorized dealers after pre-approval of credit application. Customers can call at 1-800-456-6622 to seek direct assistance regarding Nissan financing.

Nissan Financing Customer Service Phone Number

The vehicle service provider offers all needed assistance though the established contact channels. use below numbers to avail all needed help regarding financing.
1. Customer Service: 1-800-456-6622
2. End of Lease Support: 1-800-778-4211
3. Website Support: 1-800-406-5895

Check Nissan Financing Options

Nissan offers finance plans under two categories that include the "signature purchase plan" and "End lease program". The finance plans involve varied benefits and features. The finance plans are available on interest rates with fast credit responses. Call at 1-800-456-6622 between
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT to avail all needed help.

How to Get Nissan Finance?

Nissan offers vehicle finance services through NMAC (Nissan motor acceptance corporation). The process of getting a Nissan finance is discussed below:
Prepare for the Nissan Finance: In order to prepare for the Nissan finance, an applicant must keep good credit score. Finance vendors will check the credit score to determine the financial position of an applicant. explore the interest and other conditions with Nissan Motor Acceptance Company (NMAC).

Get the Pre-approved Car Loan:

After preparing for the finance, now get the pre-approval for a car loan by following the below steps.
1. Clients can submit an application for pre-approval of loans.
2. After approval a conformation email will be delivered with loan details.
3. Take the email details to a dealer and get a Nissan finance for car.

Check Eligibility for Nissan Finance

Nissan offers vehicle finance to applicants who fulfill the below eligibility criteria.
  • An applicant must be 18 or older.
  • Have a valid Social Security Number.
  • Be a legal resident of the USA.
  • Have verifiable income and/or employment.
  • Have an e-mail address.
  • Apply for individual pre-approval.

Does Nissan Offer 0 Financing for 84 Months?

Nissan offers 84-month financing on varied vehicle models. The 0% APR is available only to eligible customers and on select Nissan models only. The vehicle manufacturer offers 1.9% financing on almost every model. For direct assistance call the customer service department at 1-800-456-6622 .

What is Nissan Finance Interest Rate?

Nissan offers 1.9% financing interest rate on every model. The rates may vary from one location to other.

Check the Nissan Financing Deals

Nissan offers finance plans and lease programs under different deals and interest rates. Customers can check the current deals at authorized dealers of Nissan. However, the common deals of Nissan financing are given below in the table:

Car ModelLease DealFinance Deal
Nissan Altima$279 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Armada$709 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Frontier$299 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Leaf$219 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 72 months
Nissan Maxima$419 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Murano$359 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Pathfinder379 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Rogue$319 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Rogue Sport$309 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months
Nissan Sentra$259 per month for 36 months1.9% financing for 36 months

Nissan Financing Login

Nissan allows customers to create a finance account on Nissan motor acceptance corporate (NMAC). The account can be accessed through a Login id and empowers to get multiple services and finance related options online. To create an NMAC account follow the below instructions.

  • Go to the Nissan finance service portal.
  • Click on "Login/Register" option.
  • Now click on "REGISTER" option present under login option.
  • Enter "Account Set-Up" information like a registered email and choose password.
  • Conform the email and password.
  • Enter personal information in "Customer Details" fields.
  • Check box the "agree to the Terms & Conditions".
  • Click on "Create Account" to complete the process.

What are the Benefits of NMAC Account?

The account offers access to numerous features and benefits. The amenities are mentioned below:
  1. Set up recurring payments or make a single one-time payment free of charge
  2. View payoff amount and instructions or payoff account online
  3. View contract details
  4. Access message center for important emails and documents
  5. Set Alerts and Notifications to easily manager your accounts
  6. Visit our FAQ section to find the most frequently asked questions
Note: To seek any technical assistance call the Nissan consumer affair at (855) 426-6628 .

Nissan Finance Account Manager App

Nissan Motor corporation has developed a finance app. The App works as one-shop destination for availing multiple finance services. The app allows to search for nearest dealers, view finance balance, check statements and etc. The financing app is available on "App store" and "Google Play store" for both IOS and Android smartphones.

Features of Nissan Finance Account Manager App

  • Turn off paper statements
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Check your account status and review statements
  • Update your address
  • Verify payoff amount
  • Read answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Access important forms

How to Check Nissan Finance Balance Via App?

1. Log in to your account.
2. On the home page, tap on the "Account Details" button.
3. Select "View Payoff Amount".
4. The 10-day payoff amount will be displayed.
5. Select the link below to view the mail-in instructions.

Nissan Financing Payment

Nissan empower customers to pay auto loans and lease payment through multiple options. Customers can choose online method, over phone and in-person payments. The vehicle manufacturer allows to pay by using the below means.
Pay Nissan Finance Online: To pay finance or lease payment online follow the below steps:
1. Log in to online account or pay via the Nissan finance account manager App on smartphone.
2. Select "Make a Payment" on the "My Account page".
3. Choose from one of the payment options.
4. Follow the omn-screen instructions on the page.
5. Click on "Submit the payment".
6. After successful payment submission, customers will receive a confirmation email.
Pay Over Phone: Call the Nissan finance service center at 833-648-0173 to pay the payments. The service executive will guide regarding the payments.
Pay Through Mail: Customers can send the payment checks and money orders to registered payment address at "PO Box 740849, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0849".

Nissan Finance Payment Address

Payoff Address
NMAC, PO Box 740849
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0849

Lease Early Termination Payment
Address: NMAC, P.O. Box 660604
Dallas, TX 75266-0604

Total Loss
Address: NMAC, P.O. Box 660577
Dallas, TX 75266-0577

Nissan Finance Contact Number

Nissan Motor corporation offers all needed assistance through the established contact channels. Use the below mentioned helpline channels to avail all needed assistance.

  • Nissan Finance Contact Number USA: For queries and questions regarding financing of Nissan in USA, call at 1-800-456-6622 .
  • Nissan Finance Contact Number Australia: Customers can call at 1800 035 035 or send email at
  • Nissan Finance UK: Contact the customer services at 0333 009 0231 through Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm.
  • Nissan Finance Canada: Dial 1-800-209-3459 to claim assistance regarding auto loans.
  • Consumer Collections: Call at (800) 777-6116 to seek assistance regarding consumer finance collections and avail all needed support.
  • Insurance Department: The auto service provider offers insurance plans under different categories. Call at (800) 777-7525 to seek insurance related assistance.
  • Lease Registration Support: To get the initial registration assistance call at 1-866-599-4647 .
  • Sales Contact: To connect with sales department dial 203-239-5371
  • Parts Department: To connect with Nissan parts department, call at 203-239-5371